Biz StarCast – May 2023 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda

May Biz StarCast - Expand Your PeaceMay 2023 Biz StarCast

Expand Your Peace

Fixed, unchanging, steady sustainability, consciously choosing gratitude

I know you’ve been wanting the intensity of the cosmos to chillax a little bit but May 2023 isn’t the month. It doesn’t mean that things are going to blow up in your face. This is your PSA to consciously choose gratitude and befriend your fears to cultivate the inner peace that will create the feelings of security and abundance you so desire.

Remember Michele Obama’s famous call to action that reminds us, in the darkest of times, “When they go low, we go high!”

This is your call to keep your faith, your spirit, your belief in yourself and others to remain high in gratitude and trust.

We start the month with a bang, Both Pluto shifts gears on the same day that Mercury meets up with the Sun, mid retrograde. If you’ve been doing your rethinking Work with Taurus reconsidering how scarcity mindset has controlled much of your behavior (listen to Episode 24: Mercury Retrograde in Taurus – Resetting Scarcity to Abundant Mindset for a refresh), then Pluto, if you choose to face your fears, will blast through these fears and release them, leaving behind the freedom and power to be.

Pluto is a big player this month simply because this mighty planet is at a stand still at the beginning of Fixed Air Aquarius all month. So as Jupiter enters Taurus, Mars enters Leo and the Sun enters Gemini this month, they all pay their respects to Pluto. Pluto doesn’t have to be the malefic bringing gloom and doom, but Pluto will intensify and empower. So to work with consciousness this month is to intentionally face Pluto instead of hiding from his power.

The cosmos has your back for this. We get to have our second Eclipse of this eclipse season asking you to have the greatest colonics to release the constipation of emotional baggage that keeps you from your beautiful truth (I give you exact steps on how this happens in the Eclipse writeup – and sorry in advance for the potty talk).

And by the New Moon in Taurus when you call in your beautiful truth, you will have space, thanks to the eclipse, Mercury Rx being completed and Jupiter moving into Taurus showing us that steady and sustainable is always the way.

Yes, it sounds vast and idealistic, but this is the beautiful truth. The cosmos has been Working for us to reveal all the ways fears around scarcity (greed, control, othering, not enoughness) keep a strong hold from you individually and us collectively from attaining our highest, most prosperous selves.

Now the New Moon isn’t all hunky dory, in fact, a building fixety t-square in the sky with Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Aquarius and Mars in Leo are going to remind you to resist the urge to control every aspect and detail. Plans are guidelines not rigid rules. Your beliefs and values are also guidelines that require flexibility less they become dogmatic.

This is a month where your beliefs and purpose may be challenged, but the only person you need to prove is yourself. Take this challenge to expand your beliefs, plans, intentions and purpose for peace and sustainability.

The belief you have in yourself to evolve creates growth along your highest potential and the meet up of Jupiter and the North Node at the end of the Month gives you that expansive hope. Showing us that if we can be grateful, share, and offer from a place of trusting that there is MORE than enough for all of us, individually you can spark that peace and invitation within yourself, that together, when more of us believe in this truth, we can move mountains in the collective and begin to make a dent in dissolving the fear that controls the World.

Ps: Have you seen Oni on Netflix? It’s a beautiful, 4-part animated mini series exploring who (Oni are mythical demons in Japanese culture) and what we are really afraid of. A May medicine treat for you.

May Cosmic Shifts:

  • Pluto Retrograde begins Aquarius (May 1)
  • Venus enters Cancer (May 7)
  • Mercury Retrograde ends Taurus 5° (May 10)
  • Jupiter enters Taurus (May 16)
  • Mars enters Leo (May 20)
  • Sun enters Gemini (May 21)


  • Full Moon Eclipse Scorpio 14° (May 5)
  • New Moon Taurus 28° (May 19)

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Planetary Purpose
In a pinch and want to remember which days are best for which task? Go with the planetary days.

  • Sunday (Sun): Create, radiate, source
    Do what you love!
  • Monday (Moon): Feel, intuit, nourish, care
    Define how you want to feel and listen to your intuition to plan your week.
  • Tuesday – Mars: Act, motivate, initiate, lead
    Take action on your tasks on this productive day.
  • Wednesday – Mercury: Think, speak, write, communicate, share info
    Get on social, send an informative email, share your voice.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: Believe, expand, teach, gratitude, promote
    Work on your website, send a press release, and promote your business.
  • Friday – Venus: Connect, combine, appreciate, beautify, soften
    Focus on money, relationships, beauty and appreciation.
  • Saturday – Saturn: Mastery, boundaries, “no”
    Take time for yourself to fill your cup.

How to use these cosmic energies:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn.
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies:

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart.
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift.

Week of April 30 – May 6, 2023

May 1, 2023

May 1, a significant day, an international day to celebrate the workers and the labor movement AND a European tradition of celebrating the halfway point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. AND in Hawaii, Lei Day, a manufactured holiday of Island and Hawaiian Culture.

Pluto Retrograde beings Aquarius 0°

10:08 AM PT | 1:08 PM ET

Feel into the intensity

What emotional truths will you bring to light and release?

Today, Pluto shifts gears and appears to go backwards in the sky now through October 28. In fact, Pluto has already been putting pressure at this point in the sky for weeks now to open up an energetic channel of detoxification. Pluto spends about 50% of the year in reverse, and because this dwarf planet is so far removed from us on Earth, its effects are subtle – yet profound. The week up to and away from this shift is where we will feel the power of Pluto the most intensely. The key to working with Pluto is to dive into the intensity. If you try to avoid the intensity, Pluto will only up the heat. Notice what shadows want to come into the light. Befriend these shadows, get to know them, and their hurts, and work through them. That is how you transform.

Be grateful that Pluto takes his time with this deep transformation. The sooner you embrace and go through the fears and waves of shame that hold you back, the sooner you will break down these energies and be left with authentic power.

The small area between Aquarius 0° and Capricorn 27° is where Pluto will highlight. If you have any natal planets or angles in late degrees of Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) or Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) signs as well as the earliest degrees of Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) or Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) you will feel the intensity of your natal energies wanting to transform in your life and Work.

Pluto Retrograde schedule

  • 5/1 Stations Retrograde Aquarius 0°
  • 7/21 Sun opposite Pluto Capricorn 29°
  • 10/28 Stations Direct Capricorn 27°

Sun conjunct Mercury Rx

4:28 PM PT | 7:28 PM ET

Thinking and information ablaze

How can you make space to take in all this new understanding to reflect without yet making a decision?

This is the middle point of Mercury Retrograde, like the Full Moon phase, a full illumination of your learnings for Mercury Retrograde. You may feel a surge, an overload of information, thoughts, ideas, and understanding as your perspective becomes highlighted. Things may feel intense.

Time to pause and be present with any overwhelm that may occur. Time to be open to surprising insights. Take it all in.

Notice what has broken down in terms of your Taurus themes around enoughness and scarcity mindset in your life and work. This gives you insight into your next aligned actions in your changemaking.

After today’s combustion, you will have a clearer understanding of what needs recalibration into your Work.

There is no need to “do” right now. Simply observe. Observation, while motionless, is deeply energetic.


  • 4/7 Enters shadow zone – Taurus 5°
  • 4/21 Station retrograde – Taurus 15°
  • 5/1 Midpoint combust – Taurus 11°
  • 5/14 Station direct – Taurus 5°
  • 6/1 Leaves shadow zone – Taurus 15°

Astro Notes

  • 10°, 23 days (slow moving)
  • Mercury connects Sun, North Node 5° and Uranus 18°
  • Sextile Mars – beginning of the Rx cycle – opportunities for action
  • Sextile Saturn – end of the Rx cycle – crystallization and attraction

Sun Taurus conjunct Mercury Rx Taurus 11°

May 4, 2023

Venus square Neptune

10:40 AM PT | 1:40 PM ET

Visionary Ideals
What sensitivities are now tuning you in

For a few days leading up to and away, Venus aligns with Neptune to soften the edges. There is a charm about this energy to sweeten the intensity of the full moon and the build-up towards the end of the month. Notice the glimmers and sparks of inspiration to follow; they will keep you pointed north.

Especially inspirational for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

Venus Gemini square Neptune Pisces 26°

May 5, 2023

Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Scorpio 14°

10:34 AM PT | 1:34 PM ET

Let fear go
What toxic beliefs and stories will you release to reach your beautiful truth?

The second eclipse this eclipse season, is a powerful Red Moon where the Moon will pass through the outer shadow of the Earth casting a light red hue. You’ll be able to witness this if you live in parts of Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the southern parts of Polynesia.

Not to be a potty mouth, but this eclipse you get to let go of all your shit. A deep cleanse, the feeling of freedom in your body after a colonics or the biggest poop after constipation. Yes, it will be this visceral, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

Learn more about this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Week of May 7 – May 13, 2023

May 7, 2023

Venus enters Cancer

7:25 AM PT | 10:25 AM ET

Connect through emotional safety
How will you invite belonging?

Venus enters sensitive Cancer, where she desires to luxuriate in self-care, nurturing, and all things close to home. Now for just three weeks until June 26, it’s time to value your emotions and what you need to feel safe. Connect with those that you consider like family during this time to nourish your sense of belonging.

It’s a great three weeks to establish guidelines to build safe communities in your business. These guidelines should outline what safety and inclusion means and the consequences of not abiding.

  • Strengthen customer and partnership bonds by prioritizing their needs and personalized experiences to show and increase loyalty.
  • Take care of yourself and your team, encouraging self care, work/life balance to increase morale.
  • Practice emotional fostering and intelligence in your leadership to support self-awareness, and effective communication through empathetic listening that builds trust in your team and your customers.
  • Create an emotional connection in your brand by integrating genuine storytelling that connects the dots between what the brand can do and what the customers emotionally desire to increase the value and attract the right customers.

These guidelines connect with your soul-aligned customers and co-creators, as they will definitely know that they belong which ultimately increases the value and attraction of your Work.

If you have a Cancerian type of business in caregiving, emotional and creative arts, a family-owned/oriented business or even real estate / home improvement, you may receive the blessings of Venus at this time.

Especially receptive for Cancer and Water signs who can expect a glow up in their relationships and sensitivity.

For Luminaries with Venus in Cancer natally, you love and value emotional intelligence, emotional safety, belonging, family (or chosen family), the past and connecting with those with whom you feel an emotional affinity.

You are a natural empath and nurturer, quick to pick up on people’s feelings. You love making spaces and places feel like home. You most likely feel your most attractive when surrounded by folks that feel like family, and when you share what’s on your heart.

It’s hard for you to let new people and experiences in unless you feel certain that you are protected and safe. But when you do open your arms to welcome in the new, you put much effort into making people feel at home. Remember to set boundaries to protect the emotional needs of yourself and your people and resist the urge to get too emotionally involved.

People always are drawn to you because they know you will listen to them with an open heart.

  • Attract and connect with your fostering and nurturing
  • Add value through your emotional intelligence and powerful intuition
  • Declare your deep loyalty as an asset
  • Focus on long term growth and relationships
  • Cultivate work/life balance to stop overworking and encourage self care

In your Work, surround yourself with other kind, compassionate, safe-space holders who are stewards and protectors of the land, its true history, and ancestry.

Over the next few weeks, as Venus glides through this sign, any planets or angles in Cancer will share their love and emotional acceptance with your natal energies. Get curious with what new blessings are now being attracted.

May 9, 2023

Sun conjunct Uranus

12:56 PM PT | 3:56 PM ET

Creative fuel breakthroughs
What needs an uplevel in the “what” you do in your Work?

You’ve had a lot of breakthrough energy this month and now it’s your creative juice and vitality’s turn. For the few days leading up to and past this exact meeting, you get the opportunity to uplevel what you do in your Work, especially as it pertains to the pieces that build a stable foundation. This could be your foundational offer, or this could be the Work that brings in the most return on investment.

The Sun in your Work is what you do that no one else can – your brilliant zone of genius. Your unique approach, your unique perspective that differentiates you from others in your industry. With Uranus’ revolutionary energy, it’s time to take this “What” to the next level by radiating your differences and amping up its brightness.

And let’s be honest, you’ve been itching to try something new but felt scared of the risk. During this time, those fears may melt into the background. If they do, trust the feeling that comes next.

Woo hoo! We need this leap, and we get it every year as the sun passes across Uranus in the sky. Let’s take advantage of it to make your creative upgrade.

Especially awakening for Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) and Air (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Luminaries.

Sun Taurus conjunct Uranus Taurus 18°

May 12, 2023

4Q Moon Aquarius

7:28 AM PT | 10:28 AM ET

Relax and be with friends
What can you easily do today with friends to get some inner emotional clarity?

The last quarter moon phase is an internal integration phase in our lives and business. When you slow down to review all you have done to work towards your intentions, you have the chance to internalize all that has happened. This is your time to cultivate all that you have learned and assess what you want to continue with and what you want to revise. It’s time to compost and churn back what is not needed as nourishment for the seeds you’ve planted.

With the Aquarius 4Q moon, spend some of this integration week relaxing with your friends sharing your hopes and dreams.

Venus trine Saturn

11:57 PM PT | 2:57 AM +1 ET

Strategic relationships open
What doors are now opening and through whom?

The goals and intentions you’ve been setting around relationships, communications, and innovation are beginning to solidify. You’ve done the work of deciding on the kind of people you want to connect to that will make the biggest impact in your Work. They are here to open the doors of opportunity. Begin to say yes to sharing your expertise and innovative thoughts. Watch your goals take shape.

Especially supportive for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Venus Cancer trine Saturn Pisces 6°

Week of May 14 – May 20, 2023

May 14, 2023

Mercury Retrograde ends Taurus 5°

8:53 AM PT | 11:53 AM ET

What is your renewed clarity? What of your scarcity-to-abundance mindset will you now take action on?

Mercury has stepped on the brakes to once again move forward in the sky! This reset cycle allowed you to integrate the capacity to step into the unknown, by supporting the Eclipse season to face the scarcity mindset that makes you grab for more or for the wrong thing. What did you get to rethink and see from a fresh perspective during this time? Can you now see without judgment how scarcity and fear mindsets were controlling your actions or inactions? How are you now thinking and organizing more smoothly after this reboot?

Mercury will leave its shadow zone on June 1 and then you’ll be fully integrated from this cycle of abundance mindset.

Sun Taurus conjunct Uranus Taurus 18°

May 15, 2023

Mars trine Neptune

6:44 AM PT | 9:44 AM ET

Move your body as devotion
What spirituality and emotions can you tap into for motivation?

For a few days leading up to and a few days leading away, what better way to gain some understanding and let go of the pileup of untruths in your energetic bodies than to move it out. Move your body today a devotion to your highest good and highest potential in your work. As you move your body to release stagnant emotional energy, you make space for creative insights.

If you’re not one to dance free form, do some yoga, or go for a meditation walk with mindful intention. Whatever you do, your body is a vessel for your spirit, treat it as the sacred temple that it is today. Make space in your body to receive.

Especially activating for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Mars Cancer trine Neptune Pisces 27°

May 16, 2023

Jupiter enters Taurus

10:20 AM PT | 1:20 PM ET

Sustain Your Expansion
How will you maximize your resources, embrace sustainability and grow steadily?

Now through May 26, 2024, Jupiter luxuriates in Taurus. The feel-big planet in the feel-good sign makes for a lovely year expanding on the vision of embodied peace, abundance, sustainability and steadfastness.

As soon as Jupiter moves into Taurus, this giant squares off with Pluto in a fixity air sign, Aquarius. While we think of Jupiter as optimistic and jovial, Jupiter simply amplifies what you are already believing. And with Pluto, who likes to take things to an atomic level the energy is potent. This is your reminder and alerts to keep your belief and gratitude at their highest and most hopeful.

Remember Michele Obama who reminded us in the darkest of times, “When they go low, we go high!”

If you can do this, individually more and more of us can do this, and we will certainly harness the power of faith, gratitude and abundance for all.

Shortly after moving into Taurus, Jupiter will also meet up with the North Node on May 31, that has the potential to expand our collective purpose in the Taurean realm to care for Mother Earth and remitriate and cultivate the consciousness of our home planet.

And as Jupiter makes its way through Taurus, by April 2024, in a short 11 months from now, Jupiter will meet up with Uranus, a once in a 13-year event that brings a new cycle of groundbreaking technological advances. This time, advances in Earthly resources. Again another urgent alert that Mother Earth needs all of us to do our part to protect her livelihood and resources for all. This is not the AI revolution (that has more to do with Saturn in Pisces and Pluto in Aquarius). This has more to do with sustainable energy, changes in currency, and even more aerospace exploration as we search for other homes like the Earth.

Individually, look back to 12 years ago when Jupiter was last in Taurus to get a foreshadowing of what you might expect. 12 years ago, what grew in your philosophical outlook on life or your spiritual growth? Maybe even a splash of luck or abundance. Notice what next level you can step up towards on that same path.

This is a season of practicality, determination, and an appreciation for the value of material resources to truly maximize your resources, embrace sustainability, and approach slow long-term growth.

Learn More about Jupiter entering Taurus

May 17, 2023

Jupiter square Pluto Rx

6:11 PM PT | 9:11 PM ET

Hidden opportunities for empowerment
How will you face your deepest truths?

As soon as Jupiter enters Taurus, this benefic will square off with the mightiest transformative energy in the cosmos possibly whipping up deep transformation.

As mentioned in the Jupiter in Taurus forecast, Jupiter simply amplifies what you are already believing. And with Pluto who likes to take things to an atomic level the energy is potent. This is your reminder and alert to keep your belief and gratitude at their highest and most hopeful. Remember Michele Obama who reminded us in the darkest of times, “When they go low, we go high!”

Over the course of a few weeks lead up to and away from this exact transit, be on the lookout for:

  • Transformational and deep personal empowerment. Do not run away from fears, instead get curious with them and be grateful for how they have protected you so you can move through them. This is your hidden opportunity for
  • Power struggles and conflicts. Notice where differences in values, beliefs, or purpose could result in power plays. Approach conflicts with an open mind and a willingness to find common ground to resolve them constructively without giving away your power.
  • Ethical and social justice challenges. During this time, notice where the rights and ethics of yourself or others are being encroached. Do what is right.
    Spiritual awakening. Jupiter and Pluto can spark a deep spiritual awakening as you are asked to explore your beliefs, connect with your deepest truth and see the gift in even the most painful experiences.

Jupiter Taurus square Pluto Rx Aquarius 00°

May 19, 2023

New Moon Taurus 28°

8:53 AM PT | 11:53 AM ET

Committing to the beauty of truth
How will you deepen your beauty?

Some say that beauty is subjective. And it can be when we are looking at the superficial outward packaging of beauty that is mass-produced to look a specific narrow way.

Yet when we strip away to the essence of Taurus, beauty is TRUTH.

It’s a deep knowing that expresses in the actions you take that are in utter alignment to your highest. It’s a deep commitment that allows you to dig your feet into the earth, unmovable, unshakeable to your belief.

This New Moon, you are being asked to not only commit to the beauty of your truth but to truly KNOW your truth.

Your truth hasn’t always been so easy to access and understand under the layers of fear and untruths cast upon you by the expectations of society, culture, patriarchy, colonialism, and supremacy culture.

But you can fully see how the supremacy culture of conformity and convention has blinded you to your truth to your brilliant, one-of-a-kind beauty.

The powerful astrology of this Taurus New Moon:

  • New Moon ruled by Venus in Cancer quincunx to Jupiter asks you to keep the faith, know that magic, connection and beauty will prevail
  • Stellium in Taurus asks you to find the abundance in your own inner beauty and truth: Faith, Potential, Expression, Freedom, Intuition, Source
  • Jupiter just moved into Taurus asks you to keep steady and unshakeable
  • Fixed T-Square with Pluto, Mars and Jupiter asks you to activate from faith and gratitude
  • New Moon sextile both Mars / Neptune trine asks you to triple down on your devotion

This New Moon plant and cultivate your practical, slow-yet-everblooming seeds based on your beautiful truth (aka core values).

  • What is practical for you right now that can grow your sense of faith and abundance?
  • What is a hidden truth that you have discovered from alchemized fear or oppression?
  • What is your highest soul purpose that you need to commit to and persevere?
  • How can you ground into your unshakeable faith and gratitude to keep the energy flowing and high?
  • Who can you lean on to create support and accountability, knowing you aren’t meant to go alone? That there is magic in community?
  • What are your core values that you will measure and cultivate to increase your sense of abundance to create monetary abundance in your work?
  • What spiritual devotional movement will you dance to in order to communicate to the Universe your desires.

This New Moon, use your body, dance, stomp, chant, and sing life into your New Moon intention.

May 20, 2023

Mars enters Leo

8:31 AM PT | 11:31 AM ET

Act with your heart
What passionate heart-lead projects now drive you?

Now through July 29, Mars will heat things up in passionate Leo. At this time you could stand up for your creative efforts and justify your passion projects. It’s from this passion that is the source of purpose. After all, if work is fun and pleasurable it transcends vocation to calling. Follow your bliss in all that you do and watch your work come to life as purpose.

This is a season to cultivate the confidence, creativity and boldness that comes with having FUN in your Work.

In your fun you will inspire others to also live their fullest, boldest, heart-centered life.

If you have natal energies or angles in Leo, you will get a boost of motivation and drive as Mars passes through.

  • Act on your confident leadership. Take bold action, commit to your boldest decisions and fun.
  • Ignite creativity. Make lasting impressions through your guidance by prioritizing outside of the box ideas.
  • Dress up and out. Be seen and show off!
  • Energize your self, your people and your team. Inspire with fun, people building activities.

Especially energetic for:

  • Leo signs (Sun, Moon, rising or Leo on the angles)
  • Creative professionals in the arts that bring flair and bling to their work
  • Confident leaders and Entrepreneurs to make bolder decisions
  • Folx in the limelight who can increase their ability to shine brighter

Luminaries with Mars in Leo natally, you are a changemaker that is motivated by their passions and charisma. You have a magnetic aura that inspires your people. You have a knack for creative thinking and are absolute in your ideas – meaning no one can tell you what to do. Your ambition and drive are unparalleled, when it comes to taking action on your creative pursuits.

It’s hard for you to take direction, so surround yourself with people that believe in your mission and will support you to accomplish your goals. You can be overbearing and impatient so ensure you cultivate an inspirational tone and way of being to not burn bridges or come off as too egotistical.

In your Work, people are drawn to your vibrancy and charisma, so be sure you take the lead and bring that out in your visibility and brand to increase the value of your passion and enthusiasm.

Mars opposite Pluto Rx

8:12 PM PT | 11:12 PM ET

Power and drive are illuminated
What surge to transform is driving you now?

Today, Mars faces off with Pluto Rx, although this energy has been building for a few weeks to come to a head today. If you haven’t already, you are faced with a choice of powerful magnitude. A choice based on who you want to become vs a choice based on who you think you should be, a choice based on what you will Stand Up for. Spirit has been showing you your soul’s vision. Your heart has been showing you that only you can make yourself feel secure. You know. You trust. You have this. Jupiter still in aspect with a potent T-square reminds you to harness your faith and gratitude to overcome any challenges.

Mars Leo opposite Pluto Rx Aquarius 00°

Week of May 21 – May 27, 2023

May 21, 2023

Sun enters Gemini

12:09 AM PT | 3:09 AM ET

Season of sharing engaging information
What clever dialogue and messaging will you create this season?

Now through June 21, the Sun, our creative vibrancy, gets the conversation started in quick-thinking Gemini. The Sun represents our source, natural abilities and what we do so well. In Gemini season, our source comes from cross-pollinating and exploring our communities through sharing thought-provoking information. You can easily share information through teaching, speaking, writing and more. Ultimately this creates engaging conversation, aka aligned marketing.

As you focus into Gemini season, put your thinking and teaching hat on. Get curious about your message and what you want to share through your business and brand from your unique perspective. As you engage, be sure to listen to others, as you will get the insight you need to fine tune your message and communications to ignite those like minded souls.

While the Sun floats through Gemini, our creativity hones in on socializing and cultivating relationships by way of sharing ideas. Sharing ideas isn’t just spouting off facts, but instead about casting your curiosity wide and understanding many different perspectives. It’s not that Gemini changes its mind, it’s that Gemini can see how points of view shape shift over time.

Happiest of solar return birthdays to the Gemini Luminaries!

For Luminaries with Sun in Gemini natally, you shine bright when you are expressing and sharing new ideas and engaging dialog. Like the wind, you are here to cross pollinate ideas to like-minded changemakers to inspire and bring people together. To say you are a gifted communicator, story teller, teacher or thought leader is an understatement. You have a knack for harnessing different points of views and perspectives to remind yourself and others that there is so much to know and so much we have yet to discover.

It’s hard for you to sit still and focus when you feel so restless with all there is to know and learn out there. When you have to slow down, it can be very hard for you to keep the faith in what is unfolding! But it’s easy for you to be a teacher because of your endless amounts of curiosity, that others know they need too.

And while others might feel that your scatteredness is a liability, remind them that your flexibility and adaptability is an asset as you can easily go with the flow and change on a dime. A great value in a fast changing world.

For you, your super powers are spreading the excitement that comes with learning new information and making those quick thinking connections. People are drawn to you as the know-all source always eager to explain, break down ideas, or have a mind powwow with. This is a vital community asset; you’re so approachable and open to chatting that you can dream up all sorts of possibilities.

In your Work, your ability to understand things simply by asking questions is a gift to your community. The important times in life call for asking the right questions and being patient for answers, and you are great at this. You remind people to share ideas to spread new perspectives, and that is an asset needed right now as we progress in society.

You are amazing at:

  • Communicating, storytelling and teaching
  • Being flexible and adaptive
  • Being curious and versatile
  • Bringing people together and networking
  • Quick thinking and speaking
  • Fun, friendly and social

Sun trine Pluto Rx

6:58 AM PT | 9:58 AM ET

Transformational opportunities
What creative metamorphosis is in flow?

It’s a powerfully creative day. What pours forth from you now has the power to catalyze. You can sense that powerful transformation is now available to you, and you can sense that this is the supportive energy to change you’ve been craving.

Notice what is being asked to manifest.

Especially potent for Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Sun Gemini trine Pluto Rx Aquarius 00°

May 22, 2023

Mars square Jupiter

10:13 PM PT | 1:13 AM +1 ET

Activate your leadership
What rights can you no longer NOT take a stand for?

You have been burned trying to take lead in your own unique way. Yet, now you have the inner understanding, strength and motivation to step beyond what frustrated you in the past. You now have fully integrated how things needed to go differently and are ready to take initiative again.

Especially activating for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius).

Mars Leo square Jupiter Taurus 1°

May 27, 2023

2Q Moon Virgo

8:22 AM PT | 11:22 AM ET

Act by making whole
What is one simple step can you take?

It’s time to take action! Action for Virgo is based on daily practices of health and wellness that grounds you. What change in your grounding and foundational practices have you been avoiding, but know will help you? Today is the day to ignite that one change. Maybe it’s starting that morning routine, or checking your bank daily. This subtle shift in your daily practice that you know you need to do but haven’t yet started will have maximum impact. So take a leap and start it today.

Week of May 28 – June 3, 2023

May 28, 2023

Sun square Saturn

3:46 AM PT | 6:46 AM ET

Limitations have gifts
What creative excess is holding you back? What can you limit to create more freedom?

For a few days before and after, you will find creative vibrancy in your limitations. This can be so freeing to work within tight confines and restraints. Often when we have tight frameworks from which we can operate, our creativity soars in what’s possible with these new constraints. Notice how you are being asked to work with less AND how this restriction is juicing your creativity.

Sun Gemini square Saturn Pisces 6°

May 31, 2023

Jupiter conjunct North Node

Purpose meets potential
How is your soul’s purpose expanding contributing to the World?

A most auspicious way to end this potent month. For about a week you will feel this most inspirational energy. And today with the Moon opposite this meetup, you can feel it easy to let go of the old stories and limiting beliefs that have kept you from stepping onto your highest path.

This is a time to embrace your opportunities with an open heart, knowing that each steady step forward, allows for your purposeful expansion that are 100% aligned with your true values. You have fostered in yourself this month a culture of gratitude and faith and you can now see that slow and sustainable is the only way to achieve success in your changemaking Worth. You now know what is valuable to measure, and this feeling of abundance through measuring what you value, allows you to attract, amplify and receive the energetic abundance through money and resources you need to live your purpose while making this World a more beautiful and just place for all.

Especially abundant for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).

Jupiter conjunct North Node Taurus 3°

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