Episode 52: Aquarius, Acting on change for equitable success in your business + Leo Full Moon

by | Jan 24, 2021

It’s officially Aquarius Season and you can feel hope and change in the air! In the US, we now have a government that values science, social change, humanitarian and environmental efforts to bring in the future – so Aquarian! You have energies in Aquarius by planet or house in your chart, we’ll look at how you are meant to be a changemaker through your business. And if you’re feeling blocked from leading with confidence, let’s get our Full Moon in Leo release going on so you too can shine brightly.

In this episode:

  • Aquarius in Your Brand [ 8:33 ]
  • Full Moon in Leo [ 26:36 ]
  • User Question [ 34:03 ]
  • Astrology of the Week [39:40]

Aquarius Archetype in our Brand

  • Making change during uncertainty
  • Aquarius polarity with Leo
  • Radical Changemaker
  • The need to be free
  • Individuate, be original, cultivate HUMANITARIAN

Aquarius Archetype by Planets

I _______________ radical individuality and change in my brand and business.

  • Sun: Create and live by
  • Moon: Feel and desire to be seen with
  • Rising: Lead and guide with
  • Mercury: Communicate and know
  • Venus: Connect and create value with
  • Mars: Initiate and drive
  • Jupiter: Believe, vision and expand on
  • Saturn: Reform structures that support
  • Uranus: Innovate and upgrade
  • Neptune: I imagine and awaken
  • Pluto: No one yet living… in 2024 – these little ones will transform…

Full Moon in Leo

1/28/2021 | 11:16 AM PT | 2:16 PM ET

Full Moons are the completion of the cycle, and the Full Moon in the same sign as the New Moon happens 6 months after the New Moon.

Full Moons are integrations of 2 opposing signs called polarities in astrology. And Full Moons are great times to prune! To release and let go of things that get in the way of your intentions blossoming fully. If you were tending fruiting plants, you would prune the plant before harvest in order to get a more robust yield.

In our businesses, we get to reflect on what is holding ourselves back from attaining our intentions and energetically release these blocks. More often these blocks are self-inflicted.

It’s beautiful the way the energies work together.

Today I celebrate how I impact other grow confident and passionate while I let go of ideas of being an outsider that hold me back.

What thoughts about being and outsider need to let go so you can see that your uniqueness is actually your powerful relationships?

“Our first and oh so powerful Full Moon on 2021.

This full moon is all about unlocking your confidence and joy so you can impact others to shine brighter. You are meant to lead a heart-driven life and partner with you most aligned co creators. Phew, the energy is huge!

The moon will sit opposite the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius, with Mars and Uranus sitting half way to form a perfect triangle (aka T-Square) and Venus cozied up to powerful Pluto.

You are here to impact others to shine brighter. And you are here to do this together with powerful co creators.

What holds you back from leading in this heart-centered way? The full moon will illuminate this for you.

Can you be an individual and co create?
Can you lead from the heart and share power?
Can you shine brightly while empowering others to shine brightly?

YES you can.

Notice what is being illuminated in your role of transformative relationships. (Venus / Pluto conjunction)


Notice what energizes you and cultivate that inspiration as your creativity expands. (Sun / Jupiter conjunction)

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