Astrographics Audio Program + Worksheet

Archetypes Audio Program

A free audio program delivered in a private podcast feed of the 12 Archetypes of the zodiac and how you can use it to develop your presence, leadership, and brand in your changemaking Work.

For spiritual entrepreneurs and visionary changemakers.

Archetypes Audio Program by Leslie Tagorda

Your big “3”

Reveal the powerful qualities that your Big 3 adds to your presence, leadership and change-making Work

The 12 Archetypes is the cornerstone of my AstroBrand® Method and how you can position your Work that differentiates you from others in your industry so you don’t have to compete — instead you Leave Your Mark!

In this Archetypes Audio Program series, I take you on a deep dive into each of the 12 zodiac signs from a business, entrepreneurial, and leadership perspective. And in a way that is inclusive, non-fearmongering, and empowering.

What you’ll get

  • Private Podcast Feed
  • 12 Archetypes PDF Resource Guide
  • 4 Email Integration Exercises

I want you to explore the episodes for the archetypes of your “Big 3,” your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs:

Leslie Tagorda - AstroGraphics
Archetype for The Sign Sun

Sun Sign

reveals your zone of genius — the what you do exceptionally well.

Archetype for The Moon Sign

Moon Sign

uncovers the underlying motivations and needs that drive your work — your why

Archetype for The Rising Sign

Rising Sign

showcases how you take the lead and present yourself to the world.

Embrace your authentic leadership, identityand shine even more brightly!

Together, your “big 3” are the primary archetypes that you need to attune and amplify so that you can attract your soul customers and opportunities waiting for you in your changemaking Work!

🎧 Ready to dive in?

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