Episode 151: 8 Ways Entrepreneurs and Changemakers can use Astrology to Make More Impact

Episode 151: 8 Ways Entrepreneurs and Changemakers can use Astrology to Make More Impact

by | Feb 2, 2022

Astrology is a strategic and powerful tool that has impactful implications when used in your Work. Why reserve astrology for simply finding a soul mate when you can harness astrology to work for you in your business!? Astrology teaches us how we can overcome the ways we traditionally “do” business by working hard, hustling, and striving. Astrology shows you YOUR unique way to lead, succeed and Work with more impact and ease. Listen in as I share 8 strategic ways to weave astrology into your Work, business and entrepreneurial journey.

Astrology as a Precise Tool

  • Archetyping and psychology
  • So many uses of psychology in business, from branding to strengths finding, to sales and everything in between
  • We don’t bat an eye when we use psychology
  • But much of modern psychology is based on ancient astrological archetypes – Carl Jung – a founding father of psychology used astrology extensively when working with patients.
  • Key insights into the ways we can operate with more alignment. Like a car with misaligned tires

8 Ways Changemakers and Visionaries Can Use Astrology To Do Less and Impact More

1. Use Astrology as a Tool for Strength Finding

Astrology is a superpowered strengths finding tool, more accurate than any personality test for which you can skew the results. When you look at your astrology, you see a treasure map that shows your one-of-a-kind potentials and strengths.

Imagine knowing and flexing your strong muscles and working almost solely in your strengths? How easy would it be to create opportunities that match your zone of genius? How impactful could you be if you focused on the work that fit your strengths?

Imagine how much energy you could save if you didn’t have to struggle doing things you’re not good at or waste time doing things that you could do but are not in your zone of genius!?

Your natal chart shows you by zodiac signs, elements and modalities, your unique strengths and how to use them at their highest potential. Imagine validating that you’re great at starting things (but not finishing them) so you can delegate completion tasks to others without guilt of not finishing. Or affirming that your intuition and emotional gifts are an invaluable asset instead of dismissing them as worthless?

Everything in your natal chart is a gift. To honor those gifts is to be able to recognize them and use them with respect.

You come into this world with this gift as wisdom to offer through your business. It is your duty to recognize the value of your gift and share it with the world.

Why Astrology for Business (in a nutshell)

People use psychology in their businesses all the time, from branding to strength finding to persuasion in sales and everything in between. Modern psychology is based on the work of Carl Jung, father of analytical psychology and a practicing astrologer. When you use Meyers Briggs or other personality tests to discover your strengths, you are using archetypal tools based on Jung’s work. So if we can go back to the roots of archetyping – astrology – it makes complete sense to dig into your star powers as represented by Western Astrology to make aligned decisions in your leadership ability and business. Just like you would use your personality tests minus the wonky results because you knew how to skew the answers.

2. Use Astrology for No-Copy Brand Positioning

All brand experts can agree that branding comes down to psychological archetyping – creating a feeling or impression. Most of us think of branding as our logo, our colors, our visual identity. But your brand is way more than your visual identity. Your brand is the hopefully memorable experience that someone has with your business, every single touch point.

It starts with brand positioning, the method of defining a space in your industry that differentiates you from your competitors AND distinguishes you as a leading luminary expert.

Astrology is the perfect branding tool because no two people have the exact natal chart. And in the natal chart, all the different planets represent specific aspects of you and your business. When you use your natal chart to position your brand’s What (sun), Why (moon), How (rising), and Who (descendant) – you can easily position your business. You never drain your energy guessing, copying or comparing.

3. Use Astrology for Aligned Leadership

As an entrepreneur, you are a leader you are being looked up to for guidance. You may have a systemic view of a leader as an older white man. But there are many different types of leaders and leadership styles. Your astrology can give you insight as to how others naturally see and depend on you. Meeting them at this point you now have permission to lead and guide in your unique way.

Your rising sign easily leads the way and shows you the energy with which you are born to lead.

To become a leader that your ideal customers are drawn to, you must step into that leadership role as symbolized by your rising sign, step into that style of guiding, tap into and initiate from this first step. Sometimes it’s a stretch and when you move past any resistance, leadership becomes so aligned and natural in your unique way. No faking needed.

4. Use Astrology to Easily Call in Your Ideal Customers

Astrology identifies exactly the archetypal energy of your ideal soul customer that goes beyond ideal customer avatars. You are uniquely designed to serve a specific type of soul customer to solve a unique problem. And your astrology has the key into this specific energy. (Astronerd speak: Your Descendant sign and planets in the 7H give you the insight.)

Your customers have specific hopes and dreams, frustrations and fears and your astrology points to those problems which you are uniquely designed to serve.

Imagine how easy it would be to identify and call in your ideal customers and communities if you knew their exact archetype and their specific hopes and dreams. And imagine how effortless it would be to make your offers to your soul customers.

5. Use Astrology to Effortlessly Communicate Brand Messaging

Communications in business can be challenging. What do you write about? What do you say? What is the personality I need to have. What do I tell my copywriter? For most of us, we spend so much energy copying others’ methods and style as we seek our own. But you can stop the suffering of copying and critiquing when you tap into your aligned communication style that is represented in your natal astrology. (Astronerd speak: Your mercury and 3H sign gives you the insight.)

Astrology can give you your specific communication style, how to communicate the words and the personality that resonates with your customers. When you use your astrology to understand your own unique communication style, you can easily create engaging marketing and promotional messaging that is completely aligned with your energy.

6. Use Astrology for No-fret Decision Making

As a business owner you are faced with thousands of decisions a day. From simple things as to which task to tackle first, to big things as to deciding on a new direction, new client or new opportunity. Not only do you have decision fatigue but you may also have the fear of making the wrong decision which puts you in a place of stuckness. How much time and energy have been spent on making decisions in your business?

When you understand your “why” as represented in part by your moon, your purpose as represented by a few things like your north node, midheaven and 9th house, you know which way you’re going. You know what you need to feel secure, to be able to show up and be visible, and the reasons behind the stories that trigger and hold you back.

Imagine how much easier your business would be knowing your deep why’s and purpose to help you make decisions quickly without second guessing yourself.

7. Use Astrology to Create Sustainable Business Cycles

Astrology is a gigantic cosmic clock. It’s a system that repeats itself, some more quickly than others. There are collective cycles and seasons that affect all of us and there are personal cycles that are unique to you.

Tuning into these cycles allows you to work with the cosmic weather instead of against it. How much ease and sustainability could you bring into your operations and launch schedules if you know the optimal times for you to initiate, sustain, pause or recuperate?

The collective cycle of the Moon is easy to use. Following the eight phases of the moon allows you to work in a beautiful cycle of creating intentions at the new moon through harvesting and giving thanks at the full moon. Then there are all of the phases in between that tell you when you need to push through or you need to relax. We all go through these collective cycles at the same time.

Your unique Moon cycle based on the phase of the moon at the time of your birth also gives you specific monthly cycles that you can learn to tune into to make day to day decisions. And the way the Sun moves through your chart on an annual basis shows you your annual cycle.

Other collective cycles are retrograde cycles. Mercury Retrograde happens three times a year. Most people live in fear during Mercury Retrogrades. But you don’t have to if you know how to harness this reset energy. Instead of fighting against it and creating friction, during these retrograde cycles you can understand what needs to be reassessed and be in flow.

There are many different ways to harness the cosmic clock of astrology to work with more flow in your business.

Imagine cultivating restoration, and harnessing these energies on your behalf, so you can rest with more ease, less guilt, and build trust to work with nature’s cosmic cycles.

8. Use Astrology to face shadows, validate emotional needs, do the inner healing

Astrology is a wonderful lens into your inner workings and spiritual healing. As a visionary, your Work is part of your Spiritual Journey, and on your journey, the foes and challenges you face, likely come as fears around worthiness, acceptance, and trust.

Worthiness is related to your inner perceived value. If you don’t feel worthy, you will be challenged to see your value and get paid sustainably or abundantly through our Work. There is no room for a starving artist mentality in your journey, there is enough for us all.

Acceptance is related to your sense of belonging and love for yourself. If you don’t love and accept yourself for all your wonderful differences, you don’t shine brightly and present yourself so that others can find you. If you don’t create your own belonging, you run the risk of always feeling like an outsider. You can’t love yourself if you can’t accept yourself. You can’t do your Work if people can find you or your brilliance as an outsider looking in.

Trust is related to your inner sense of authority and authenticity. You may not trust yourself to make the right decisions, giving your power away to others. Or you may not trust others, hence, blocking yourself off from meaningful connection.

Your inner healing isn’t a one-and-done situation. It’s a life-long exploration where your soul has chosen the lessons it’s meant to understand and is part of the entrepreneurial journey.

Each time you are asked to revisit a fear or shadow, if you’ve been doing your inner healing, you’ll experience the shadow from a different perspective.

And each time you are asked to revisit a shadow is a sure sign that you are ready to uplevel.

Your success in your Work and soul learning in your Life is dependant on this evolution. You have a choice to avoid the shadow, where the shadow will keep you stuck in the same place and continue to chase you.

Or you have a choice to face the shadow, understand what the shadow wants you to understand, and befriend the shadow so that you can recognize it the next time around and move more effortlessly through it’s lessons.

And your shadow is alchemical gold. Your shadows and fears, when worked through and befriended add to the Wisdom you are meant to offer through your Work.

Astrology gives you massive insight into the shadows you are meant to Work with and how you are meant to give yourself emotional TLC to validate and prioritize how you NEED to feel.

Your natal astrology points to specific Karmic energies through different placements and relationships, like your Moon, Saturn, Chiron and Pluto, to reveal your soul’s prescription to inner understanding and healing.

And your personal transits, give you understanding on your unique cosmic timing for different transformative healing times.

Imagine understanding your inner life to validate your emotional needs and gain a new perspective on your personal challenges. What more could you accomplish knowing that each time you were asked to face a shadow, you could work through it with an open heart without getting stuck in fear (aka procrastination) in your Work. What would this mean for you?

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