Episode 106: Blue Full Moon in Aquarius, Virgo Season + Biz StarCast Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of August 22-28

by | Aug 22, 2021

Pay close attention this week, the magic will happen and it will be in the details. In this week’s Biz StarCast, Astrology for Entrepreneurs, We have our second Aquarius full Moon, and on the same day the Sun moves into detail-oriented Virgo. There is a subtle difference in celebrating the details that make our work magical and getting stuck in the details where all we can see are flaws. It’s this week that we keep our eye on the details while we can still keep an eagle-eyed perspective to see the big picture.

In this episode

  • Full Moon Aquarius 29°
  • Sun enters Virgo
  • Venus trine Saturn Rx
  • Mercury trine Pluto Rx

Astrology for Entrepreneurs for the Week of August 22 – 28, 2021

Charm is in the details

“There is no magic in magic, it’s all in the details” – Walt Disney

On the same day as our second Aquarius Full Moon, the Sun moves into detail-oriented Virgo. There is a subtle difference in celebrating the details that make our work magical and getting stuck in the details where all we can see are flaws. It’s this week that we keep our eye on the details while we can still keep an eagle-eyed perspective to see the big picture.

Pay close attention this week, the magic will happen and it will be in the details.


A big day with the full moon in the early hours of the day and the sun moving into Virgo by the end of the day.

Full Moon Aquarius 29°

5:02 AM PT | 8:02 AM ET

Creative luminosity

What next level of confidence and expanded creative capacity are you grateful for?

We get a second full moon in Aquarius this month. The last full moon also in Aquarius in July we were able to let go of feeling too out there to make room for your creative uniqueness.

With this second Aquarius full moon we feel more expansive and optimistic about our creative vibrancy and revel in our uniqueness. It certainly feels celebratory with the moon next to Jupiter in Aquarius receiving the bright shine of the Leo sun.

Look back to February 15, 2018, the New Moon at Aquarius 27°. What did you intend back then? We are at the full illumination of that cycle that began in February 2018. If you keep a new moon journal, look back to that Aquarius New Moon. What did you intend? Did you receive it? If you made money or relationship intentions, and you committed you are now manifesting those intentions. Similarly if you had intended to make a big change in your business, if you committed, this too is coming to full fruition.

If so, celebrate and give thanks.

If not, be honest, is it something you still desire? If so, what are the obstacles you can release that prevented you from blossoming your intentions? Remember to thank what you need to release, offer yourself forgiveness for not yet attaining your intention and decide today that you will commit to your intention.

Full moons are illumination times where you have to be honest and look at where you are with your intentions to decide your next course of action. Part of this decision is letting go of parts that no longer serve you so you can have more energy to continue on your intention.

  • Aries and Libra risings – celebrate your passion and purpose and let go of the idea that you are not creative enough to be noticed
  • Taurus and Scorpio risings – celebrate your self care and let go of not trusting yourself to take a break, you need downtime to be successful
  • Gemini and Sagittarius risings – celebrate your marketing wins and let go of doubt that holds you back from communicating your brilliance
  • Cancer and Capricorn risings – celebrate your money wins and let go of money wounds that are holding you back
  • Leo and Aquarius risings – celebrate knowing yourself and letting go what blocks you from win-win relationships
  • Virgo and Pisces risings – celebrate your daily systems and let go with the need to overwork to create flow in your operations

Sun enters Virgo

2:35 PM PT | 5:35 PM ET

Assess and make whole

What does effective, sustainable, healthy growth look like for your business?

Now through September 22 we are in the season of Virgo where we radiate our creativity through getting organized, keeping healthy, and paying attention to the details. The sun joins Mercury and Mars already in Virgo.

Virgo’s efficiency is more than how we can make things faster and more profitable. To be in the shadow of Virgo is to pursue perfection and productivity through over thinking, over serving and over doing.

Efficiency doesn’t take into account Virgo values such as health of the whole, sustainable productivity, restoration, absorption and steady growth.

Instead, let’s practice the evolution of efficiency – effectiveness.

With Virgo effectiveness you diagnose the overall health of your business and synthesize how everything works as a whole. The health of you, the business owner, is as important as the health of your business – your soul’s extension.

Both you and your business must be healthy in mind, body and spirit to the best of your abilities so that you can create a business that allows you to accomplish your soul’s purpose while serving others.

For all the Virgo Luminaries, the healthiest and happiest of solar return (birthday) to you.


Venus trine Saturn Rx

5:48 AM PT | 8:48 AM ET

Commitments payoff

Where in your business is your loyal dedication being rewarded?

Notice for surprise outcomes from commitments in your business relationships or investments. If you’ve been dedicated to some of your business relationships, maybe following up with an interested prospect, or you’ve been focused on attaining a money goal, the timing is ripe for some unexpected results. If you haven’t yet decided to commit to client, relationship or money goals, today could be a great day to make a plan.

Commitment is your key to success.

If you have any planets or angles in Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) around 8° you will feel this added support.

Venus Libra 8° trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 8°


Mercury opposite Neptune Rx

6:14 PM PT | 9:14 PM ET

Listen to your intuition

What clever and imaginative ideas are being illuminated now?

Over the last month, Mercury has been dancing with Neptune and stimulating your thinking with visionary intuition. If you are open to the signs your intuition is constantly sending you, today will feel amplified, as if your doors are wide open to receive it all. These downloads may not make sense at first, but if you stop trying to figure it out and playfully get curious, you will get an insight into your most effective creative processes. This may sound subtle, yet you get to decide today on how you can think things through. Would you rather struggle with the details or go with the flow and be inspired to do easier?

Your process is now illuminated.

If you have mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) in late degrees, you’ll intuit these signs much more intensely.

Mercury Virgo 22° opposite Neptune Pisces 22°


Mercury trine Pluto Rx

7:23 AM PT | 10:23 AM ET

Words have power

What can you share that transforms?

A great day to send a vulnerable message that inspires action to your community

It’s a day like today where you have access to deep emotional intelligence and want to share something vulnerable. Now, this isn’t for the sake of click bait or manipulation. Instead this is about sharing something deep you’ve overcome in your business that connects you to those that may be going through the same thing you’ve worked through. Your ideal customers!

You have the ability to put words to these feelings today and use them to inspire transformation in your community.

Your words have power.

If you have Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) in late degrees, you’ll be able to create your messages with a feeling of support.

Mercury Virgo 24° trine Pluto Rx Capricorn 24°

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