Episode 67: Aries – Your Power to Initiate and Activate in Your Business

by | Apr 7, 2021

As a business owner, do you feel like you’re in charge and making your own way? Or are you following and settling for second best? In this episode, we’ll dive deep into fiery, me-first Aries energy. The Aries Archetype is the energy you need to take action, be self-directed, and initiate. We all have this drive somewhere in our natal chart and you need it to take action and be the best. Let me show you how to tap into your Aries energy in your brand and business so you can take a stand, take initiative, and take charge on your own terms.

In this episode:

  • What is Aries (5:25)
  • Why it’s important (14:14)
  • What happens when you don’t use it (14:45)
  • Unlocking your inner Aries (17:06)
  • Aries by the Houses (18:06)
  • Aries by the Planets (23:55)

What happens when you don’t use the Aries Archetype?

  • When we can’t harness our fiery Aries
  • We get stuck in inaction
  • We don’t take our own action
  • We don’t initiate
  • We don’t take lead
  • We don’t put ourselves first
  • As a business owner of any kind, guess what… YOU must take lead

How do you Unlock your Inner Aries Archetype?

  • Aries on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to be a bold leader
  • What if you have intercepted Aries
  • Other Leadership Points
    • Rising sign – your leadership style in your business – how others see you as a leader (listen to episode 9 AND last episode 6
  • Aries by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use

Aries Archetype by the Houses

Where in your business do you have the most energy to take charge and initiate

  • 1H: brand, identity and leadership
    I am a natural born, decisive self-directed leader.
  • 2H: values, resources and money
    I lead by adding worth and practical physical or monetary resources, a natural entrepreneur.
  • 3H: communications, teaching
    I lead by clearly speaking up through action-oriented communications, a great orator.
  • 4H: roots, private life, family
    I lead in my home, family and community through caring, a true matriarch.
  • 5H: creativity, play, pleasure pursuits, children
    I lead in entertaining and creativity through joyful charisma, a passionate performer.
  • 6H: daily practices, organization and effectiveness
    I lead in serving others through creating automated systems and routines, an efficient COO.
  • 7H: partnerships, collaborators and co-creators
    I lead by connecting myself and others through partnerships, a natural connector.
  • 8H: fruits of partnerships, OPP, mystery
    I lead by enabling others to transform themselves that in turn serves both them and myself, a master negotiator.
  • 9H: global reach, philosophy, belief
    I lead by promoting expansive possibilities through marketing or PR, a visionary trend-setter.
  • 10H: Public life, career, business, ultimate mission
    I lead in my career through a strong personal brand
  • 11H: communities, friends, future and larger groups
    I lead in my greater community of friends and networks, an initiating humanitarian.
  • 12H: ease, flow, restoration, retreat
    I lead with connected consciousness, intuition and empathy to all, I am one with all.

Aries Archetype by Planet

Your natal energies you were born to easily radiate and amplify in your business.

Aries = Bold, courageous, activating, motivating and leading…

  • Sun (Exalted): Creative force, what you do so uniquely well
  • Moon: Feelings and emotion, your ability to receive success and recognition
  • Mercury: Communications and thoughts, your ability to understand and express
  • Venus: Aesthetics and attraction, your ability to connect to the right people and resources
  • Mars (Ruler): Drive and initiative, your ability to act on your desires
  • Jupiter: Belief and vision, your ability to expand and share your big message
  • Saturn: Commitment and responsibility, your ability to take the steps needed to succeed
  • Neptune: (N/A – moves into Aries in 2025, the last time was during the US Civil War)
  • Uranus: In Aries 2011 – 2018, young ones that will innovate and individuate, your ability to shake things up for breakthrough
  • Pluto: Last time 1822-1853, not until 2068
  • Chiron: Wounds that never heal that you are meant to teach others, your hidden (sometimes painful) gifts
  • North Node: Soul’s stretch potential, you are meant to grow into this during this lifetime
  • South Node: Soul’s past pattern, you can lean back on this but don’t get stuck


See how you have Aries in your chart somewhere by house or by planet. How you need this energy to initiate and take charge of your life and business Where in your life and business you have this drive by house

What will you do with your Aries energy?


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