Biz StarCast – July 2022 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda

July Biz StarCast 2022


July 2022 Biz StarCast

Heart-Center Your Authority

Confident, joyful, masterful

You are the author of your destiny. Your destiny isn’t fated. You can choose Joy. You can choose mastery. You can choose confidence. Anyone who tells you that your Work can’t feel joyful or that you can’t be the expert is wrong. What say do they have in the path of your Work?

Let your confident creativity be a radical act of defiance. You already know everything that you need.

Let your confidence shine brightly.

The heat is on, regardless if you are in the northern or Southern Hemisphere. This month is busy with inner personal planets going at full speed ahead, with the momentum adding to the overall friction that will get things started.

Mercury is at their fastest speed this month, whipping through Taurus into Leo in just two quick weeks. Kicking it with Mercury is expansive Jupiter, where your ideas and ideals are swung into action. And Mercury also meets up with the Sun, beginning a new cycle of perception and creativity in your changemaking Work.

Mars enters peace-loving in Taurus, where they remain mostly chill in July and getting their rest before August — then, it’s time to activate a major cosmic protest with a meetup with Uranus and then Saturn.

Venus enters Cancer mid month, softening and connecting you to your feelings of safety and inclusion.

We end the month ready to receive the energy of heart-centered Leo, bringing into shining golden light your joy, courage and boldness. All necessary ingredients for your confident authority and the expertise you claim for yourself, as the Leo Sun reminds you of your brilliance. The Sun doesn’t give AF if it blinds you, so you shouldn’t worry about blinding others in your natural talent. Let them wear sunglasses, because you SHINE ON.

All this builds to the climax at the very end of the month; this will be the meetup of Uranus in Taurus with the North Node, revolutionizing and asking us as a collective to stretch into the future around all Taurean themes of environment, money, and rematriation (connecting spirit back to the land). At the same time, Mars joins the Taurean party by coming in exactly on August 1, adding the activation and activism to make what YOU do in your Work part of your advocacy and movement.

No matter what, harness the energy of this action-packed month and speak to your truth, your vision of the future, and the movements you believe in. Each one of us is being asked to take a stand this month. The practice you put in now of joyful Work and activism prepares you for the even bigger dismantling cosmic energy we have coming up in the fall.

This month we see:

  • Mars enters Taurus (Jul 4)
  • Mercury enters Cancer (Jul 4)
  • Venus enters Cancer (Jul 17)
  • Mercury enters Leo (Jul 19)
  • Sun enters Leo Home sign (Jul 22)
  • Jupiter Retrograde begins Aries 8° (Jul 28)
  • Uranus meets North Node Taurus 18° (July 31)


  • 2Q Moon Libra (Jul 6)
  • Full Moon Capricorn 21° (Jul 13)
  • 4Q Aries (July 20)
  • New Moon Leo 5° (Jul 28)

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How to use these cosmic energies:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn.
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies:

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart.
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift.

Week of June 27 – July 2

“The gap between vision and current reality is also a source of energy. If there were no gap, there would be no need for any action to move towards the vision. We call this gap creative tension.” — Peter Senge

This week, water energies come together to create exciting change via the lens of emotions revealing to us what needs to change. Creative tension happens with expansion giant Jupiter squaring with the Sun, while Neptune (which Jupiter shares rulership of Pisces with) goes retrograde to force our imagination to get even more ambitious than usual.

Capping this all off is a New Moon in Cancer to reset how we interconnect and choose collaboration over power struggle.

The three biggest energies of the week culminate in one intense day that you’ll feel the impact of before and after. Set an intention to pay closer attention in the middle of the week – it’ll help you stay inspired even as some big changes in your perspective come through!

July 1, 2022

Mars square Pluto Rx

7:14 PM PT | 10:14 PM ET

Intensified amplified action

What events spark you to channel your energy constructively?

It’s a time like this where things can no longer be kept under wraps. Do not repress your voice or anger in favor of peace; that won’t work in an energy like this.

This is the energy you’ve been waiting for, changemaker. You can no longer hold yourself back. Activate, motivate and advocate for maximum impact.

For at least a week leading up to and away from this exact square off, you’ll feel the intensity and energy of activism building. Events likely have catalyzed you to take action. Whether you have been feeling angry and frustrated, or energized and motivated, know that these vitalities are different expressions of the same potent energy.

If you’ve been finding yourself on the lower side, holding frustration, anxiety or anger, I want to remind you it’s okay to be angry. Anger is a product of repressed action. When outside events prevent you from doing what you want, frustration can quickly build into anger. But that also means you may be coming up to the brink of inspired action!

Especially activating for Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn).

Mars Aries 27° square Pluto Rx Capricorn 27°

July 2, 2022

A day of Mercury-inspired thinking. First clarity, then interconnectedness. Focus and unfocus play hand in hand. Don’t get frustrated! Instead, use this energy to connect the dots in using your toughest voice and sturdiest vision.

Mercury trine Saturn Rx

3:39 AM PT | 6:39 AM ET

Focus your thoughts

What communications can benefit from deep reflection and consideration in your Work?

For a quick few days leading up to and away from this moment, you have focus and concentration that allows you to undertake a demanding mental process. Maybe you want to strategize a nurture sequence, curriculum for your next offering, or even a messaging flow in your Work. With an energy like this, your deep concentration helps you clarify your thought leadership and how to express it in your Work. Be aware that less is more with this energy. And cross-pollinating to share your ideas with others will help you speak those into being. If you need help, schedule a co-working sesh with your favorite Work bestie in real life or via Zoom. This will help both of you keep your focus.

Especially supportive for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Mercury Gemini 24° trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 24°

Mercury square Neptune Rx

1:53 PM PT | 4:53 PM ET

Inspired dreamlike thinking

What signals are you now receiving?

Communications, despite Saturn’s structural influence, are not exactly linear today, but they are visionary and meaningful. You may be experiencing signs and messages in the forms of symbols, sounds, or other intangible means. Pay attention to these symbols, for they are showing you the way. If you are sending communications or doing a lot of transactions, be hyper vigilant to triple check details. Or, instead of a long email, send a song lyric or haiku to get your point across.

Especially visionary for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Mercury Gemini square Neptune Rx Pisces 25°

Week of July 3 – July 9, 2022

July 4, 2022

A big shift of personal energies today with both Mercury and Mars changing signs.

For those of us residing in the United States, wishing us all a Happy Independence Day.

Mars enters Taurus

11:04 PM PT | 2:04 AM + 1 ET

Action requires patience

A season to lead with patience.

What do you want to take your time in doing and initiating?

From now through August 20, Mars grounds into peace-loving Taurus. Mars, a go-go-go energy, finds their vitality now in taking their time, creating peace, and going after creature comforts. While Mars is in Taurus, see how you can accomplish more for the long term. See where you can take action on bringing in sustainability, groundedness and building of foundations.

During this period, we are being asked to take our time, be patient, and be peaceful — all qualities that are the embodiment of Taurus ideals.

In the move through Taurus, Mars will be eventually meeting up with the North Node and Uranus towards the end of the month and early August. Know that whatever Mars touches, they energize and activate. Get curious with what this activation feels like for you.

For Luminaries with Mars natally, you take action when the time is right. This sometimes means you’re waiting, but patiently, til it feels aligned for you to put your all in. Maybe some would call this procrastination, but there is no such thing as procrastination — it’s simply waiting for the right time to go.

You are motivated by peace, and fighting or disruption are not generally high on your to-do list. If driven to take a stand, you do it with your feet firmly on Mother Earth.

Your ability to energize is slow and steady. You are in it for the long run. Sometimes this can entail going at a snail’s pace, knowing you will get it done. Or sometimes this can be moving in quick spurts with lots of recovery and rest time in between.

Don’t dismiss your needing more time to take action as a weakness. In fact, your pace is perfect for long-term change.

If you have any natal planets in Taurus, as Mars moves through this sign, notice what energizes and activates for you. Note how this activation feels as it gears you up to take action. From fear to motivation to any other feelings that come up, you get to choose how you will express it.

Mercury enters Cancer

11:25 PM PT | 2:25 AM +1 ET

Communicate your feelings

How can you authentically express your emotions in a powerful way?

Now through July 19, for a short 2 weeks, Mercury rushes into sensitive Cancer. While in Cancer, Mercury is able to help you get clear on your deepest needs for emotional security and communicate them in meaningful ways. It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve.

In your Work, your authentic ability to say how you feel connects you with those you are meant to serve. Use the next few weeks to speak to what success feels like to you, as well as get clear on what belonging and inclusion feel like in your Work. Mercury in Cancer isn’t the most chatty naturally, so tap into your feelings to communicate the wisdom that is there.

For Luminaries with Mercury in Cancer natally, you’re not one to express your feelings or thoughts through words. Your voice and words oftentimes feel distant or not eloquent enough to communicate what you mean. Your feelings and sensing are so much more intelligent.

You are great at perceiving how others are feeling, and even better at nailing what their emotions are (often more then they can for themselves!). Your sense is definitely inclined toward the intuitive and emotional, and is much stronger when it’s picking up remembrances of the past. You most likely have a knack for history, documenting timelines and can often recall the year of any event.

You have a hard time letting go of a feeling or the past. Do ask yourself during those periods if you’re holding on for a sense of security, or if you’re simply holding a grudge.

You are great at speaking to what your boundaries are for the greater good.

When you speak from your emotions, or give value to your tears as a transmitter of wisdom, you will always find the words. And when you don’t have the words, communicate through your heart. Sometimes a long hug says all you need to.

If you have natal planets or angles in Cancer, as Mercury speeds through this sign, you will gain clarity on that archetypal energy. Get curious with what feelings and emotions require clarity, expression and the sacred “nos” of boundaries through the power of Mercury.

July 6, 2022

2Q Moon Libra

7:14 PM PT | 10:14 PM ET

Act and connect

Who will you connect with to activate your intention?

With the moon at the 2Q phase and gaining light, it is time to initiate and take action on your goals and New Moon intentions. No more planning, no more thinking. Time to act. In Libra, action is defined by connecting with others, be it your collaborators, partners or ideal customers. Your people are waiting to help you in some way, and it just entails you focus on taking the action to meet them.

With the energy in this state, maybe you can connect others together through an introduction, or make an ask to a collaborator to get an introduction. Who are you here to help? Who is here to help you? Make that connection today for your business.

July 8, 2022

Mercury square Jupiter

11:14 PM PT | 2:14 AM +1 ET

Quick clarity of purpose

What emotional truths will you share?

For a brief day leading up to and away from this meeting point, your mindset, “heartset”, and belief system all intersect. You may experience something like deja vu where a past experience (or future experience) sparks a remembering that shifts your perspective.

Use this time to jot down all your feelings, inspiration and ideas for your purpose. Bonus points for sharing them on your online platforms to clarify your past and your future vision.

Mercury Cancer 8° square Jupiter Aries 8°

Especially insightful for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Week of July 10 – July 16, 2022

“When I saw that combination of grace and power, the fast and the soft, the yin and the yang, that’s what I’d been looking for.” — Lou Reed

The highlight of this week is a Full Moon in Capricorn that wants you to deeply understand your authority. With opportunities to leverage your power and structure opening up with Venus trining Saturn right before, it’s a great time to recommit to your expertise and your most empowered self.

In your Work, also take time to tune into your ideals and how you want to communicate your radiance, with Mercury conjunct the Sun in a powerful Cazimi that calls to us to understand how the fruits we see now are from our quick-thinking in the past.

Venus squaring Neptune will also give you the chance to celebrate these transformations and accentuate your commitments from the Full Moon with dreaminess and inspiration.

July 12, 2022

Venus trine Saturn Rx

9:28 PM PT | 12:28 AM +1 ET

Strategic relationships open

What doors are now opening and through whom?

The goals and intentions you’ve been setting around relationships, communications and innovation are beginning to solidify. You’ve done the work of deciding on the kind of people you want to connect to that will make the biggest impact in your Work. They are here to open the doors of opportunity. Begin to say yes to sharing your expertise and innovative thoughts. Watch your goals take shape.

Especially supportive for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius).

Venus Gemini 24° trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 24°

July 13, 2022

Full Moon Capricorn 21°

11:37 AM PT | 2:37 PM ET

Revolutionizing Your Authority

Interpretation co-written with Natalie Miller

This Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates where you trust your expertise, and how you take full responsibility for yourself and your Work . . .

and also where and how you don’t.

This lunation may bring up some intense feelings about your power or lack thereof, along with excellent conditions for exploring what those feelings are revealing to you about your relationship with your own authority.

Today, think of Authority as Authorship. While we cannot control what happens, or what others do and think, we CAN author the narratives that influence our own perspectives and actions. Saturn rules this Full Moon from his other home sign of Aquarius, asking us to clear up our thinking in ways that enable us to Do Better.

In short: this Full Moon asks us to step up, take responsibility, and be the hero of our own story.

One more thing: Uranus together with the North Node is in the mood for Revolution, and these energies’ sextile to the Sun infuses this moon with revolutionary spirit. Sometimes revolution means going back to traditional or ancient ways of doing things; sometimes it propels us forward with quantum tech advances. Change comes in many forms, and it’s a perfect moment to choose the ones that empower you most.

Venus square Neptune Rx

10:24 PM PT | 1:24 AM +1 ET

Visionary Ideals

What sensitivities are now tuning you in

For a few days leading up to and away, Venus is loud and clear, with first the Saturn alignment a few days ago and now Neptune to soften the edges of this transformation. There is a charm about this energy to sweeten the intensity of the full moon and the build up towards the end of the month. Notice the glimmers and sparks of inspiration to follow; they will keep you pointed north.

Especially inspirational for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Venus Gemini 25° square Neptune Rx Pisces 25°

July 16, 2022

Mercury conjunct Sun

12:38 PM PT | 3:38 PM ET

Quick and clear emotional thinking

What past experiences or emotions now have clearer meaning?

Mercury speeds through Cancer to meet up with the Sun, joining forces in what is called a “Cazimi”. This Cazimi, like a New Moon phase between the Sun and Mercury, is a new beginning in their dance. With this meetup, we have reached yet another halfway point before the next Mercury Rx that reminds you to enjoy your clarity and quick thinking. Lots of old experiences and memories have recently come to light in a new way, and you now get to decide how you will integrate these learnings into your changemaking Work.

Especially illuminating for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Mercury conjunct Sun Cancer 24°

Week of July 17 – July 23, 2022

“Just because you are soft doesn’t mean you are not a force. Honey and wildfire are both the color gold.” — Victoria Erickson

It’s an action-packed week, so strap in your seatbelts for a wild ride. The time for softness, dreaming, and self-expression has come!

Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune start the week off with some trines to give us more room to participate in self compassion. When Venus then goes into Cancer, embrace your most nurturing, gentle sides and know that these are assets for you to do the Work you’re called to just as much as your ability to take action and make logical decisions is.

Your valuing of emotional safety will be complemented this week when the Sun and Mercury both move into creative, expressive Leo, giving you the courage to show and tell the world what you’ve been birthing and how it will impact others

The Sun and Mercury will both oppose Pluto right before that, so anticipate an opportunity to rise to the occasion to radiate who you truly are that will give you the appropriate boost for the start of Leo season.

July 17, 2022

Today, both Mercury and the Sun make exact harmonious trines to Neptune, the planet of interconnectivity. And Venus joins the Sun and Mercury in Cancer.

There is the presence of a compassionate, empathetic understanding of the self, the other, and the all.

It’s an “us” kind of day, where understanding moves past awareness into acceptance. Where connection goes beyond connection to self or connection to others — here, it is about connection to all.

Feel this on a soul level and express it as devotion to your communities through your Work.

Mercury trine Neptune Rx

12:52 AM PT | 3:52 AM ET

Intuitive understanding

What emotional understanding do you now have in your work?

Sun trine Neptune Rx

3:55 PM PT | 6:55 PM ET

Tune into your inspiration and generosity

What can you express that you can pass forward?

Especially unifying for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Mercury and Sun Cancer 25° trine Neptune Rx Pisces 25°

Venus enters Cancer

6:32 PM PT | 9:32 PM ET

Connect through emotional safety

With whom in your life and business do you need to create belonging?

Venus enters sensitive Cancer, where she desires to luxuriate in self-care, nurturing, and all things close to home. Now for just three weeks until August 11, it’s time to value your emotions and what you need to feel safe. Connect with those that you consider like family during this time to nourish your sense of belonging.

It’s a great three weeks to establish guidelines to build safe communities in your business. These guidelines should outline what safety and inclusion means and the consequences of not abiding.

These guidelines in turn connect with your soul-aligned customers and co-creators, as they will definitely know that they belong.

For Luminaries with Venus in Cancer natally, you love and value emotional intelligence, emotional safety, belonging, family (or chosen family), the past and connecting with those with whom you feel an emotional affinity.

You are a natural empath and nurturer, quick to pick up on people’s feelings. You love making spaces and places feel like home. You most likely feel your most attractive when surrounded by folks that feel like family, and when you share what’s on your heart.

It’s hard for you to let new people and experiences in unless you feel certain that you are protected and safe. But when you do open your arms to welcome in the new, you put much effort into making people feel at home.

People always are drawn to you because they know you will listen to them with an open heart.

In your Work, surround yourself with other safe-space holders who are stewards and protectors of the land, its true history, and ancestry.

Over the next few weeks, as Venus glides through this sign, any planets or angles in Cancer will share their love and emotional acceptance with your natal energies. Get curious with what new blessings are now being attracted.

July 18, 2022

Mercury opposite Pluto Rx

12:01 AM PT | 3:01 AM ET

Speak your heart to empower

What emotional transformation do you need to share now?

For a fleeting day, you gain deep emotional perception. This focused knowledge allows you to gain more than just mental information, but also the emotional energy of this information. You are able to speak to the things that sometimes are hidden out of your reach. This is a good time to share a deep message in writing or speaking. Tough and taboo conversations can be had now with kindness and understanding. You can empower others with your powerful insights on topics that are hard to discuss if you choose.

Mercury Cancer 27° opposite Pluto Rx Capricorn 27°

July 19, 2022

A busy day with Mercury entering Leo and the Sun opposite Pluto Rx.

Mercury enters Leo

5:35 AM PT | 8:35 AM ET

Confident communication

What fun can you have with your messaging?

From now through August 11, Mercury spends its time in courageous Leo. Leo communications can take on an air of know-it-allness because there is so much passion behind the thoughts. Keep in mind to engage as well as listen from your heart for your communications to come across as heartfelt instead of ostentatious.

Your thoughts and communications are very good at expressing themselves right now in colorful, vibrant ways. This is a great time to shine bright with creative writing projects or add some fun to your communications. Jokes, memes, popular sayings… Write in the vein of delightful for your next launch or website. Gamify a set of processes, dress up for your reels or TikToks — do what feels aligned! You are sure to have fun expressing yourself.

For Luminaries with Mercury in Leo, you wear your heart on your sleeve in brightly colored patterns. There is no hiding what you think, as you have the ability to proudly proclaim what is on your heart and mind. Your words and ways of communication can sometimes be loud, but they are always full of color, vibrancy and play. Harness this ability to understand and perceive the world around you to express what your heart and inner child needs. In your Work, communicate creativity with courage and confidence. A little drama and flair will only add to your message.

If you have any natal planets or angles in Leo, as Mercury passes by, expect clarity in understanding and expressing your natally bold Leo energies.

Sun opposite Pluto Rx

6:39 PM PT | 9:39 PM ET

Illuminating your power to transform

What can you create today that transforms deep emotional security?

We are at the halfway point of Pluto Retrograde, and a transformation theme is now being illuminated. There is something you now see in full light in your Work that needs to be eliminated. There is no holding back now. The urge for self transformation is strong.

This ability to transform your sense of outward security has a ripple effect and is something that your people sense. Think of it as an experience you can share with them in the future.

Trust your intuition regarding what to create. Your power and possibility is limitless. You now recognize this creative source power and can thus step up to use it…

Sun Cancer 27° opposite Pluto Rx Capricorn 27°

July 20, 2022

4Q Moon Aries

7:19 AM PT | 10:19 AM ET

Relax as antidote to restlessness

What can you do today to prioritize yourself in order to stay calm?

With the Aries 4Q moon today, spend time with your anxiety-coping tools and put your needs first. The energy of this day is heightened and more tense than usual. This tension builds up through the weekend with a release on Saturday. You may find yourself getting angry. If you do, express your boundaries.

Or you may find yourself motivated. If you do, don’t start something new; instead, assess what you have already done and what is working. Let go of stress.

Last quarter moon phases are for doing inner integration work in our lives and businesses. They are a time to reflect on what we now understand and assess how we want to continue. In your business, the 4Q moon phase is perfect for reviewing analytics, examining progress and surveying. There will be things you keep, things you let go of, and things you modify based on what you now know.

July 22, 2022

Sun enters Leo

1:07 PM PT | 4:07 PM ET

Season of confident creative vibrancy

How will you add glow to your work?

It’s time to lead with your heart in Leo season. Leo is all about creativity, confidence, courage and passion. If you aren’t working in your business with bliss, then you’re not making the kind of impact you are meant to. This doesn’t have to be about pride. This is purely about planting the energy of joy and vibrancy in all that you do. Others can sense when you are dragging your feet or when you have no passion. Alternatively, when they DO sense your passion and shine, you and your work is irresistible!

What energy are you planting in your work? Let it be confidence and joy.

For Luminaries with their Sun in Leo, you are a natural born bringer of joy, brilliance, creativity and fun!

You radiate creativity as your source of creative power. Full-color brightness heart, mind, passion and soul is what pours through all that you are aligned to do. You have a passion and knack when you approach your work from child-like joy that is like no one else’s.

It’s easy to dismiss this talent and joy as it comes so naturally to you. No one else can add that kind of flair. Do not be afraid to center your joy or feel like you’re shining brightly on stage, regardless of what your Work is.

Remember that your Work is your stage.

Work towards and shine brightly in your passion and creativity. Dress to be noticed, bling out to dazzle, and smile to delight.

Be aware of getting too high on your high horse. You can show and tell people how wonderful you are, but don’t force the issue. And be aware of resenting people who don’t at first notice your genius. Surround yourself with the people that appreciate your talent.

In your Work, be noticed! Your ability to bring in creative flair, joy, courage, playfulness and fun is what makes you undeniably unique. Be sure to create opportunities that allow you to Work in your superpowers.

Remember, the Sun doesn’t give an “f” if it blinds you, so shine brightly, my Leo Luminary.

The key to tapping into this solar energy is to bring awareness to how this permeates through all your Work. Confidently express this trait as a superpower that makes you different from others in your field, AND create opportunities that allow you to work in your zone of genius.

Happy Solar Return to you, bold Leo Luminaries!

July 23, 2022

Mercury trine Jupiter

10:52 AM PT | 1:52 PM ET

Inspire your people with a bold call

What can you shout on the rooftops that inspires creativity or belief?

It’s a day to go big and bold with your message. Mercury, who is all about ideas, and Jupiter, who emphasizes on the ideals, are both in passionate fire signs. Your message can spark movements! Initiate your people with a passion and purpose fueled call to action. Your bold, expansive message is sure to ignite.

Especially inspiring for fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

Mercury Leo 8° trine Jupiter Aries 8°

Week of July 24 – July 30, 2022

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou

With so many squares this week – Venus and Jupiter, Mercury and Mars, and Mercury and Uranus — anticipate creative and emotional tension to spark and start a fire of inspiration. Whether you struggle or thrive, you can make art out of this and amplify your Work. Experiment with your words, your values, your creative vitality and your innovative spirit this week to see change scaffold!

We’re also receiving the gift of a New Moon in Leo, here to remind us of the power of creating from a place of joy.

Your joy is sacred, and adjusting your vision and growth to complement it will be even more of the essence when Jupiter retrogrades into the fiery sign of Aries, forming an inspiring trine between the planet of expansion and the Sun that brings us such radiant life. Let this transit light up your Work as well!

July 24, 2022

Venus square Jupiter

11:13 PM PT | 2:13 AM +1 ET

Be generous emotionally

What emotional graces can you extend without overdoing?

Extend a gracious ear and mind. Open the doors and invite and welcome others without being a bleeding heart. Today, you value emotional integrity and many experiences can open up that allow feelings to come first. The wave of emotions could be quite high with Jupiter at this point in the sky right now. So use your intuitive and emotional sense to know who really needs some extra support, vs those that are simply taking advantage of your generous spirit. Permission to let only those in that respect your boundaries.

Especially sensitive for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Venus Cancer 8° square Jupiter Aries 8°

July 26, 2022

Mercury square Mars

12:13 PM PT | 3:13 PM ET

Be patient and gain understanding

What is your intuition or higher self wanting you to know right now?

Today Mercury in Pisces (abstract thoughts) squares off with Mars in Gemini (scattered motivation), and you just can’t figure out which way is up! It’s all good if you take it for what it is — a fleeting opportunity to throw your ideas to the wind and go with the flow. In the midst of it all, if you can quiet your mind a bit, brilliance can shine through. For now, go make a mess — scatter some paint, sing in the shower, meditate in a noisy playground and see what comes up.

Mercury 14° Leo square Mars Taurus 14°

July 28, 2022

One of the biggest days all month with Jupiter shifting into reverse, Mercury squaring off with Uranus and the moon meeting up with the Sun in Leo.

Get clear on your bliss and be open to unexpected ways of reaching it.

New Moon Leo 5°

10:55 AM PT | 1:55 PM ET

Confidently Creating Your Joy

The New Moon in Leo offers a profound infusion of creativity, confidence, and joy. It’s a moment to celebrate that, as Martha Graham writes, “There is only one of you in all of time,” and that there are things YOU do that no one else does like YOU do.

This lunation asks you to tap into what brings you joy, for THAT is the source of the light you shine in the world. It’s time to fully trust that when you do what you love, you magnetize attention, power, and opportunity.

WIth Jupiter trine this New Moon, there’s a spirit of growth and evolution present. Remember that confidence doesn’t just appear out of nowhere; it comes from practice, learning, and exploring. The more you learn and grow — from both your accomplishments as well as from your failures — the more you’ll learn to love and trust yourself, no matter what.

And that’s what confidence is all about.

The Mercury/Uranus square in the fixed signs of Taurus and Leo asks — even demands?— that you make more room for your whole, joyous self in the way you Do Business. Toot your own horn, smile and shrug at your quirks, let your freak flag fly . . . GET REAL, and enjoy the glow that comes from being your whole self, out loud.

Cosmic notes for Astro Techies

  • New Moon trine Jupiter Aries 8° asks if your intentions are big enough. Are you underestimating your desires?
  • Mercury Leo 18° square Uranus Taurus 18° asks if you are open hearted to all the unexpected experiences that come your way. Are you ready for them to set you on your highest path?
  • Mercury Leo 18° trine Chiron Aries 16° asks if you’ve been communicating the wisdom you’ve learned from your wound. Are you ready to use it with courage?

Jupiter Retrograde begins Aries 8°

1:37 PM PT | 4:37 PM ET

Readjust expansive vision and growth

What new beliefs and possibilities are ready to explore?

Social planet Jupiter is stepping on the brakes to make its annual backtrack in the sky. Now through November 23, 2022, Jupiter will trace back 10° from Aries 8° back to Pisces 28°, giving us a chance to reconnect the dots between our big dreams, our big purpose and our big beliefs so that we can exceed our expectations. To create what we want as a collective, we fundamentally have to believe in our ability and possibility.

If you’ve been questioning or not seeing the meaning of all experiences that put you on your soul’s path, you will get your chance to revise during this annual regress.

Look to your natal chart for planets or angles between Pisces 28° – Aries 8°, as any energies here desire to be expanded with a new belief system and purpose. Notice how this expansion shows up in your Work.

Mercury square Uranus

2:16 PM PT | 5:16 PM ET
Refer to Cosmic Notes in New Moon Leo 5°

July 30, 2022

Mercury opposite Saturn Rx

11:05 PM PT | 2:05 AM + 1 ET

Communicate what you know

Are you expressing your expertise confidently?

This is a great aspect to focus and crystallize how you communicate your authority and expertise. You are an expert. You do not need permission from someone to tell you what you are an expert in.

You need to tell others from your place of inner authority. Use this time to concentrate on sharing your expertise. Yet be aware that with Saturn, there can sometimes be doubt. Question this doubt and ask, “Who is the authority here?” You are. No need to overthink it.

Especially masterful for fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

Mercury Leo 10° opposite Saturn Rx Aquarius 10°

Week of July 31 – August 6, 2022

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” — Elanor Roosevelt

Take the time this week to expand your vision even further than you’ve ever stretched before, as the Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Aries retrograde force you to get out of your comfort zone.

But could it be that what lies beyond your comfort zone is actually .. comforting? Inspiring? Peace-making? Find out this week by daring to dance with the fire that lights up your dreams.

July 31, 2022

Sun trine Jupiter Rx

3:36 PM PT | 6:36 PM ET

Expansive visionary creativity

How has your creative passion grown?

Such a lovely energy, optimistic, expansive and gracious. You probably want to shout from every rooftop how brilliant you are at what you do, and how grateful you are for the challenges you’ve overcome to get to where you are in your business. It’s definitely a day where you want to share your brilliance so that it can ripple forth, a day you feel an urge to invite others to share too so it’ll reach even further. Let go of expectations today, so your vision is free to expand.

Get on that roof and tell the world of your passion.

Especially radiant for late degrees of Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius).

Sun Leo 8° trine Jupiter Rx Aries 8°

Uranus conjunct North Node

12:05 PM PT | 3:05 PM ET

Uranus and the North Node – Revolutionizing Rematriation

“Rematriation is a powerful word Indigenous women of Turtle Island use to describe how they are restoring balance to the world…it means ‘Returning the Sacred to the Mother.’” –

Uranus, the revolutionary awakener, and the North Node, our collective leap into the future, meet exactly in Taurus and stay with the North Node all the way through late January 23.

Uranus – revolution/return, awaken, quantum change, breakthrough, freedom, radical

North Node – collective stretch into the future – Energies near the NN are what we are meant to bring into our work, our potential

Taurus – physical resources, embodiment, environment, money, food, the farm, land stewardship

This conjunction of Uranus and the North Node asks us to stretch into a quantum revolution around caring for the land, environment, and physical resources (money, housing, shelter, food). We all need to leap, as we are at a critical mass here on planet Earth.

Be a steward of your Land

Make wise choices with your dollar, for what you choose to consume has impact

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