Biz StarCast – July 2024 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda

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July Vibes: Know what you want, self care and love, play, imagine, re-explore, redefine, relax

It feels like after the June Solstice, the energy naturally changes from go-go-go to let’s-go-slow.

I personally have felt this big time.

I don’t want to work even though I love what I do.

I don’t want to learn anything new even though I am an avid learner.


I don’t want to achieve even though I’m highly ambitious.

I know what I want and need – and that is stillness, relaxation and non-result-oriented ways to create, play and be.

I’ve noticed this with many people in my community from clients to friends. It’s time to take a break – without GUILT.

It’s time to understand that down-tempo chillax time is just as important and productive as up-tempo get-it time.

But why do so many of us (myself included) guilt ourselves for taking this important time down? Even Mother Nature has built in cycles of waning energy so why can’t we?

It’s so destructive to push when you are meant to rest.

Hustle culture is real and embedded in the systems in which we all live.

The systems that tell you:

“You’re not good enough” so you keep on doing the thing you don’t want to do even though you’re exhausted.

“You’re not showing up” so you keep on doing things others told you to even though it isn’t’ what you want.

“You’re not big enough” so you keep at it, trying, working too hard and blocking yourself off from your brilliance because you believe hard work equals success. When in reality hard work + time away = clarity and quicker success.

The above examples are what I hear from so many of my clients when I know they are ready to face their inner critic (which BTW, is always the voice of someone from their youth that they desperately wanted approval from, yet never received.)

This inner critic makes it so hard to discern what my clients truly want (joy, worthiness, ease) from what they think they want (more money, control, accolades). I’m not saying that money, power and accolades are not worthy things to want – my questions are WHY do you want those things and WHAT are you trying to prove by wanting them. You may have some purposeful and intentional reasons! Or you may not.

When you strive, hustle and try because of the shame of not-enoughness driven by your inner critic, when you get what you were striving for, it is never truly satisfying BECAUSE you never really wanted that in the first place.

I share this with you because as we move into July the cosmos is supporting you to spend time getting clear with what you truly desire.

What you need that nurtures your inner child (moon sign).


What lights you up from within (sun sign).

If you don’t know what you truly need and want, you’ll be stuck on the hamster wheel of never-enoughness.

And if you don’t acknowledge and value the gifts of your moon and sun sign, you’ll never be the luminary you were born to be.

It’s not your fault you don’t know what you need and want.

But it is your responsibility to do the inner work to find out.

In July, it’s your time to untangle the limiting beliefs, inner critic and systemic thoughts from your purpose and truth to get to what you want.

The way to do this is not by working harder.

It’s by taking down time to go inward.

In July, I’ll be taking some much needed down time with my family. I plan to waterpaint, swim, finish an intensive astrology horary course I really want to take and move my body! I know that this will restore my energy so I can come back with fresh perspectives and inspiration to share with you.

Will you promise me that you will carve out some truly self-care time for yourself? Especially if you’ve been feeling that hustle or inner critic hard. That is your cosmic cue that you too desperately need some time off.

Trust in the Universe that your bills will get paid and that the answers to your problems will arrive because you chose to prioritize your self-care. You will land on your feet because you chose to put your self care FIRST this July.

I’d love to hear how you’ll take and spend your down time – reply back and let me know.

July Cosmic Shifts

  • Neptune Retrograde begins Pisces 29° (Jul 2)
  • Mercury enters Leo (Jul 2)
  • New Moon Cancer 14° (Jul 5)
  • Venus enters Leo (Jul 11)
  • Mars and Uranus meet up at Taurus 26º – seismic shifts (Jul 15)
  • Mercury enters Shadow Zone Leo 21° (Jul 16)
  • Mars enters Gemini (Jul 20)
  • Full Moon Capricorn 29° (Jul 21)
  • Sun enters Leo (Jul 22)
  • Mercury enters Virgo (Jul 25)

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Planetary Purpose
In a pinch and want to remember which days are best for which task? Go with the planetary days.

  • Sunday (Sun): Create, radiate, source
    Do what you love!
  • Monday (Moon): Feel, intuit, nourish, care
    Define how you want to feel and listen to your intuition to plan your week.
  • Tuesday – Mars: Act, motivate, initiate, lead
    Take action on your tasks on this productive day.
  • Wednesday – Mercury: Think, speak, write, communicate, share info
    Get on social, send an informative email, share your voice.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: Believe, expand, teach, gratitude, promote
    Work on your website, send a press release, and promote your business.
  • Friday – Venus: Connect, combine, appreciate, beautify, soften
    Focus on money, relationships, beauty and appreciation.
  • Saturday – Saturn: Mastery, boundaries, “no”
    Take time for yourself to fill your cup.

How to use these cosmic energies:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn.
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies:

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart.
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift.

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July 2024 Biz StarCast Overview

July 1, 2024 – July 6, 2024

July begins with a bit of a packed week. With Neptune beginning its backward motion, Mercury moving into Leo, and a few trine’s all happening on the same day it might be a good idea to surrender to what is on Tuesday July 2nd. Allow yourself to be just taken with the flow. It will help guide you as we move into the New Moon in Cancer on Friday July 5th.

July 02, 2024

07/02 – Reimagine with Spirit – Neptune Retrograde begins Pisces 29° at 3:40 AM PT | 6:40 AM ET. Now through December 7, 2024, Neptune does its annual retrograde, which you will feel only on the most subtle level. All because Neptune is at its closest to Earth when in retrograde, so we feel Neptune at a deeper level. Feeling Neptune is illusive in of itself, as Neptune is the great transcender and blender of feelings so that you can feel interconnected with all at a soul level. Dream activity could be at a high, and everything Neptune represents (soul work, soul healing, soul purpose, faith, vision, dream work, etc) comes into refocus. This is Neptune’s last full retrograde in its home sign of Pisces before it will pass the threshold into Aries in 2025. Take advantage of the beautiful energy this retrograde brings in. Commune with healing waters and your soul.

Things to do this Neptune Rx in Pisces:

  • Re-imagine – Imagination and spirit are interconnected and are looking for people to bring their visions through. Reconnect to your spirit guides and be the vessel to create with spirit.
  • Re-tune – to your intuition, revisit your intuitive knowing and sharpen your senses.
  • Re-unify – find ways to connect over similarities instead of differences, we are all made of the same fabric of life.
  • Relate – Pay attention to your people and feel into what they are really needing at this time. Remember to show the same compassion you do for others to yourself.

07/02 – Confident expression – Mercury enters Leo at 5:50 AM PT | 8:50 AM ET. Mercury dashes through courageous Leo until it hits the breaks in the first few degrees of Virgo to traipse back through Leo for its retrograde cycle.. Your thoughts and communications are very good at expressing themselves right now in colorful, vibrant ways. This is a great time to shine bright with creative writing projects or add some fun to your communications. Jokes, memes, popular sayings… Write in the vein of delightful for your next launch or website. Gamify a set of processes, dress up for your reels or TikToks — do what feels aligned! You are sure to have fun expressing yourself. Keep in mind to engage as well as listen from your heart for your communications to come across as heartfelt instead of ostentatious.

What fun can you have with your messaging?

Have Your Mercury in Leo natally? If you have your natal Mercury in Leo you wear your heart on your sleeve in brightly colored patterns. There is no hiding what you think, as you have the ability to proudly proclaim what is on your heart and mind.

Your words and ways of communication can sometimes be loud, but they are always full of color, vibrancy and play. Harness this ability to understand and perceive the world around you to express what your heart and inner child needs. In your Work, communicate creativity with courage and confidence. A little drama and flair will only add to your message.

07/02 – Inner inspiration and outer limits – Mercury trine Neptune Rx at 4:53 AM PT | 7:53 AM ET. AND Venus trine Saturn Rx at 6:41 PM PT | 9:41 PM ET. Mercury trine Neptune Rx brings inner inspiration, allowing Spirit to flow through you and leaving a deep understanding of the evolution, depth, and truth of this time. Don’t try to hold onto the message; that will only cause confusion. This transit can lead to creative breakthroughs and heightened intuition for perceiving underlying truths. Embrace opportunities as they arise, letting the inner inspiration guide you.

Meanwhile, Venus trine Saturn Rx teaches that limitations can pay off. Facing boundaries can lead to focus and sustainable value, showing that ease and bliss can be found in responsibility and restrictions. By creating emotional boundaries and structures, you can truly open up and grow sustainably. Strategic relationships are opening up, solidifying the goals and intentions you’ve set around relationships, communications, and innovation. The people you want to connect with to make the biggest impact in your work are here to open doors of opportunity. Begin to say yes to sharing your expertise and innovative thoughts, and watch your goals take shape.

What doors are now opening and through whom?

What can you now perceive?

Especially harmonious for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces), and enlightening for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

July 03, 2024

07/03 – Innovative Insights – Mercury opposite Pluto Rx at 12:27 AM PT | 3:27 AM ET. For a fleeting day, you gain profound intellectual and creative insight. This ingenious knowledge allows you to gain more than just mental information, but also innovative clarity and transformative energy around your thoughts. You are able to express ideas that are usually out of reach, illuminating hidden truths with confidence and flair. This is a good time to share a compelling message in writing or speaking. Tough and taboo conversations can be done with a sense of authenticity and progressive thinking. You can empower others with your visionary insights on topics that are hard to discuss if you choose.

How can I use my creative insights to engage in transformative conversations that empower others?

Mercury Leo 1° opposite Pluto Rx Aquarius 1°

July 05, 2024

07/05 – Empowering Acceptance – New Moon Cancer 14° at 3:57 PM PT | 6:57 PM ET. Oftentimes when you think of New Moon intentions for your Work, leadership and brands, you are facing outward in terms of what you can give so that you can gain. Give a service, receive payment. Give a transformation, receive impact.

This New Moon you are here to give to yourself. To give to yourself is to nourish and acknowledge all the pieces that haven’t felt good enough or valuable enough and truly see and validate your inherent worth because this is YOU. This is the gift of this New Moon, acceptance of self.

Acceptance of self is powerful. How much energy have you spent trying to fix a piece of yourself, guilting yourself for not wanting something, or denying your needs because they seem unimportant or worse, unworthy?

The New Moon in her home sign of Cancer is potent. And she wants you to nurture your inner child. She wants you to know what you need. She wants you to embrace tenderly these softest most tender parts of yourself. She wants you to understand and listen to what your inner child truly needs. Attention? Validation? Acknowledgement? Love? The parts of you that are starved of kindness, attention and validation. If you don’t nurture your tender inner child, who will?

This New Moon, when you gift yourself acknowledgement and acceptance to the pieces of yourself that you or your earliest caretakers have previously dismissed, this is the gift of inner work. And this inner work ultimately allows you to flourish into the secure, certain and confident leader that you are born to be. You are a luminary. Truly.

What do you need to love and accept about yourself?

Personalize Your New Moon Ritual

Today I plant the seeds of acceptance and nurturing in my leadership’s:

  • Aries (4H): Sacred spaces, communities and inner life
  • Taurus (3H): Peaceful communications that welcome everyone
  • Gemini (2H): Values and abundance from inclusivity and care
  • Cancer (1H ): Sensitive leadership that holds protective space
  • Leo (12H): Soul-aligned philanthropy that protects the othered
  • Virgo (11H): Collective social impact based on emotional health
  • Libra (10H): Ultimate mission for protecting the peace
  • Scorpio (9H): Deep purpose to secure emotional safety
  • Sagittarius (8H): Expansive healing rooted in intimate trust
  • Capricorn (7H): Accountable partnerships built on mutual respect
  • Aquarius (6H): Innovative daily rituals for self care
  • Pisces (5H): Flowing play that creates joyful belonging

July 7, 2024 – July 13, 2024

The highlight of the week is big, bold, beautiful Venus moves into fun, creative, loving Leo. It really is a great week to make connections. What can you do to play and create that puts you in touch with new people as well as old friends? You may be surprised at what opportunities for your Work come about when you’re out having fun!

July 10, 2024

07/10 – Creative restrictions prove fruitful – Sun trine Saturn Rx at 8:05 PM PT | 11:05 PM ET. Today you may be feeling expansive and magnetic, but you still have focused energy to work and create. To help you contain this energy, see what you can remove. See how you can create more with less. Aim for mastery instead of all the bells and whistles when it comes to your partnerships and innovations.

What dedicated work is now paying off?

Especially creative for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Sun Cancer 19º trine Saturn Rx Pisces 19º

July 11, 2024

07/11 – Connect to your confidence and heightened manifestation – Venus enters Leo at 9:19 AM PT | 12:19 PM ET. Now through August 8, Venus connects through passionate Leo where she values creative projects, play and pleasure. While Venus is about attracting the people and resources we need to thrive, in Leo she connects and magnetizes in the best way when she is leading from her heart and following her joy. It’s important this season to keep it heart-centered, for Venus picks up opportunities to connect through shared values gathered from her healing process. This will ground you in what you care about as you face what needs awakening in your self love and self confidence.

Today Venus also makes a trine with Neptune. You may feel more energetic, as if you have put on rose-colored glasses and now you can see the truth and beauty that was already there. This trine really puts an emphasis on your attraction and charm powers.

When Venus is in Leo, this period emphasizes self-love, self-confidence, and the pursuit of pleasure and enjoyment.

For all of us, during this season of Venus in Leo, it’s time to cultivate your own joy and passion, the bolder and brighter, the better. Look at your life and Work and see where you can add more vibrancy and connection.

How can you radiate your inner love to be a magnet to your people?

Have Your Venus in Leo natally? If you have your natal Venus in Leo you love connecting with other bold, confident and creative souls. As you too have that bling and flair in your own style. Self love, self adoring, originality all the way.

You appreciate shining brightly and attract more of that, when you are sharing your brilliant creativity and style. Be sure to shine brightly without stealing the thunder from others. There is a way to share the stage, you do it so well!

You can get caught up in craving admiration and recognition by the world at large, and wanting those who love you most to fawn over you.

In your Work, flirt with the World (not to manipulate) but to show what you appreciate in your fellow person. Harness your bold style and art. Glam it up, add more gold, wear all the accessories, no apologies needed.

No matter what, use your inkling for performance and magic to bring magic to whatever you want to spark joy in to draw in the people and resources you need to thrive.

Use your creativity to be the best version of you who can shine brightly and warm those who are seeking your light. Your audience is waiting for you to connect to them with your heart and show them how it’s done!

July 12, 2024

07/12 – Intense attachments to values and power – Venus opposite Pluto Rx at 7:12 AM PT | 10:12 AM ET. As soon as Venus touches down into Leo, she will face off with Pluto asking you to choose between power and love. The songs “Love Sex, Magic” by Ciara and Justin Timberlake, or “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers have the energy of the day. In every creatrix, there is the ability to manifest power and magic. With the energy of Venus and Pluto, there are power plays vying for your attraction. With an opposition, there is a clear illumination of the forces at play and it is up to you to take the side that aligns with the path you want to be on. If you do not choose, it will be chosen for you, and more often than not you may not feel things are going in the direction of your highest interest as a result. Maybe there is a win-win situation if you can figure out how to understand and share the power without losing your own.

In your life, what is the power that is being displayed right now? Emotional power? Money power? Sex power? Choose based on your deepest values, for that way you will have no regrets.

What decisions must you make around money and power plays?

Venus Leo 1º opposite Pluto Rx Aquarius 1º

[Power Day] A great day to use your magnetic power.

July 13, 2024

07/13 – Act and connect – 2Q Moon Libra 22° at 3:49 PM PT | 6:49 PM ET. With the moon at the 2Q phase and gaining light, it is time to initiate and take action on your goals and New Moon intentions. No more planning, no more thinking. Time to act. In Libra, action is defined by connecting with others, be it your collaborators, partners or ideal customers. Your people are waiting to help you in some way, and it just entails you focus on taking the action to meet them.

The moon is creating an opposition with Chiron so consider that maybe you can connect others together through bonding by being vulnerable. Who are you here to help heal? Who is here to help you heal? Make that connection today for your Work.

Who will you connect with to activate your intention?

July 14, 2024 – July 20, 2024

This week doesn’t hold much structure to it, in fact it may be a great idea to be open to spontaneity. Expect the unexpected with Mars and Uranus meeting up this week. Allow and take action in your life and Work, that chance encounter could be a new opportunity. Be brave and write down any inspiration around ideas and messages, you may be revisiting them as Mercury moves retrograde next month.

July 15, 2024

07/15 – New motivations for evolved resource management – Mars conjunct Uranus at 7:05 AM PT | 10:05 AM ET. Mars and Uranus meet at Taurus 26° blending drive and innovation together. However, with Mars, the planet of activation and Uranus the planet of change, how the energy will present itself is unpredictable. Now, do not be afraid as things that happen need to happen to put you on your right course. And don’t be so set on specific results as this tempts this kind of energy to not go your way. In Taurus, this disruption will be at its core, grounded and deliberate, and the result will urge you to create a sustainable future. Know that ultimately, this powerful meeting of Mars’ action-oriented energy and Uranus’ inventive spirit together, challenges you to rethink traditional methods and embrace new, slow, sustainable, prioritized practices. They encourage you to think creatively about what needs change and disruption in your earthy resources.

What change are you open to in your resourcing and environment?

[Power Week] Be patient a few days leading up to and away from today, energies are unpredictable. If you can, channel your energy into something productive, not destructive.

July 16, 2024

07/16 – Notice what to polish – Mercury enters Shadow Zone Leo 21° at 8:51 PM PT | 11:51 PM ET. As Mercury enters the shadow zone for its second retrograde of the year, pay attention to what could use a shine and glow up, especially as it refers to your communications. During the shadow zone that precedes a Mercury Rx, you’ll start to see the things that aren’t quite working that foreshadow the themes you need to reorganize during the retrograde that happens in August. There’s nothing to do now besides pay attention to the Easter Eggs the Universe will drop you so you can be prepared


  • 7/16/24 Enters shadow zone – Leo 21°
  • 8/4/24 Station retrograde – Virgo 4°
  • 8/18/24 Midpoint combust – Leo 26°
  • 8/28/24 Station direct – Leo 21°
  • 9/11/24 Leaves shadow zone – Virgo 4°

July 20, 2024

07/20 – Motivation can be scattered – Mars enters Gemini at 1:43 PM PT | 4:43 PM ET. Mars enters airy chatty Gemini until September 4, 2024. While in scattered Gemini, the energy will be interesting, to say the least. Mars isn’t exactly comfortable in Gemini, as it takes effort to focus the scattered energy. While things may feel disconnected, you can really dig into this energy by prioritizing sharing information and engaging with others. Mars loves initiating and gaining momentum, and at the highest expression Gemini loves creating dialogue and getting curious. As Mars moves through this sign he gains momentum through words, thoughts, dialogue, neighborhood and speaking. See how you can prioritize gaining info, sharing info, and taking the lead by opening up a conversation — be sure to do just as much listening as chatting!

As Mars moves through Gemini, Mars will catch up with Jupiter in early to mid August and things will get moving really quickly. So be sure that you are honing into your beliefs and gratitude to keep things on track!

If you have natal planets or angles in Gemini expect to get a boost of energy. Be sure to channel this activation productively. Do not try to block it for frustration and anxiety can build up. Instead, harness this energy to advocate, energize and activate your natal planets .

What is your true motivation and are you prioritizing the right things?

Have Your Mars in Gemini natally? If you have your natal Mars in Gemini you are a word warrior. You use your intellect to outsmart and win. You are motivated by learning and take action when ideas light up your curiosity. Your ability to take lead and go where your ideas flow can be a great strength.
Don’t dismiss your scattered interests. You can go wide with your interests as long as you are synthesizing and taking action on all that you know. Be aware to learn purely for learning’s sake. Information that you hold won’t do anyone any good if it stays locked up in your head. Take lead and action by sharing and cross-pollinating what you know. Advocate through speaking up and using your pen as the sword it deserves.

July 21, 2024 – July 27, 2024

If you wanted a powerful full moon to work with, this is the one. You may want to get caught up in your responsibilities but it’s actually a great week to break free from what you “should” be doing and connect with your passions, indulge in some fun, and let go of inhibitions.

July 21, 2024

07/21 – Creative and transformative change. – Full moon Capricorn 29° 3:17 AM PT | 6:17 AM ET. This blue moon, the second Full Moon in Capricorn, is packed! It’s a stimulating day for creative and transformative change. As the full moon in Capricorn reaches its peak at 29 degrees, it’s a powerful time of heightened leadership, especially as you connect to your goals and ambitions, (thank you Capricorn.) There are so many cosmic energies aligning today to create a dynamic and inspiring environment to make significant changes and advancements.

Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus, instigating change-making thinking. This aspect creates a creative tension that catalyzes innovation and encourages you to think outside the box. It’s an electrifying day to create something extraordinary, to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible in your professional life.

Meanwhile, the Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces, connecting you to a higher level of consciousness and intuition through your generosity. Your creative force seems to pour through you from beyond, offering you profound insights and imaginative solutions. Tune into this energy and use it for good, allowing your intuition to guide your decisions and actions.

Mars in Gemini trines Pluto Rx in Aquarius, bringing a driven transformation. This aspect empowers you to take decisive action towards transformative goals, combining your intellectual agility with deep, revolutionary insights. Listen to your body to take action. It’s a time to harness this drive to make impactful changes in your Work, focusing on innovation and progress.

The Full Moon itself is conjunct Pluto Rx in Aquarius, trining Mars in Gemini, and sextiling Neptune in Pisces. This powerful combination amplifies the themes of transformation, creativity, and intuition. The conjunction with Pluto Rx brings deep, introspective energy, encouraging you to reflect on your goals and ambitions and to transform any aspects of your work that are no longer serving you. The trine to Mars adds a dynamic, action-oriented energy, making it an ideal time to implement these transformative ideas with confidence and enthusiasm. The sextile to Neptune enhances your intuitive and creative abilities, providing a sense of flow and inspiration in your endeavors.

This full moon in Capricorn is a potent time for professional growth and transformation. Embrace this energy, and let it guide you towards innovative and impactful changes that align with your highest aspirations.

[Power Day] A great day to take decisive action towards transformative goals.

[Sacred Day] A great day to allow your intuition to guide your decisions.

Full Moon Reflective questions:

  • What extraordinary ideas am I ready to bring to life during this Full Moon?
  • How can I use my intuition to guide my Work?
  • In what ways can I channel driven transformation to achieve my goals?
  • How can I incorporate more creativity and innovation into my Work structure?
  • What are the most significant insights or messages I’m receiving from my intuition at this time?
  • In what ways can I take decisive action towards my transformative goals during this full moon?
  • What innovative solutions can I implement?
  • How can I pursue my ambitions with confidence?
  • What are the key areas in my Work that need a fresh, imaginative approach?
  • How can I use intuitive insights to enhance my creativity?
  • What is the most transformative change I can make in my Work right now?

July 22, 2024

07/22 – Shine bright like a diamond – Sun enters Leo at 12:44 AM PT | 3:44 AM ET. It’s time to lead with your heart in Leo season. Leo is all about creativity, confidence, courage and passion. If you aren’t working with joy, then you’re not making the kind of impact you are meant to. This doesn’t have to be about pride AND I’m telling you pride is not a sin. Be proud of who you are, what you do, and how you shine. This season prioritize your creativity, joy and love in all that you do and make your Leo presence known! In your Work, be noticed – your presence leaves a mark! Your ability to bring in creative flair, joy, courage, playfulness and fun is what makes you undeniably unique. Be sure to create opportunities that allow you to Work in your superpowers.

Remember that your leadership is your stage.

Work towards and shine brightly in your passion and creativity. Dress to be noticed, bling out to dazzle, and smile to delight.

You can show and tell people how wonderful you are, but don’t force the issue. And be aware of resenting people who don’t at first notice your genius. Surround yourself with the people that appreciate your talent.

Remember, the Sun doesn’t give an “f” if it blinds you, so shine brightly.

How will you add radiance and love to your Work?

Have Your Sun in Leo natally? If you have your natal Sun in Leo you are a natural born bringer of joy, brilliance, creativity and fun! You radiate creativity as your source of creative power. Full-color brightness heart, mind, passion and soul is what pours through all that you are aligned to do. You have a passion and knack when you approach your work from child-like joy that is like no one else’s. It’s easy to dismiss this talent and joy as it comes so naturally to you. No one else can add that kind of flair. Do not be afraid to center your joy or feel like you’re shining brightly on stage, regardless of what your Work is.

Happy Solar Return to you, bold Leo Luminaries!

07/22 – Illuminating your power to transform – Sun opposite Pluto Rx at 10:38 PM PT | 1:38 AM +1 ET. We are at the halfway point of Pluto Retrograde, and a transformation theme is now being illuminated. There is something you now see in full light in your Work that needs to be eliminated. There is no holding back now. The urge for self transformation is strong.

This ability to transform your sense of outward security enhanced by the innovative and forward-thinking energy of Pluto Rx in Aquarius, has a ripple effect and is something that your people sense. Think of it as an experience you can share with them in the future.

Trust your intuition regarding what to create. Your power and possibility are limitless. You now recognize this creative source power and can thus step up to use it. Embrace the unique blend of Leo’s radiant confidence and Aquarius’ transformative vision to drive impactful change.

What can you confidently create today that will ripple effect transformation?

Sun Leo 0° opposite Pluto Rx Aquarius 0°

July 25, 2024

07/25 – Organized effectiveness – Mercury enters Virgo at 3:42 PM PT | 6:42 PM ET. Mercury dips into Virgo before beginning its retrograde starting at 4°. Mercury loves being in Virgo because it can take all the data it learned through being in its Gemini archetype, and make a plan to do something with the analysis. Because Mercury is coming to a standstill he will be in Virgo until August 4th before moving back into Leo until September 9th. While Mercury is in Virgo, it’s your chance to get your business in ORDER. Get to all that needs to be categorized, systemized, organized, and diagnosed so you can get streamlined and simplified. This is a great time to put things together in your Work in a holistic and effective way.

What can you diagnose, understand, and make whole in your Work?

Have Your Mercury in Virgo natally? If you have your natal Mercury in Virgo you are ultra organized, love evidence, are detail oriented, and can err on the side of being a health nut. You can get caught up in overthinking every little detail and making sure things are perfect. Remember that there is no such thing as perfect. Will your attention to detail add to your final result, or take away from the enjoyment? To simplify is your sweet spot. Use your mental power to create automations, turn data into actions, and systems that allow your Work to flow. Use your hands to do the work in the minutia that brings your heart, mind and soul so much joy.

July 27, 2024

07/27 – Relax and get comfortable – 4Q Moon Taurus 5° at 7:52 PM PT | 10:52 PM ET With the Taurus 4Q moon today, stop pushing and rushing through things to stop to smell the roses. You may feel your creativity and ability to be confident hitting some limits, and the worst thing you could do is to keep pushing and forcing it. Give yourself a break and luxuriate. It is by finding peace in the chaos of the day and in yourself that you can connect and soothe your body.

What can you do today to feel peaceful and prosperous?

[Sacred Day] A great day to take some time and savor the mundane of the day.

July 28, 2024 – August 3, 2024

Not a lot is happening as we close out July. You could absolutely use it to catch up on the chores you may have neglected because, Summer. Be sure you aren’t hard on yourself and instead embrace the fun, make it a game as you prepare for the Leo New Moon at the end of the week.

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Written In the Stars

Learn what the Zodiacs, Planets, Houses and Aspects mean for your leadership and business. When you understand the parts of your chart in 360º you can see both the inner and outer journey needed to make your mark. This course is the gateway into the entire AstroBrand® Method.

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Collaborate and co-create together in Star Powered Circle + get even more 1:1 mentorship with me through personalized Astrology AstroBrand™ Readings with priority scheduling all year long!


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