Biz StarCast – February 2021 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda

Rethinking Social Impact

The first month of 2021 didn’t seem like we shook off 2020 quite yet. If you’re like me, you’re finally coming out of hibernation mode, stretching back into the full work swing of the year. In January, you were able to get clear with what success feels like and how you want to commit in 2021, BUT you likely haven’t yet received clarity on just what you want to commit to in 2021. And that’s OK.

The stars later this month will give you the support you need to get clear on what you want to accomplish in the rest of 2021 through your business. In February you will get insight on just what you will do and how your role as a changemaker will contribute to rethinking social impact! Yes!

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How to use these cosmic energies:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn.
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies:

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart.
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs, is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift.

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February 2021

The first month of 2021 didn’t seem like we shook off 2020 quite yet. If you’re like me, you’re finally coming out of hibernation mode, stretching back into the full work swing of the year.

In January, you were able to get clear with what success feels like and how you want to commit in 2021, BUT you likely haven’t yet received clarity on just what you want to commit to in 2021. And that’s OK.

As February builds we see a pile up of Aquarian energy. We have our mind on the future. As this future facing energy builds, so do tensions, because there are other energies squaring off with this new future, energies that are resistant to change.

As a changemaking entrepreneur, you are being called to take a stand for what’s right. Social justice and equity. It doesn’t stop here, environmental concerns about the future have reached a tipping point. And we all have to take a stand for renewable and access to resources for all.

After the New Moon on February 11 and Mercury Retrograde that ends on February 20, you’ll feel supported to decide on your goals and what you want to accomplish in the rest of 2021 through your business.

So hold on tight, things feel like they are breaking, but trust in this process as it’s time to plan what needs fixing! And your brand has a leading role.

February’s star powers support the energy to:

  • Reorganize our ability to make change and social impact
  • Reflect on our privilege (we all have it) and how we can share it to empower others
  • Rethink the role of our business in greater societal change
  • Decide on the future we want to create
  • Call in our larger networks, circles and communities

This month we see:

  • Our first Mercury Retrograde (Rethinking Equitable Success)
  • Venus enter Aquarius and zip through to Pisces (Connect through social values)
  • Saturn square off Uranus – the first of three (Breaking down outdated structures)

Venus enters Aquarius

2/1/2021 | 6:05 AM

Connect through social values

What social values connect you to your communities through your business?

For a few weeks, be on the lookout to meet the right changemakers or innovative resources.

Venus is zipping through and enters Aquarius for a flash until February 25. For these few weeks what we desire in relationships and resources gets updated and may be out of the ordinary. Venus is our magnet to people and resources and while in Aquarius, Venus wants to connect with friends and other change makers. Venus also represents what we value, so while zipping through Aquarius, your values may be future facing and valuing change, social equity, and all things technology.

As Venus zips through Aquarius, she will be activating Jupiter and Saturn already there, sharing her blessings. If you have any energies in Aquarius, these few weeks will have a nice glow as Venus touches your natal energies as she passes by.

Sun square Mars

2/1/2021 | 2:34 AM

Stand by your convictions and lead confidently

What motivates you to take a stand in your networks and society? Are your motivations being tested?

For a day or two before and after you will be confident to stand up and take lead for what you know to be true.

Sun and Mars square off in fixed energy causing creative tension that requires integration. Thank goodness we have Venus adding her grace otherwise this square off could feel quite inflamed because with this energy. Integration is required, resisting change will make things more tense.

Be on the lookout for where you need to take a stand or perhaps where you need to create momentum for your stance.

4Q Moon Scorpio 16°08′

2/4/2021 | 9:37 AM

Rest and release

What can you detoxify from your life and biz that will let you restore?

A great day to peace out and let go of toxic people/situations.

You’ve earned transformative alone time to process all that has happened in the last few intense weeks. Quite frankly you’re probably feeling quite angry with the events of the world at this time and witnessing true colors. Take a break. Go inward and decide what needs to go.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

With the Scorpio 4Q moon, spend some integration time releasing and letting go with all that you don’t need. Time to go deep within to access your inner truths.

Venus conjunct Saturn

2/5/2021 | 11:07 PM

Value has limits

To whom do you need to commit and how can you connect more with less?

A day to kick the wheels.

You get to test your values today. This may show up with people, your values or your money. Venus is our ability to attract and connect but when combined with Saturn, things feel like there are clear boundaries or limits.

You don’t need to please everyone, you get to say no to spending more, or when being asked to reduce your rates. You get to tell customers that you love them but what they are doing is not ok.

You may also need to tighten the belt somehow, to spend less, to do less, to commit to less.

Feel into how this is showing up for you.

Look to where Aquarius 5° falls in your chart? The house in which it sits is the area of your life and business where you are being asked to focus your values, tighten the belt and commit to your partners.

Venus square Uranus

2/6/2021 | 7:33 PM

Resource and values shakeup

What privileges can you share for social and environmental impact?

During this day you get insight on your values and how you add value, but today you could face some surprises.

This shakeup is meant to awaken you to all that you have and your privileges so you can live in this Aquarian ideal of shared resources as value.

Something needs changing in our society and what can you give to bring about change, not only for your business but also for environmental impact.

It is time to be part of this restorative change.

Sun combust Mercury Rx

2/8/2021 | 5:48 AM

Thinking and information overload

There is nothing to “do” at this time besides reflect on what you now know.

What realizations have become clear about how you rethink the future?

We are at the mid point of the Mercury Retrograde cycle (Rethinking Equitable Success), like the Full Moon phase between the Mercury and Sun, the completion of this cycle. Normally you’d feel a surge of info and knowing as your learnings about this reflective cycle become illuminated. And this surge can feel intense like an overload.

At the same time of this info overload we are stacked up in Aquarian energies with Jupiter, Venus and Saturn all joining the Sun and Mercury in a pattern called an assembly. All these planets in tight formation forming an Aquarian assembly to bring in the future.

What realizations have you had about this Mercury cycle? What have you relearned about equitable success? Have you discovered your sweet spot of work to rest ratio? Have you discovered your business values and how to stand up for them to empower others? Or have you had a big insight as to the role you want your business to have in bringing forth an equitable future?

After today you will have a clearer understanding of what you need to be integrated into your business after your re-examination and take action on what you’ve decided to change.

Look to Aquarius 19° in your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to notice these changes.

MRx Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

Mercury Rx square Mars

2/10/2021 | 4:16 AM

Impatience and irritability

What’s the hurry? What’s the annoyance? How will you react?

For the second time Mercury is squaring off with Mars. Maybe it’s time to bring up an unfinished difficult conversation? If you do, be mindful as everyone is as irritable as you are today.

Thoughts and words may err on the prickly side today, especially with rehashing old conversations.

If you are commuting or going for a short drive, be mindful, the impatience of today’s energy could make for a lot of careless drivers.

This is a fleeting energy so tomorrow will be a new day.

New Moon Aquarius 23°

2/11/2021 | 11:06 AM

Today I plant the seeds to call in my community to create social impact with my business and brand.

How will you be the magnet in your community and bring people together to stand up over a shared social cause?

Our second New Moon of 2021 and it’s just as intense as our last New Moon. The Moon and Sun are joined by Mercury Rx, Venus, Jupiter AND Saturn all in Aquarius. With most of them squaring off with Uranus and Mars. Oh gosh.

What this means is that it is time to take a stand for change.

Not all of this is about fighting, with Venus meeting Jupiter shortly after the New Moon there is a great blessing and expansiveness around values. Know you have support.

And you get to decide today what is this hill that you will stand on. As a peaceful warrior, even you are here to make your values known and call in your communities to bring forth this equitable social change.

In your intention, be sure to plant seeds of resources and people that you may need on your side to take this stand. Venus and Jupiter will help there.

Activism is at the core of this New Moon and your business has a powerful part to play, even if it is leading with love and kindness.

Where does Aquarius 23° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to set your intentions of bringing in equitable change.

Venus conjunct Jupiter

2/11/2021 | 7:00 AM

Magnetize yourself in your communities

How will you attract your fans, networks and groups over a shared social cause?

A few minutes after the New Moon, Venus and Jupiter meet exactly. Two of our lucky planets meet in the sky giving us some protective expansive power. The expansive power to connect with the right people and the right resources to support our values that allow us to take a stand.

This is a fleeting time and this expansive feeling adds brightness to some intense times this beginning of the year.

Where does Aquarius 12° fall in your chart? The house in which it sits is where you are being asked to magnetize your communities.

Mercury Rx conjunct Venus

2/12/2021 | 11:48 PM

Rethink your relationships to friends and community

What does social justice now mean to you and how can you share your resources with others?

Today you may get quick insight as to the partners you need to make the social impact that has been brewing in you. Part of those partnerships could be you sharing your privilege knowledge, or resources for the greater good.

Mercury in its backward progression meets up with Venus. Our need to rethink and reorganize meets up with our need to connect over ideals about the future and values of social impact.

Notice what you recieve around these themes and take note on how you will take action on this in the near future. Things are getting clearer for you.

If you need more insight, look to Aquarius 14° where these two energies meet. The house that contains this point and any natal planets you have around 14° of fixed or air signs want to add their social justice superpowers.

Mercury Rx conjunct Jupiter

2/14/2021 | 1:40 PM

Rethink your spiritual evolution and business growth

How does your spiritual entrepreneurship help expand humanity’s evolution and who will you partner with?

Great day to resend a message or promotion, too, to get it out into the wider world.

Happy Valentines Day. Today is so much more than romance and love. It’s a day about expanding your thoughts and calling into action your aligned partners with a shared vision of the future.

Today, Mercury moving backwards touches upon expansive visionary Jupiter and still so close to Venus. There is a spiritual essence to your messaging and vision today. Your belief about what is possible in expansion is gaining clarity.

If you have something to repeat so that you can further your message or help clarify your beliefs in your business and communities, today would be a good day to say it again. Resend that email, repost that inspirational story, retell how you are here to serve. Re-call in your aligned partners to help expand this shared vision of the future.

If you need more insight, look to Aquarius 13° where these two energies meet today. The house that contains this point and any natal planets you have around 13° of fixed or air signs want to add their voice and vision.

Saturn square Uranus

2/17/2021 | 11:08 AM

Breaking down structures to evolve

What structures are no longer sustainable and are breaking down?

You’ve been feeling this build up for a month now, the feeling that something needs to break. Or maybe something has already broken.

Today we have the first exact meetings of Saturn squaring off with Uranus, the central theme of of your year.

While it doesn’t feel comfortable, this tension is a necessary part to innovate.

The first meeting of these two outer slow moving energies is a breakdown.

  • What is or has fallen apart?
  • What needs to break so we can build new?

Now is the time to see all the pieces that are disassembled.

In June you’ll be super clear on what pieces you will retain, repair or recycle.

For now, notice and learn to find peace within as you can’t control outside forces.

Notice in your life and business your boundaries, structures and systems start to feel at the brink.

In our businesses we can feel this as the need to simplify. To focus on the things that will make the biggest impact and to work in a way that feels sustainable. We are all past the need to hustle.

Know that innovation is coming and it will be more circular, effective and sustainalbe, we need this!

Collectively notice the social issues that still need just solutions or the environment that needs restoration. We all need to do our part.

In 2021 we get to choose how we repair the system to make it equitable.

Sun enters Pisces

2/18/2021 | 2:44 AM

Season for connectivity and compassion

How can you bring in more ease into your business?

A season to connect to your Divine to make things easier.

Things are starting to feel a bit less heavy and if you haven’t already started on your New Year (even though we are already a few weeks in) you’re beginning to feel like you can begin to come out now. With Pisces season, it’s all about bringing in ease and flow. How can we work with our divine or Highest Selves? How can we feel into our work and make intuitive business decisions? How can we access our deepest knowing through Piscean efforts like dreaming, imagination, music, imagery, poetry? There is nothing logical about Pisces, so how do you go with the flow this season?

Mercury Rx Stations Direct 11°


Communications and thoughts pause to intensify

What is now clear about what you think about the future?

A great day to clear your calendar to make space.

We are almost done with our first Mercury Retrograde cycle. In a few days Mercury will shift gears and go forward. Before moving forward, Mercury Mercury appears to come to a stop and as it stalls Mercury will sit on this one area of the chart. This day can feel overwhelming. Like you can’t organize your thoughts. But there is clarity when you slow down. It’s ok to clear your mind to let the important visions trickle in. You do know. Give yourself the space to receive this information.

Do note, you don’t want to be rushing from place to place (not that there is anywhere to go right now). If you have to get in a car, or commute, pad your travel time.

And of course, prepare for technical glitches.

If you have any natal energies at Aquarius, Fixed signs or Airs signs of 11° you will feel this intensity more.

MRx Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

2Q Moon Gemini 1°21

2/19/2021 | 10:47 AM

Act and create dialog

What is one thing you can communicate today that will take action on your intention?

You may have changed your mind with something, and that’s ok. What needs to be communicated now that you have seen things in a different light? What action can you take that supports bringing in this new intention?

Venus square Mars

2/19/2021 | 3:04 PM

Creativity is in the challenge

How are your passionate values stirring up fuel for change?

For a bit more than a day, your passion runs high but there is creative tension. If you can play with that edge, exploring the square between your values and motivations. There may be experiences that are preventing you from initiating, or even people that are creating conflict. Move towards that hard place, because that’s where the creativity is ready to take action.

If you know your chart, look to your Fixed signs at 22° as Venus in Aquarius 22° squares with Mars in Taurus 22°. Your natal energies at around 22° of fixed signs will add to your powerful, can’t-stop, creative problem solving.

Mercury direct 11°

2/20/2021 | 4:52 PM

Thoughts are free to flow

What complete clarity do you now have about the future of your business and the way you are meant to deliver social impact?

Mercury Rx is now over, Mercury is moving forward slowly at first. You can begin putting your plans in place.

MRx Schedule

  • 1/15 Enters shadow – Aquarius 11°
  • 1/29 Stations Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 1/30 Retrograde – Aquarius 26°
  • 2/8 Combust – Aquarius 19°
  • 2/19 Station Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 2/20 Direct – Aquarius 11°
  • 3/13 Leaves shadow – Aquarius 26°

Mars trine Pluto

2/24/2021 | 5:52 PM

Empowered patience and perseverance

What inner power is now emerging in supportive drive?

For a few days before and after today, you are feeling this swell of energy and drive.

It’s been quite a while since you’ve felt this drive.

It is a great time to harness this power to do the things in your business that seem insurmountable. The first step of your thousand-mile journey. Use this energy to dig into your priorities, the things that will really move your business and brand in the direction you want it to go.

One thing to note, is that emotions may run high too, especially today. Be aware and channel your physical, emotional and spiritual energy into your priorities to keep it focused on the goal.

Dedication to your ideals can have lasting impact.

Venus enters Pisces

2/25/2021 | 5:11 AM

Connect through spiritual and compassionate values

With what heart-centered values can you connect and create with this season?

A great month to use Spiritual tools to call in the right people, right resources, and intuitively come up with your revenue aims in your business.

For the next few weeks Venus, our energy to magnetize and add value travels through compassionate Pisces. She will stay there until March 21. During this time, it’s our soft super powers of empathy, love, interconnectedness, and imagination that allow us to call in the right people and the right resources.

Don’t mistake Venus in Pisces for being soft or weak. Softness is her power. Her ability to stretch, be malleable and to bring in information from the Divine to make manifest in our physical world.

Full Moon Virgo 8°57′

2/27/2021 | 12:17 AM

Celebrate Your Effectiveness and Wholeness. Time to celebrate our wins around creating organization and efficiency in our business, look at how far you’ve come.

What wins will you celebrate around the health and wholeness of your life and business? What will you let go of that prevents you from finding that oneness?

The Virgo Moon is being illuminated by the creative vibrancy of the Pisces Sun.

Today we celebrate and release. We celebrate to offer gratitude and recognize how we’ve already brought in wholeness and Virgo ideals into our business…. organization, effectiveness, health, service to others.

And we make space to receive by releasing what prevents us from bringing in more wholeness.

With Virgo and Pisces we seek to balance service to others with service to self. Work with rest, organization with flow, wholeness with oneness, health with flow, effort with ease.

Today, let go of analysis paralysis, the need to be perfect, the need to understand everything.

In turn you will allow for trust in your Divine, interconnectedness, and compassion for oneself.

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