Biz StarCast – April 2023 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda

April Biz 2023 StarCastApril 2023 Biz StarCast

Appreciate Your Wounds

Healing, alchemizing, endings, possibilities, embodied passion

A potent month with Pluto empowering Mercury, Venus and the Sun as they individually move into different signs this month. While the cosmos in April isn’t as active as in March, we have potent events that deepen all the shifts from March so we can integrate these learnings into our body to take aligned, passionate action.

In April we see our first Eclipse, an annular solar eclipse (a ring of fire) at the anoretic degree of Aries 29º – that asks us to trust in our selves and others to quantum leap into a more powerful version of our luminary leadership.

And at the end of the month, we have our first full Mercury Rx of 2023, in Earthy Taurus where we will get to rethink how we think and spend our resources, time, money, capacity and energy.

It’s a month where we will all go deep and integrate our lessons for inner healing and outward leadership.

Integrate your awakening this month.

April Cosmic Shifts:

  • Mercury enters Taurus (Apr 3)
  • Venus enters Gemini (Apr 10)
  • Sun enters Taurus (Apr 20)
  • Mercury Retrograde begins in Taurus (Apr 21)


  • Full Moon Libra 16° (Apr 5)
  • Hybrid Solar Eclipse – Annular Total (Ring of Fire) Aries 29° (Apr 19)

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Planetary Purpose
In a pinch and want to remember which days are best for which task? Go with the planetary days.

  • Sunday (Sun): Create, radiate, source
    Do what you love!
  • Monday (Moon): Feel, intuit, nourish, care
    Define how you want to feel and listen to your intuition to plan your week.
  • Tuesday – Mars: Act, motivate, initiate, lead
    Take action on your tasks on this productive day.
  • Wednesday – Mercury: Think, speak, write, communicate, share info
    Get on social, send an informative email, share your voice.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: Believe, expand, teach, gratitude, promote
    Work on your website, send a press release, and promote your business.
  • Friday – Venus: Connect, combine, appreciate, beautify, soften
    Focus on money, relationships, beauty and appreciation.
  • Saturday – Saturn: Mastery, boundaries, “no”
    Take time for yourself to fill your cup.

How to use these cosmic energies:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn.
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies:

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart.
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift.

Week of April 2 – 8, 2023

“Communication works best when we combine appropriateness with authenticity, finding that sweet spot where opinions are not brutally honest but delicately honest.” —Sheryl Sandberg

This week, Mercury runs the show as they enter Taurus and get ready for their next retrograde of 2023. As the planet of communications (Mercury) also squares Pluto, bringing understanding where it didn’t shine before, and the Sun in Chiron illuminates our wounds, it’s time for us to empower our voices and stick up for what we believe in.

“Stick up” doesn’t have to mean an external voicing to people around you — you can have a peaceful internal relationship with your truth, with what feels right to you, balancing what you say with what you believe. That’s also a powerful theme for the Full Moon in Libra coming up on April 5. Be grounded in who you are in this time, and know you’re allowed to Know it all. Honor that this week!

April 3, 2023

Mercury enters Taurus

9:22 AM PT | 12:22 PM ET

Grounded peaceful communications
What sense of peace grounds your thoughts?

You will feel a sense of relief as Mercury moves out of Aries into steady, grounded Taurus. Now through June 11, Mercury slows down and savors their time through Taurus with a Mercury Rx at the end of the month. While meandering and taking in all things Taurus, you will be able to embody your mindset to let go of the mental accumulation and bring in more mental space and practicality. Especially after the Mercury Rx you’ll be able to hear and understand what your body has to say to think and take aligned action.

For Luminaries with Mercury in Taurus, you take your time to say exactly what you mean. Your body often understands before your mind does. And while your thoughts and understanding may be instantaneous, it takes a bit to ease into expressing and acting on what you know or how you want to respond to a situation. When you are ready to speak or act on an idea and share what you know, trust that your words are grounded, stable and true to what you know to be true. Permission to take your time to respond. Permission to let your body speak for you.

Mercury square Pluto

11:55 AM PT | 2:55 PM ET

Hidden meanings
What assertions require deeper understanding?

As soon as Mercury enters Taurus, they square off with Pluto now in Aquarius. On the days leading up to and away from this square off, be on the lookout for assertions from misunderstandings or misalignments. And listen out for the inner oppressor, that voice full of fear mongering and shoulds. The information and miscommunications that come your way from both within and without are your opportunity and creative edge to dive a bit deeper for under-the-surface significance and meaning for you. Resist the urge to react and give in to the revelation. Turn your gut reaction into inquisitive research to dig deeper. Your result will be in this uncovering.

Especially activating for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Mercury Taurus square Pluto Aquarius 00°

April 5, 2023

Sun conjunct Chiron

3:29 PM PT | 6:29 PM ET

Your pain is your superpower
How is your best a result of your past challenges?

Would Frida Kahlo be the amazing artist she was if she didn’t get into that bus accident?

Would James Earl Jones be one of the most recognized voices if he didn’t have a speech impediment?

Would Maya Angelou have become such a great writer if she hadn’t had to process her painful childhood?

Chiron shows us that we too can turn our deepest wounds into our greatest gift.

Today, the Sun and Chiron meet up in the sky, like a New Moon meeting between these two energies. A new cycle where you get to choose to see exactly all the ways that you are the best YOU are because of what you’ve accommodated, overcome and exceeded because of a past challenge or core wound. Your early painful experiences created a pattern and scar tissue in you that is your strength. This strength you can now see and integrate it into your super powers which you contribute back into the World.

Sun Aries 15° conjunct Chiron Aires 15°

Full Moon Libra 16°

9:34 PM PT | 12:34 AM +1 ET

Integrating the Power of Connections
Where have you let others have power over you?

The Full Moon in Libra illuminates how important balanced relationships and connections are to your life and Work. It’s crystal clear: you cannot be a co-creator without fellow creators, you cannot be a leader without people following your example, and you can’t lead if you don’t fully own your power.

The Sun conjunct Chiron in Aries asks if you’re still allowing your past pains and challenges to keep you hidden and invisible? Or putting others above yourself.

Or are you shining brightly with powerful vulnerability, sharing your past challenges that have got you to your current expertise that allows you to connect to your people?

The Moon opposite Jupiter asks you to choose YOU. To believe in the power of yourself and your highest possibilities at all costs. If you don’t choose to believe in yourself, who will?

Remember this Libra Full Moon is about being able to see all things in full light so you can make a choice about your role in relationships and cocreation. Be honest with how you are showing up and standing in your own power. When you shift, others will shift too.

April 7, 2023

Mercury enters Shadow Zone – Taurus 5°

Notice process breakdowns
What needs rethinking?

For the next few weeks until Mercury stations retrograde on April 21. notice breakdowns in your thoughts, especially around Taurean themes of embodiement, finances, and worth. Mercury is making its first pass in this section of your chart before it goes backwards to retrace its steps. There is nothing you need to do except notice the themes that begin to emerge for this reboot. To fine tune your noticing, find the house that contains Taurus 5º – 15º as this is the area of your life that wants renewed clarity and reset this upcoming Rx. Be grateful for this time so you can reoptimize, and re-tune into your body, as it will have the key to your understanding.


  • 4/7 Enters shadow zone – Taurus 5°
  • 4/21 Station retrograde – Taurus 15°
  • 5/1 Midpoint combust – Taurus 11°
  • 5/14 Station direct – Taurus 5°
  • 6/1 Leaves shadow zone – Taurus 15°

Week of April 9 – 15, 2023

“Focus not on doing less or doing more, but on doing what you value.” – Gretchen Rubin

Venus is the star of the show this week, as she enters Gemini, does a dance with Pluto, and squares Saturn! You may be noticing shifts in your dynamics with others, and in your own values as you figure out who lights you up. Remember that resources can also be found in your relationships with others — see what happens when you concentrate on those who magnetize you and make you a better version of you!

Meanwhile, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, reminding us that expansion and shine is always within reach. Let these two benefics help add some oomph to your week!

April 10, 2023

Venus enters Gemini

9:47 PM PT | 12:47 AM +1 ET

Connect over shared interests and dialog
What connections can you make with those with whom you can chat endlessly?

Now through May 7, Venus, our connection to the people and resources we need to thrive, is gliding through social Gemini where she wants to connect with others to cross pollinate, engage in witty dialog and share ideas. When Venus is in Gemini, your values scatter a bit as everything holds interest, and life is so fascinating. This isn’t the time to commit to any single relationship or interest. Instead, use this energy to meet new friends and people who share your curiosity, join or start a writing group or a book club. Let your mind connect you to the right people and resources you need. Oh, and if you’ve had a hard time connecting over social or feeling blocks with your communications, Venus is here to send you some love in this area.

If you have any planetary energies or angles (Rising, Descendent, Midheaven or IC) in Gemini, over the next few weeks, lucky Venus will be sharing her sparkles with you.

For Luminaries with Venus in Gemini you love and value learning, curiosity, meandering conversations and connecting with all kinds of people and experiences.

You are a natural social butterfly, quick to pick up on people’s needs and moods. You love a good book, and can’t learn enough about everything! You most likely feel your most attractive in your glasses and nerdy chic.

It’s hard for you to commit and dig in to problems, as there are way too many new experiences to be had. But if you have to dig in, you can synthesize all the feelings and values you perceive and share it in the most light hearted way. Don’t let anyone shame you for your light hearted approach.

It’s easy for you to change your mind, your infatuations and interests can be fickle.

People are drawn to you with your quick witted charm.

In your Work surround yourself with and invest in other curious seekers, knowledge lovers and thought leaders.

April 11, 2023

Venus trine Pluto

3:14 AM PT | 6:14 AM ET

Magnetic relationships
What has manifested from transformational relationships in your business?

As soon as Venus dips into Gemini, she harmonizes with Pluto for magnetic attraction. You likely have key powerful reciprocal partnerships or clients in your business. Take note of these magnetic relationships and the transformations that have resulted. As you take stock of these relationships and the results, give gratitude for these results so you can amplify this energy. After gratitude, continue the amplification by creating more opportunities to build similar relationships and results. Bonus points if you write these transformations down and apply them to your marketing materials.

You are magnetic.

Especially harmonious for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

Venus Gemini trine Pluto Aquarius 00°

Sun conjunct Jupiter

3:07 PM PT | 6:07 PM ET

New beginnings for creative expansion
What do you feel inspired to create today?

The Sun, your creative source, and Jupiter, your optimistic visionary, meet today in the Sun’s exalted sign of Aries. Both Jupiter and the Sun love being in this fiery passionate sign, together their brilliance blazes!

This annual meet up of the Sun and Jupiter kicks off a new annual cycle of belief, philosophical understanding, and expanding on your ideals in your Work. And how your unique perspective differentiates you as a leader, making you the best at what you do.

Like a New Moon between the Sun and Jupiter, start a new cycle of believing in your one-of-a-kind leadership and go big!

Especially inspiring for Fire and Cardinal signs.

Sun conjunct Jupiter Aries 21°

April 13, 2023

4Q Moon Capricorn

2:11 AM PT | 5:11 AM ET

Relax your bones
How much alone time can you block off today?

A great day to restore and refine your ambitions.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the Earth to fertilize our intentions.

With the Capricorn 4Q moon, spend some integration time restoring alone. It’s during this alone time you can get clear with all the goals and responsibilities you’ve put upon yourself to see if they are still consistent with your business now. Rest is a necessity for achievement. Block off time for yourself in the next few days. The more time alone and away you spend, the more productive you will be when you come back.

And if you’re extra woo, make some space to honor your ancestors.

April 14, 2023

Venus square Saturn

9:38 AM PT | 12:38 PM ET

External limits test your resources and relationships
What is limiting you right now and stretching your creativity to do more with less?

For a few days leading up to and away from this transit, you may be tested and limited. Maybe your creativity, relationship or money matters will be tested? Maybe your beliefs and thoughts might hit a wall. Even though you find a limitation, all this is asking is for you to focus, make choices and take responsibility. While in the moment it may feel like a damper and rain on your parade, it is what you create in spite of these limitations that will allow you to outshine what you would have created otherwise.

Venus in Gemini squares off with Saturn in Pisces, similar to a first moon where outside catalysts may shift your focus and priorities.

Especially heightened for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Venus Gemini square Saturn Pisces 4°

Week of April 16 – 22, 2023

“The difference between values, intentions and goals is who you want to be in this world versus what you want to do in this world.” – Christie Inge

An action packed week as we have a blast of initiatory cardinal power, with our second Aries New Moon of 2023 coinciding with a Solar Eclipse right before the Sun ingresses into Taurus. What does this mean for you? You can give yourself the permission you’ve been wanting to amplify your impact and make changes where you want to.

Mercury retrograde will come right after in Taurus, prompting us to examine our relationship with our resources and physical needs being met, to make big dreams happen. New beginnings are in line as we look at what is needed to shift ourselves into a new reality. Powerful transformations abound when we believe we deserve better resources than what we have now.

April 19, 2023

Hybrid New Moon Solar Eclipse Aries 29°

9:13 PM PT | 12:13 AM + 1 ET

Deepening Your Leadership

You get a second New Moon in Aries in 2023 – Solar Eclipse! And with it a second, wild card chance, where anything is possible, to ask for what you want in our changemaking leadership. Welcome to the quantum of eclipse season!

With March’s New Moon in Aries, many of you were asked to first release what holds you back from being your best and showing up as a leader.

This second New Moon gives you another chance to double down deciding how you want to be seen as a change making leader and taking the leap of faith to quantum leap there with the eclipse.

Solar Eclipses happen when we have a meeting of the sun and moon near one of the lunar nodes. But what makes this eclipse rare is that the nodes are not in the the same zodiacal polarity as the sun and moon bringing to light even more themes to integrate.

This Eclipse brings to light the themes of both Aries/Libra the relationship principal and Taurus/Scorpio the worthiness principal.

To integrate these two principles of relationship and worthiness gives you direct insight at how these ideals are intertwined. The only thing you can change in this YOU. Your identity, role, power, feelings of worthy, feelings of value and self trust.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon, 5º from the Taurus North Node asks you to trust in taking quantum leaps of faith towards your highest potential.

The eclipse applying to a square with Pluto adds potency. Be on the look out for triggers and catalysts that come your way asking you to be in your power and prove your own might. You trust your inner power completely.

Lastly, Mercury and Uranus joined up in Taurus, asks you to listen to your body and your nervous system, they are communicating how to embody your inner revolution as you step into an even more empowered version of your luminary leadership.

April 20, 2023

Sun enters Taurus

1:14 AM PT | 4:14 AM ET

Season of grounding and building
What do you add value through your business?

The Sun enters the beautiful and sensual sign of Taurus. For the next month, you get to play with the ideals of peace, prosperity and savor all Earthly senses. In your Work, it’s a time to look at your worth and abundance: what you value, how you add value and the promises you give yourself and your ideal customers. Remember, abundance and worthiness is not a destination — it’s a state of being, a feeling that vibrates out and attracts more abundance. Abundance can show up as your money earned or resources that come to you through other means. It doesn’t matter how you receive the physical resources that you need to thrive on Mother Earth. It’s your abundance. With Taurus season, one thing to be aware of is that the bounty that we get to create is to be shared and not to be hoarded. There is enough for everyone.

Happiest of solar return birthdays to the Taurus Luminaries!

For Taurus Luminaries, you shine brightly when you are Working your grounded, embodied strengths. For you, taking your time is a super power. Prioritize opportunities in your Work that allow you to create peace, abundance, beauty, coziness for your surroundings and your body. If your body says yes, then it’s a go for you.

Sun square Pluto

9:27 AM PT | 12:27 PM ET

Powerful transformation needed
What deep shifts are being asked in your core doings of your business?

Shortly after the Sun enters Taurus, they fixedly, stubbornly square off with Pluto. Outside influences and upsets may ask you to transform something about What you are here to do in your life and Work. There’s old patterns of doing things that no longer serve your ultimate vision that are supporting this shape shifting. Trust that you know what you are meant to change at this time.

Especially activating for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

Sun Taurus square Pluto Aquarius 00°

April 21, 2023

Mercury Retrograde begins Taurus 15°

1:34 AM PT | 4:34 AM ET

Reorganizing your Resources

With this Mercury Rx, we start to see a theme around sustainability, and maximizing what we already have instead of overspending our resources (money, time, inner energy, external energy and capacity).

During this MRx, you may feel like you body at times has more clarity than your mind. Indeed, reconnect to the intelligence of your body and your second brain in your gut. These intelligences want a voice at allowing for your reset and reshifting.

You’ll be able to reactivate your actions that have felt stagnant and stuck by first slogging through the mental mud.

You’ll be able to set better boundaries and plans around all your resources from money to capacity by noticing all your overspending resource leaks.

This Mercury Rx in Taurus you get to:

  • Reconsider what enough means
  • Regulate mindset through embodiment
  • Reset mind vs body
  • Rethink values and worthiness
  • Redefine wisdom in the body
  • Reset sustainable resources (money, time, energy, capacity)


  • 4/7 Enters shadow zone – Taurus 5°
  • 4/21 Station retrograde – Taurus 15°
  • 5/1 Midpoint combust – Taurus 11°
  • 5/14 Station direct – Taurus 5°
  • 6/1 Leaves shadow zone – Taurus 15°

Astro Notes

  • 10°, 23 days (slow moving)
  • Mercury connects Sun, North Node 5° and Uranus 18°
  • Sextile Mars – beginning of the Rx cycle – opportunities for action
  • Sextile Saturn – end of the Rx cycle – crystallization and attraction

Week of April 23 – 30, 2023

“Life is good when you live from your roots. Your values are a critical source of energy, enthusiasm, and direction. Work is meaningful and fun when it’s an expression of your true core.” – Shoshana Zuboff

This week is the week to really ask yourself — in what ways do I not empower myself? What are ways I can realign my values on this? How can I act with confidence when I look at when my voice dulled and my light dimmed?

You deserve to be seen for who you really are. And you are the person that has infinite potential to create that sort of joy and abundance around you! You got this, Luminary.

April 27, 2023

2Q Moon Leo

2:20 PM PT | 5:20 PM ET

Act with confidence
What focused creative action will allow you to commit to your intention?

Now that you’ve learned from your past mistakes and wounds — thanks to support from Chiron in Aries — how will you add this to your creative aligned action?

It’s time to bust a move on your New Moon intentions, show the Universe you are ready by taking responsibility. What is one thing you can do, with confidence and passion, to act upon what you desire?

Be sure that all you do today has a big dose of creative fun.

April 28, 2023

Mars square Chiron

Assert Yourself
How are you not actively standing up?

For a couple of days before and after this exact square off between warrior energy Mars and wounded healer energy Chiron, you may feel timid to speak up or you may experience others coming at you with some sort of aggression. This is your catalyst to disengage your own passivity and take a stand. Find your voice, express your disagreement, stand in your power. And if someone needs your help, stand up and advocate for them. Gratefully because of the moon, your tone doesn’t need to be aggressive, it can be heart-felt assertive.

Especially activating for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn).

Mars Cancer square Chiron Aries 17º

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