AstroBrand® Readings

You’re here because you’ve curious about astrology for business. You’ve heard others share how specific and validating astrology can be. Maybe you’re even craving to know more about how it can help you specifically in business, leadership, identity, flow and focus.

I’m here to show you — it’s KEY to tapping into your highest potential and designing a business that nourishes you.

Leslie Tagorda Creator of the AstroBrand Method
Leslie Tagorda Creator of the AstroBrand Method

AstroBrand® Readings

You’re here because you’ve curious about astrology for business. You’ve heard others share how specific and validating astrology can be. Maybe you’re even craving to know more about how it can help you specifically in business, leadership, identity, flow and focus.

I’m here to show you — it’s KEY to tapping into your highest potential and designing a business that nourishes you.

Astrology is actually the answer to how to make visibility, leadership, identity (branding) feel seamless, and to infuse the same message into every nook and cranny of your sacred business.

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From your position – the unique place your business holds that differentiates you from all the other businesses in your industry (aka Competitors – but I don’t believe in competition, there is enough for us all)

To your unique brand voice – from your core message to your big message – and how you confidently express it in the world

To your star-powered style – the way you present yourself, your visual brand, and your signature style that informs your unique process.

Are you ready to find out more about how you should write your messaging, design your visual identity (aka logo), flow into aligned marketing, and more, all based on what was gifted to you from birth?

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Using my

Astrobrand® Framework

AstroBrand™ Reading Natal Chart

We can pinpoint the psychological archetypes you need to be using in your brand (the experience one has with your business) and build it in a way that feels authentic, uniquely customized, and aligned.

We don’t always own it, but within ourselves lie the keys to doing everything we need to be successful.

Clients who come out of AstroBrand™ sessions always feel more …

  • Validated in their past experiences that have ??….
  • Capable of executing on objectives they feel more aligned to
  • Inspired because they see their uniqueness and feel spurred to take action that doesn’t feel counterintuitive
  • Energized about creating and managing a business that doesn’t feel like a chore
  • Confident in how they should be doing things
  • Clear on the actions that do or don’t make sense to them in their business
AstroBrand™ Reading Natal Chart

What if business didn’t
have to be hard?

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What if your branding strategy, mission, vision, and processes could be revealed to you, through reading into what the stars have already set up for your path?

You were sent here to serve in a specific way, Luminary.

Entrepreneurship is a way for you to capture and express that — astrology is just one more powerful force to help you understand the you that was destined to make a difference.

That’s why I created AstroBrand® Readings, 1:1 strategy sessions designed to help you direct and navigate your natal chart for business.

We go through everything covering:

  • Strategy
  • Vision
  • Implementation
  • Your “why”
  • Your “how”
  • Your ideal client and their characteristics

As a Result?

Your brand goes from comparison, copying, confusion and stress…
To a place of clear direction, flow and inspiration…

“Entrepreneurs who need help in understanding their true purpose and how to align their business with their soul’s ambition look no further!”

“I’m an avid fan of astrology and apply it regularly in my life and business but I had never heard anyone refer to the birth chart as a means to determine how we are born to service, who we’re meant to serve, and the best way to provide that service to those people. I highly recommend this brilliantly innovative and original approach that Leslie has created to help you thrive and grow a business based on your truest destiny! Hire her and buy her books. You will be so glad you did.”

Colette Baron-Reid

Intuition expert, best selling author of The Map, and founder of Oracle School

Now booking for
September and Beyond

2X- 75 Minute Sessions

AstroBrand® Position


In seventy-five-minute sessions, we look at the following:

Session 1:

  • Your current cosmic timing of your life and business
  • The pillars that position your business
  • Your WHAT you naturally radiate and do so uniquely well
  • Your WHY that allows you to focus on your business to nourishes you through aligned recognition and success
  • Your HOW – your unique style of initiation and leadership

Session 2:

  • Your Ideal Client archetype, those you soul-level meant to serve
  • Your cosmic Brand Promise, the specific result you are designed to resolve and add value to your customers
  • Your Signature Style, your built-in unique process and framework

I bring to light the stories that you need to transform from wounds to wisdom

And together we illuminate your natal star powers that desire the highest expression in your business

4X- 75 Minute Sessions

AstroBrand® Consulting


In four seventy-five-minute sessions, we look at all the insight of position + continued coaching and strategy sessions for bigger implementations.

On top of the sessions from AstroBrand® Position, in session 3 and 4, we can cover:

  • The VOICE of your business – reviewing core messaging, strategy and implementation on your larger communication projects like your website copy, email opt ins, brand story writing, or social media
  • The STYLE of your business – support for deeper dives into transformational personal and business branding, processes, systems, visual identity so you can turn your challenges into gifts
  • Whatever else YOU may need at the time, be it strategy, support, or offer realignment

4X- 75 Minute Sessions

AstroBrand® Intensive

$5500 – $9999

You’re ready to invest in getting your brand done right. In four seventy five-minute sessions, we map out the vision, voice and style of your brand, we document your entire brand map in a beautifully designed, comprehensive brand book that you can share with your team, vendors, and inform all your brand, marketing and sales communications. A valuable resource that puts everyone on the same page without hours of onboarding or training.

The brand book includes:

  • We detail the unique positioning of your brand.
  • Your what you do differently from others in your industry:
  • Your why you do what you do to feel successful and recognized
  • Your how you lead and guide others authentically
  • Your who – the soul customers you are designed to serve.

We copy write your core messages of your brand that get your team, your vendors and your soul customers connected to you including your:

  • Your brand mission
  • Your brand values
  • Your vision of the future
  • Your brand philosophy
  • On-brand key phrases

We define the style elements of your brand

  • Signature systems, processes, and frameworks that run your biz smoothly
  • Mood board to hone in your visual style
  • Suggested color palette in alignment with your most visible natal astrology
  • Employee and vendor profiles that help you hire with ease

Want a visual identity and web site? Our do-for-you design and Supernova package has you covered!

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All AstroBrand® sessions come with bonus recording, auto-generated transcript, and worksheets with specific assignments and tasks to help you apply what you learn in your business.

Yes, practical tools – we have a new world to build and I’m counting on you to reach your potential!

“Just minutes into Leslie’s AstroBrand™ reading I knew I had found what I’d been searching for! ”

“As a spiritual entrepreneur, commonplace approaches to brand development felt empty to me. I was in search of an approach to branding that would honor both my highest calling and the spirits of those I’m meant to work with. Through her unique approach to astrology, she was able to see the big picture of my life’s work, and then provide me with actionable steps to branding that felt aligned, soulful and empowering.”

Karen Marzec

Founder of Energy Medicine for Modern Living

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Are you a returning
AstroBrand® Customer?

Single sessions available for returning AstroBrand™ customers. If you’d like to schedule a single session, please contact me.

Leslie Tagorda

When you learn to understand your natal chart for business, you can begin to see your one-of-a-kind highest potential and direction that is 100% unique to your business.

And when you recognize your specific star powers, and learn to step into those powers in your business, you my love shine bright like the luminary you were born to be.

There are no two natal charts alike, even if you are a twin! Similarly, there is no other business quite like the one you’re designed to create.

When you use your astrology to position your business, I promise you’ll never have to copy, guess, or compare again.

If you’re:

  • Tired of chipping away by guessing at your idea of what a business is, brick by brick…
  • Needing for a way to accurately and easily define your identity
  • Curious about how astrology intersects with the traditional world of business and branding strategies
  • Wanting a personalized awareness to turn confusion into clarity
  • Needing step-by-step ways to clearly capture and express your vision and purpose
  • To truly be seen, heard and understood in a way that feels wholly validating and recognized
Leslie Tagorda
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Luminaries Shining Brightly

“Thank you so much. I really appreciate this was so generous and really amazing. It’s not even a skill, but it’s a gift. It really is a gift. Thank you.”

– Radiah Rhodes

Managing Partner at Evók Life by Design

“I have implemented all of Leslie’s suggestions and I have noticed a shift and change in my business and the way in which I am relating to my ideal clients”

– Kelly B.

International Medium & Intuitive

“I feel so empowered. This reading was what I was looking for. I have so many key takeaways, but I’m so happy I could dig into how I’m naturally built and use that info in my offers and communications. That is so valuable to me.”

– Shaunda Head

Brand + Marketing Strategist

“I needed to get this insight from Leslie to take steps towards aligning my brand with my astro/natal chart.”

– Lindsay B.

Financial Therapist

” I feel highly illuminated. So I can’t wait to go back and really sort of parse through, especially things that you’re talking about those second, and third house cusps.”

– Alison Mondel

Transformational Voice Coach at Sacred Voice Studios

“I feel so empowered. Armed with more knowledge about who I am and how it applies to my business.”

– Robin Z.

Empowered Path Alchemy

Meet Leslie Tagorda

Aloha, I'm Leslie!

Creator of the AstroBrand® Method

Leslie Tagorda helps seers, seekers and changemakers become the luminary leaders they were born to be. A multi-racial, Hawaii-born astrologer, designer, podcast host, author and classical musician, Leslie came to her calling when an identity crisis led her to her natal chart. There the AstroBrand® Method revealed itself, combining her 20+ years of brand development, entrepreneurship and astrology. Today she shares the AstroBrand® Method to visionaries across the globe through astrology courses, 1:1 consultations, a membership, and the AstroBrand® Certification.

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