Meet Leslie Tagorda, creator of the AstroBrand® Method

AstroBrand® Certification

By Leslie Tagorda

Add the AstroBrand® Method to your toolset to serve your clients with an innovative, specific and strategic way of brand and leadership development.

For astrology loving consultants, coaches and advisors in branding, design, communications, marketing and leadership development who desire a high-value, high-impact, secret sauce that increases the value of your Work and the value to your customers.

What is the
AstroBrand® Method?

AstroBrand® Method Framework

The AstroBrand® Method framework focuses on your core astrological keys that want to be amplified for leadership, recognition, and impact. It doesn’t take high-tech, high-jargon astrological understanding. You will reframe and expand the astrological symbolism in the archetypes (zodiacs) and house to apply to one’s Work, business, brand, leadership and ability to make change in the world.

A brand comprises three integral parts: a brand position that sets you apart in your field, a brand voice that communicates and connects with your audience in a unique manner, and a brand style, combining your visual identity (including your logo) with your distinctive approach to your work. This signature style is exclusive to your brand. Your brand can be a true reflection of YOU if you use astrology to guide your way. There is no one in the world that has the same birth chart as you. So why not let your stars guide the way as you shape and develop your brand?

The AstroBrand® Method is broken up into three parts or volumes so you can help you clients confidently navigate and strategize:

Brand Position

Brand positioning distinguishes you from others in your industry by defining what you do like no other, why you do what you do, how you do it and for whom you are designed to serve.

Brand Voice

Your brand voice is more than the words you share, but also the vibe of your aligned brand personality. Your brand voice speaks through the filter of your brand positioning, identity, values and the impact you want to make on the world. Your brand voice integrates language and style that reflects your brand personality to tell your story that connects to those you are born to guide.

Brand Style

The brand style integrates the look, the visual identity, of the brand and how to present so that brand can distinguish their mark through colors, symbols, photos, textures and type. As well as the one-of-a-kind creative process and ways of accomplishing things in the industry that are part of the brand’s unique approach.

What it means to be
AstroBrand® Certified

You know the curriculum in your heart and soul and you hold to the highest integrity and ethics to guide people using the AstroBrand® license.

To be AstroBrand® Certified, you will be the holder of a great power that will:

  • Increase the value you have in the marketplace
  • Make you indispensable to your clients
  • Have you become a sought-after expert
  • Give you an innovative, upper hand in providing brand insight and guidance
  • Save you time and energy in creating branding projects
  • Amplify your impact and ability to create lasting change for your clients
  • Change your life and your business or practice

Why the AstroBrand® Method?

No one else reads astrology in this way!

By being certified to use the AstroBrand® Method, you will increase your value as a business/brand/leadership advisor, consultant, or coach. You will be able to differentiate from others in your field with this powerful and specific astrology lens to connect to your SOUL CUSTOMERS and collaborators based on your one-of-a-kind design to get your clients’ impactful results by knowing what energies they need to attune, amplify and attract.

With this method, it honors who people are at their core and the strengths that need to come out. We take out the guesswork into the different archetypes and energies that you need to amplify in your own and your soul customers changemaking Work.

Is this Certification right for you?

I’ve designed this certification for astrology lovers in the fields of brand or leadership development. Maybe you’re a marketing consultant or coach. Or a brand designer, stylist, photographer or strategist. Maybe you work on stump speeches and communications for your executive or political clients. Maybe you work 1:1 or 1:n coaching and advising leaders how to be their very best and powerful. This certification is for you. I’ve created this certification with your business and Work in mind so you can deliver high-value, high-impact, and precise guidance that increases your value in the marketplace and makes you indispensable to your clients.

Imagine this time, one year from now. You’ll have a wealth of exercises and resources to guide your clients, a skillset and strategy of astrology, branding and leadership in your pocket, a deep certainty in your own ability to guide clients ethically, and deep connections within a community who also loves astrology and change making who need you. Yes, it takes a full revolution around the sun to learn the required curriculum, wholeheartedly participate in mentorship, and establish relationships with prospective clients.

You will be part of the second cohort of AstroBrand® Certified practitioners in the World. Among the very first to be able to share this expertise!! Imagine that.

Have a trusted framework

This isn’t just any astrology certification. There is nothing that exists like it in the marketplace. You’ll have resources like white-labeled client-focused worksheets, Canva design templates for brand compasses, brand books and exercises that will make your work flow and process easeful. But more than that you will have a precise way of seeing the highest possibilities and challenges to work through that your clients face. Branding, leadership, visibility, communications, all through the lens of multifaceted astrology.

Find your voice

Part of the mentorship portion of the certification is for you to develop your own one-of-a-kind voice in astrology. A way of expressing yourself to guide and draw in your clients based on your lived experience, professional interests, and passions. People hire because of people’s approaches that are innovative, out of the ordinary and speak to their lived experiences and challenges. You being able to find your astrological guidance voice will not only make your more confident in your abilities, but it will add to the draw and value you give your customers because you will stand out and make your mark!

Up-level your astro-consulting and one-of-a-kind style

Similar to finding your voice, we will focus in on your signature style, your unique process in how you guide your clients. Clients won’t remember all the details you share, but they will remember HOW you deliver and guide. Being able to know this way of doing things, that you likely are already doing, and sharing the roadmap before you even get started with your clients, sets them up for success AND makes a mark in their hearts on your expertise.

Awareness of your privilege and power so you do no harm

We will spend an entire two weeks uprooting, bringing awareness to and sitting with our own individual privileges, power and biases. To be AstroBrand® Certified is to practice and guide with astrology in integrity. To do no harm, to be able to say “I don’t know” and to know your and your clients’ boundaries. To guide with astrology, you will hold vast power, and the power dynamic between you and client is one that needs to be held with respect. You must recognize the power and privilege you have in that relationship for what it is. We will be discussing in very open and vulnerable ways cultural appropriation, ethics, power dynamics, identity, and give boundaries on dealing with trauma. I take this very seriously. To go on the certification path, you must be as dedicated to this ongoing work.

Get your license with the visibility and support of an entire community

I want to set you up as an expert in the AstroBrand® Method by securing your space in community. Upon licensing you will be added to a public facing directory on my website so that people can easily find you, your area of expertise and contact you for readings. And you will have access for a year in Star Powered Circle, my paid membership, where you will have a leadership role, if you choose. You will be given opportunities to share your wisdom, lead accountability groups and make yourself known as a guide. This is your opportunity to build recognition and relationships with people who are already familiar with the power of the AstroBrand® Method. Many of the participants in certification who have shared their wisdom have been hired by people in the community. I love when this happens!! This is also a marker of success for me, to see you thrive in community.

By the end of the AstroBrand® Certification

My goal is to:

  • Ensure your Work and brand is aligned with your own Star Powers
  • Navigate you through embodying and knowing the methodology at its core
  • Help you develop your own astrology language and specialty
  • Build your brand and business for visibility
  • Guide and sharpen your ability to guide clients ethically with respect
  • Provide on the spot feedback through open dialog and communications
  • Set you up with a community of like-minded peers and potential clients

AstroBrand® Curriculum

AstroBrand® Mentorship

Mentorship Includes small group and individual guidance with almost 20 hours of time together.

What’s Included With Your
AstroBrand® Certification License

Listing and promotion in AstroBrand® Directory

You’ll be listed in a public facing directory where you will be able to provide readings for people in and outside of Star Powered™ Circle (💰 Paid of course!) as a vetted astrologer

Access to Star
Powered™ Circle

You’ll get access my community through the end of 2025 as a contributing leader, hosting moon accountability groups and other activities in Star Powered™ Circle.

1 year licensing to use AstroBrand® Certification

You’ll get to use the logotype and white-labeled resources for your client-facing Work (after paid in full)

Meet Leslie Tagorda, creator of the AstroBrand® Method

Your Investment

Your investment for the AstroBrand® Certification is $6666 and I’m more than happy to work with you with a custom payment plan that can extend up to 12 months. I know it’s an investment yet the ROI is incredible. Let me know how we can make this work if this is something you really want.

What if I’m not paid in full by the time mentorship finishes?

My intention is for you to graduate by February 2025 and in the event that you are not yet paid in full by February 2025, I’m happy to allow you teach within Star Powered Circle (starting at $333 per reading) But you’ll get your license of use and white-labeled resources to teach the method outside of the Circle after your last payment is collected where you can charge anything you desire for your readings.

Apply today and be one of the firsts to share this method of astrology in the World.

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