Biz StarCast – November 2023 Edition

by Leslie Tagorda


November 2023 Biz StarCast

November feels: Bold, volcanic, energetic, purposeful, visionary

This month It’s a push and pull as you balance the intensity of Scorpio and the grandios of Sagittarius. You get to elevate and achieve your dreams by setting up boundaries and promising not to over-do-it.

As we shift into the Sagittarian energy, with Mercury, Sun and Mars this month, they must initiate with Saturn in Pisces first. Saturn in Pisces acts as a gatekeeper. A bouncer if you will. Saturn turns away all the over-do-it Sagittarius shadow’s of Mercury to over-think (Mercury in Sag 11/9), Sun to over-create (Sun in Sag 11/22), and Mars to over-commit (Mars in Sag 11/24); to instead integrate and focus on what is just right for you and your soul purpose this November.

November opens up with first a Jupiter transit followed by a Saturn transit. Expand, contract is definitely the theme this month.

Jupiter faces off with the Sun on November 2nd and lights up the night sky almost all month. Look East and the bright rising planet after sunset is Jupiter. Jupiter is in his full moon phase sitting across the Scorpio Sun, lighting up the night sky. Jupiter asks you to DECIDE to savor all the small moments, the still moments, the moments you can say yes to yourself. This delight is a choice for you to make. To say no to the scarcity of rushing around. When you say yes to making time to fully savor even the smallest experiences, will you find Jupiter’s grand Taurean abundance and pleasure. All month you’ll be able to receive this abundant gift. Bask in the light of Jupiter!

Then, Saturn Rx puts on the breaks and shifts into direct on November 4th but essentially not budging from his spot at Pisces 0º all month. Collectively it can feel like a pressure cooker as Saturn comes to a standstill. Yet, since June, Saturn has been strategizing and restructuring your flow and crystallizing your intuitive expertise. If you’ve truly worked with this energy in the last few months, you’ve gained clarity in trusting your intuition and spidey sense.

When Saturn moves forward, you will be working at a higher consciousness, because you’ve turned on, tuned in and mastered your intuitive gifts so that you can operate with more ease and flow. You now intuitively trust what is yours and what is NOT yours, that you can politely decline. How’s that for gracefully setting boundaries?

Opening up the second week of November, Venus returns to her home sign of Libra, in all her glory and power, giving us the time to connect and attract the people and partnerships we need in our life to thrive #relationshipsmatter.

In order to dream and go big, Saturn firmly puts his threshold down and says, if you want to dream big and maximize, you must prioritize your Piscean ease, and flow.

Mid month is rather quiet except a Scorpio New Moon. All Scorpio moons are intense that’s just nature of playing with power. This time, the power comes from within – within you.

By the end of the month, Mars will enter Sagittarius that opposes the Full Moon in Gemini. And lucky us, that Gemini moon, ruled by Mercury will have also entered their final shadow zone of 2023, preparing us for our last Mercury Rx of the year.

In November say yes and dream big. But first, decide your firm no.

November Cosmic Shifts:

  • Saturn Retrograde ends Pisces 0° (Nov 4)
  • Venus enters Libra (Nov 8)
  • Mercury enters Sagittarius (Nov 9)
  • Sun enters Sagittarius (Nov 22)
  • Mars enters Sagittarius (Nov 24)


  • New Moon Scorpio 20° (Nov 13)
  • Full Moon Gemini 4° (Nov 27)

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Planetary Purpose
In a pinch and want to remember which days are best for which task? Go with the planetary days.

  • Sunday (Sun): Create, radiate, source
    Do what you love!
  • Monday (Moon): Feel, intuit, nourish, care
    Define how you want to feel and listen to your intuition to plan your week.
  • Tuesday – Mars: Act, motivate, initiate, lead
    Take action on your tasks on this productive day.
  • Wednesday – Mercury: Think, speak, write, communicate, share info
    Get on social, send an informative email, share your voice.
  • Thursday – Jupiter: Believe, expand, teach, gratitude, promote
    Work on your website, send a press release, and promote your business.
  • Friday – Venus: Connect, combine, appreciate, beautify, soften
    Focus on money, relationships, beauty and appreciation.
  • Saturday – Saturn: Mastery, boundaries, “no”
    Take time for yourself to fill your cup.

How to use these cosmic energies:

  • These are the collective cosmic energies available to us all.
  • There is nothing to be fearful of. Get curious about what we need to learn.
  • For larger shifts, you’ll feel the energy a week leading up to and away from.

To personalize energies:

  • With conjunctions/meetings or lunar activations, look to the degree of the activation and find where that degree lives on your natal chart.
  • Your astrological house in which the degree occurs is where in your business or life more information is available for that cosmic shift.

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Week of October 29 – November

After an intense October and eclipse season we begin November feeling a little exposed and laid bare. As the month changes this week you are reminded that even though you did some powerful inner work you are being supported, held, and guided by the cosmos. There is still pleasure, fun, and excitement, you just have to look for it and choose it. The big energy this week is Saturn stationing direct, helping you to lock in those big intuitive shifts you achieved during his retrograde cycle.

November 2, 2023

11/2 – Choose to luxuriate and expand – Sun opposite Jupiter Rx at 10:02 PM PT | 1:02 AM +1 ET. A lucky and generous time. Jupiter faces off with the Sun and lights up the night sky almost all month. Look East and the bright rising planet after sunset is Jupiter. Jupiter is in its full moon phase sitting across from the Scorpio Sun. Jupiter asks you to DECIDE to savor all the small moments, the still moments, the moments you can say yes to yourself. This delight is a choice for you to make. You also get the opportunity to say no to the scarcity of rushing around. When you say yes to making time to fully savor even the smallest experiences you will find Jupiter’s grand Taurean abundance and pleasure. All month you’ll be able to receive this abundant gift. Bask in the light of Jupiter!

➡️ What moments can I savor and delight in today?

November 3, 2023

11/3 – Elevated visionary sensitivity- Venus opposite Neptune Rx at 3:05 PM PT | 6:05 PM ET. This is such a lovely feeling, a feeling of warmth and generosity. In your business processes like networking and community building, there is a sense of graciousness and connection. Use this energy to reach out to others in your industry, favorite clients, or former colleagues. Opportunities from business relationships are fruitful at this time. Amplify this attractive, charming energy by scheduling some fun meetups and saying yes to invitations.

Especially appealing for mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

➡️ How can you add grace to your daily connections?

November 4, 2023

11/4 – Masterful flow – Saturn Retrograde ends at Pisces 0° at 12:03 AM PT | 3:03 AM ET. Saturn puts on the brakes and shifts forward in the sky but essentially remains budged in his spot at Pisces 0º all month. Collectively it can feel like a pressure cooker as Saturn comes to a standstill, yet something magical has cooked up. Since June, Saturn in Rx has been re-strategizing and re-structuring your flow and crystallizing your spiritual and intuitive expertise. If you’ve truly worked with this energy in the last few months, you’ve gained clarity in trusting your intuition and spidey sense. Now that Saturn is moving forward, you are working at a higher consciousness, because you’ve turned on, tuned in, and mastered your intuitive gifts so that you can achieve with more ease and flow. You now intuitively trust opportunities that are yours and NOT yours. It’s effortless to politely decline. How’s that for gracefully, masterfully setting boundaries?

➡️ What sharpened spiritual and intuitive senses have you gained that gives you the upper hand?

Personalize Saturn Retrograde

  • Mark on your natal chart Pisces 7° and Pisces 0°. Note if you have natal planets on those points or in between those points.
  • Discover which house contains these points. This part of your life and Work was restructured for mastery and focus.
  • Detect angles that are impacted. If you have your Rising, Descendant, Midheaven or Imum Coeli near 0º-7º of Pisces, note how your identity and roles have shifted since June.
  • Reveal planets that want a rebuild. If you have planets near 0°-7º of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), the processes these planets rule were restructured. If you have Sun or Moon here, did you have bigger shifts?
  • Reveal restructuring allies. If you have planets near 0º-7º of Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), those planet’s energies supported your crystallization.

Saturn Retrograde Schedule

  • 6/17 Saturn Station Retrograde Pisces 7° – What old rules and boundaries need breaking to create new, socially-equitable and self-responsible containers?
  • 8/27 Sun Opposite Saturn Pisces 3°- What illumination and new thoughts do you now have about structure reform in your life and Work?
  • 11/4 Saturn Direct Pisces 0°- What new socially-equitable role and responsibility have you now created for yourself and what is your expertise?

11/4 – Surprises messages from beyond – Mercury opposite Uranus Rx at 9:07 AM PT | 12:07 PM ET. You are getting so many intuitive hits from every direction, from your emotions, from song lyrics, from your intuitions, to even jolts from your nervous system. Your intuition is on the rise today. It may feel like a sharp instinct, a voice or knowing that just pops in your head unprompted. Do not ignore or repress or even try to make sense of these intuitive knowings. Listen and trust them. These memos are nudging you closer to your innermost, authentic power.

➡️ What intuitive surprises and understandings do you now hear?

Week of November 5 – 11

With Mercury and Venus both shifting signs this week, Mercury into expansive Sagittarius and Venus into her gracious home sign, Libra. You may feel much more open. Open to more lunch dates, open to adding more to your calendar, and especially open to connecting to things and people that you can discuss your ideals with and leave you feeling inspired . But Saturn comes in with the reminder that you can actually enjoy more if you don’t pack your schedule and rush from one thing to the next. Be conscious of what and who you put in your life, only allow what is a solid, big YES!

November 6, 2023

11/6 – You are magnetic – Venus trine Pluto at 6:38 AM PT | 9:38 AM ET. There are powerful attraction powers today. With your allure many options may come to you, but be selective today. You are being asked to only say yes to invitations that attract those people and opportunities that will put you on your highest path. You’ve gotten clearer on your priorities and focus that it will likely be easy for you to discern. So notice the no’s you need to uphold to let in the most powerful opportune yesses.

Especially enticing for Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

➡️ Who and what are you attracting?

11/6 – Inner inspiration – Mercury trine Neptune Rx at 5:37 PM PT | 8:37 PM ET. This aspect softens and lets Spirit flow through you, leaving an understanding of the evolution, depth, and truth of this time. What is this beautiful message that you now receive? Don’t try to hold onto the message though, that will only cause confusion.

Especially enlightening for Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

➡️ What can you now perceive?

November 8, 2023

11/8 – Connect to your people – Venus enters Libra at 1:30 AM PT | 4:30 AM ET. A great season to foster your Work and interpersonal relationships. Now through December 4, Venus graces her beautiful home sign of Libra. Venus is your energy to connect to the people and resources you need in your life and business. The sign your natal Venus is in shows what you appreciate in others. In Taurus, Venus is all about the physical things you need, and in Libra, she’s all about valuable people you need that allow you to thrive. In your Work, your people are your ideal customers and business partners are your closest committed relationships that help your business grow. Relationships matter in your successful Work. During this season, focus on creating win-win relationships for you, your ideal customers, and business partners.

Relationships matter.

➡️ What meaningful and committed relationships will you create?

Have Venus in Libra natally?

If you have your natal Venus in Libra, you value and connect with others over beauty, friendship and relationships. You love and value collaboration, beauty and richness in everything you see. You appreciate relationships and openness and opportunities to connect to the world around you with balance and grace.

You are thoughtful and graceful with how you approach human connection. You’re quick to attract others who appreciate your desire to connect and partner.

You most likely feel your most attractive when you’ve found the perfect outfit for your next get together, assigned a collaborative task, in an intimate 1:1 hangout, or sparked the eye of a new interest.

Alternately, you may feel very refreshed when you’ve amassed a social network where each person feels like your bestie, or kept the peace. Social connection and bonding is your bread and butter!

It’s hard for you to not to give in to a compromise or bend at the knee in a conflict. You’d rather be anything than an adversary. It’s a challenge to put yourself first in relationship. Remember you are allowed to express your needs and commit to your needs before assisting or tending to others.

You are attracted to people who are peaceful warriors, appreciators of truth and beauty, and who prioritize justice, diplomacy and connected understanding.

November 9, 2023

11/9 – Spread and share inspirational ideas – Mercury enters Sagittarius at 10:25 PM PT | 1:25 AM +1 ET. Mercury zipped through Scorpio and now is in Sagittarius through January 13, 2024 with a dip back into Capricorn December 1-22 because of our upcoming Mercury Rx cycle that bridges both Fire and Earth. Mercury, who represents your perception, understanding and communication, loves being in Sagittarius as it can take all its facts and ideas and weave them into ideals and inspiration. You have a vision in your business. Time to uplevel your core messaging to elevate and inspire others to join your purpose.

➡️ What is your big dream you want to shout from the rooftops?

Have Mercury in Sagittarius natally?

If you have Mercury in Sagittarius natally, you bring a sense of adventure, optimism, and global thinking to words and thoughts. You are a natural communicator and motivator, making you an effective leader and team player with your bold messaging.

Sagittarian energy is inherently optimistic so you are a natural cheerleader and have a great ability to inspire others especially with your enthusiasm.

You often excel at conveying complex ideas in an understandable and relatable way. You can craft compelling narratives to engage customers, making you an excellent communicator especially in your marketing and sales. You prefer to be straightforward in your communication, sometimes to the point of bluntness. While this honesty can be refreshing, it’s essential for you to balance your directness with diplomacy.

You are a lifelong learner. Always seeking new knowledge and expanding your skill set. Be aware that you can often overlook details or be too impatient – even impudent. You might need assistance with the more meticulous aspects of business, like fine print in contracts or details of any sort. However, staying grounded and organized can help mitigate these challenges and allow you to do your best big thinking! .

November 10, 2023

11/10 – Say less, no need to over explain- Mercury square Saturn at 7:07 AM PT | 10:07 AM ET. In certain situations like today, there is no need to over explain or reiterate your asks. What can you do to get your message across that goes beyond words? Maybe you could open a discussion by asking questions, listen more, or just get to the point. This type of communication will have a much greater impact with energy like today.

Especially quantified for Mutable signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini)

➡️ What can you say less of or communicate without saying a thing?

November 11, 2023

11/11 – Mars opposite Uranus Rx at 1:11 PM PT | 4:11 PM ET- First, look at all these Angel numbers! In Angel number symbolism 11:11 is a double master number, representing the seer, spiritual awakening and ascension. It’s time to RISE and break free. This is a sensitive point in the sky all year… and into next. Potent for breakthroughs. You may find that you are experiencing success from the efforts you have taken to liberate yourself from limiting beliefs around your worth, your value, and what you deserve. Energy is moving to you and through you. Consciously ground your feet into the Earth so as you rise, you stay rooted to ground to avoid sudden explosive outbursts of tension.

Especially activating for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

➡️ What breakthroughs will you choose so you can fly free?

Week of November 12 – 18

This week we have the New Moon in Scorpio arousing another deeper layer of your embodied internal power. The Sun and Mars finally meet up bringing with them a heightened sense of determination and boldness. This week is really inviting you to embrace assertive action, deep connections, and decisive steps. Gratefully gentle Neptune casts its mannerisms on all the key planets this week so infuse your actions with creativity and empathy, it will help bring harmonious flow to your action.

November 13, 2023

11/13 – Awakening your Inner Power New Moon Scorpio 20° at 1:27 AM PT | 4:27 AM ET. Today I plant the seeds to trust my intuition and authentic power in my business and brand. Uranus Rx has been a major player in many of the lunations over the past several months, provoking many changes, shifts, and breakthroughs. As Uranus enters its full moon phase during this New Moon in Scorpio it’s asking you to turn inward, to face your intuition and wake up the power that lives within you! Trust in yourself. This is your authentic power.

This New Moon might feel like it’s stirring conflict and fear, but it’s actually encouraging conflict resolution, and conflict resolution isn’t about compromising on your power. And knowing your power is being in touch with your intuition.

Do you use your intuition in business? For so many of us, we are out of touch with our intuition, we’ve been told our intuition is “dumb” or “crazy” or “irrational” for so long by society that we have become systematically disconnected from our intuition and therefore we aren’t taking advantage of it in how we run businesses. Know that you are powerful. Your Intuition is your authentic power, you are connected to Spirit.

Hearing your intuition takes trust and listening. When you can make decisions from this seat of trusting your power, revolutionary breakthroughs and magic happen in your business.

Today, I invite you to ask yourself: how are you listening? How are you trusting? What decisions are you making with intuition vs fear? What is your truth? You’ll find it by turning it all inward, Turning it back inside you will find the resolution.

Especially astounding for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

➡️How can you learn to trust that power in your body?

November 17, 2023

11/17 – Devotion – Mars trine Neptune Rx at 12:36 AM PT | 3:36 AM ET. Move your body with grace, ease and joy today as an offering. Your body and your actions want to express the freedom and safety it now feels in all aspects of you life, wellness and Work. There is beauty and art that wants to come through today – yes, in your business. Open up your imagination and possibilities through your movement to start your day and see how productive you can be in your work. Trust your actions are devotional to your highest.

➡️ How can you take action as devotion?

11/17 – Your generosity is your inspiration – Sun trine Neptune Rx at 6:52 AM PT | 9:52 AM ET. There is an energy of connection to super-consciousness or your intuition for a day up to and away from this exact meeting point. No matter what you do, your creative force seems to pour through you from beyond. Tune into this energy and use it for good. This can be highly transformational and powerful, so use this good for yourself and for others. Pass it forward. Your good deeds are being rewarded.

➡️What have you received that you can share?

11/17 – Take creative lead – Sun conjunct Mars at 9:42 PM PT | 12:42 AM +1 ET Energy is at a peak and you have lots to do and feel. The Sun and Mars sync their steps in their cosmic dance and finally meet up in Mars’ traditional home sign of Scorpio. It is this meeting point, like a New Moon phase between these cosmic dancers. A time to reset the stage for aligned action, self empowerment, and intuitive trust. This is not a day to hold back or repress your energies as this can turn into frustration or even fear. Do what you know needs to be done. Feel and express what you need. Take aligned action in all you do today and for a few days before and after. Your intuition is also high today, so trust your intuition to stand up and do the things that feel a bit scary, but ultimately you know are the things that move you in the right direction. You know.

Especially energizing for Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius).

➡️ What new cycle of power and aligned action will you create today?

Week of November 19 – 25

With the Sun and Mars moving into Sagittarius, Sag is one of the fastest moving signs (do you feel like December and the Holiday season always fly by? That would be Sagittarius’ doing.) It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle, the sales, the launches, the email campaigns. So much is happening it can quickly feel like you aren’t doing enough, like there is an urgency. So remember to breathe. Make a conscious effort to live in Sag’s higher vibrations of inspiration, gratitude, and adventure. Luckily Saturn also brings in some balance to help us not go over the top.

November 22, 2023

11/22 – Season of inspirational visioning – Sun enters Sagittarius at 6:03 AM PT | 9:03 AM ET – Time to live with purpose. Now through December 21, we celebrate Sagittarius and bigger-than-life dreams and purpose. Sagittarius’s power comes from belief, vision, gratitude, morals, and hope.

Sagittarius is constantly seeking, on the search for meaning, whether it’s in the next beautiful thing, the next exciting thing, the next exotic thing. Adding ritual to daily routines to add symbolism. Adding meaning to daily symbols to create ritual. That is how you honor Sagittarius — through meaning, ritual and gratitude.

As an energy, Sagittarius goes big! But going big isn’t always a good thing. Going big can tip over into overdoing, overreaching, overspending, over overing! As long as you are aware of this and keep help around to reign it in if need be, proceed forth!

In your Work, Sagittarius is the ability to give purpose, to manifest dreams, to discover new truths, and establish social justice on the principle of morals.
Call on your Sagittarius energy to turn your dreams into purpose and your mission into vision.

During this season, may we all choose hope, choose to dream big, and choose to give meaning to our purpose in our businesses.

For all the Sagittarius Luminaries, the most expansive and optimistic of solar returns (birthday) to you.

November 24, 2023

11/24 – Inspirational initiative – Mars enters Sagittarius at 2:15 AM ET | 5:15 AM ET. Now through January 4, 2024 Mars spends its time in fiery, freedom loving and optimistic Sagittarius. Now free to flex his energy to move through old fears to create a new understanding and wisdom.

Over the next 6 weeks as Mars drives through Sagittarius, he’ll first stop with Saturn to gain focus – understanding what is yours to take action upon, then Chiron to create consent – gaining permission do to the work that is needed, and lastly Mercury to gain a higher perspective. It’s an active time to connect the dots with all your pieces in your Work that you thought were disparate but actually belong together!

Mars in Sagittarius gives you the energy to go the distance and take action, the right and ethical way. But the energy can sometimes not feel focused enough so be sure to light the candle of intention to keep your purpose on aim and targeted. To harness this energy in your Work is to inspire others to take action on their purpose or to share your vision of the future to inspire others to join your purpose.

➡️ What will you do to motivate others?

Have Mars in Sagittarius natally?

If you have a natal Mars in Sagittarius, you are motivated by freedom, exploration and spreading optimism. TBH, you have the ability to light the fire in others if your inner flame is lit.

You often find yourself in leadership roles. you’re not afraid to venture into new territories, try innovative strategies, and take calculated risks. You’re drawn to opportunities that promise excitement and growth.

You are open-minded, and you approach problem-solving with a broad perspective. You’re not easily discouraged by obstacles; instead, you view challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. Your ability to adapt and find creative solutions is a valuable asset in your Work.

You thrive when you have the freedom to make decisions and set your course, which aligns with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Be aware that your high spirits can make you impulsive and impudent. So keep tabs on yourself so that you don’t over do it or offend.

November 25, 2023

11/25 – Advocate for ease – Mars square Saturn at 8:57 AM PT | 11:57 AM ET. Mars in fire-y Sagittarius creates steam with Saturn in watery Pisces. You may feel like you don’t have a firm hold on your energy or plans, wanting everything when there is only time for one or two. Mars wants to drive forward without a direction and Saturn can douse Mars’s fire. However if you allow Saturn’s propensity for prioritizing, strategizing and structure to harness Mars’s energy it can become a steam powered locomotive and propel you forward on the right track. Let it be easy! Breath into any frustrations. Make decisions for the long run. Trust that what you have time to do is the thing that needs doing.

➡️ What shouldn’t you do so you can move more easily?

11/25 – Notice process breakdowns – Mercury enters Shadow zone Sagittarius at 22°. For the next few weeks until Mercury stations retrograde on December 12, notice breakdowns in your beliefs, dreams and purpose. Your second thoughts are here so you can fine tune your biggest ideals to make sure they are grounded in Capricorn’s expertise and strategy. Mercury is making its first pass in this section of your chart before it goes backwards to retrace its steps, spanning both Sagittarius and Capricorn. You get to align your purpose to your mission with this Mercury Rx so that your big dreams aren’t wasted. There is nothing you need to do except note the themes that begin to emerge for this fine tuning.

➡️ What needs rethinking to connect your purpose to your mission?


    • 11/25/23 Enters shadow zone – Sagittarius 22°
    • 12/12/23 Station retrograde – Capricorn 8°
    • 12/22/24 Midpoint combust – Capricorn 1°M
    • 1/1/24 Station direct – Sagittarius 22°
    • 1/20/24 Leaves shadow zone – Capricorn 8°

Astro Notes

        • 4th MRx cycle in 2023
        • 16°, 19 days (fast moving)
        • Square Neptune 25° 11/27, 12/26, 1/8/24 – Channel your wisdom
        • Conjunct Mars 17° 12/27, 1/27/24 – Advocate for the truth
        • Trine Jupiter Taurus 6° 12/7, 1/19/24 – Commit to your purpose
        • Sextile Saturn Pisces 4º again 12/2, 12/21, 1/18/24 – Work smarter not harder

Week of November 26 – December 2

The week brings us the Full moon in Gemini and some great insights into your purpose. It calls for you to confront your dreams, ideals, and spiritual beliefs. This week challenges you to ground your aspirations and bring a sense of structure and responsibility to your spiritual and creative endeavors. It’s a time of balance and discernment, where creativity and imagination can coexist with practicality and responsibility, because when you blend the two, life can flow.

November 27, 2023

11/27 – Activating Your Purpose – Full Moon Gemini 4° at 1:16 AM PT | 4:16 AM ET. Here at the Full Moon in Gemini it is shining a spotlight on all the ways your small thinking are hindering your big dreams and purpose. There is a misconception that you don’t know enough, or you don’t have all the information, or simply you are stuck in overthinking. This Full Moon is not only wanting you to define your purpose, but it is time to ACT on your purpose.

There is a way out of the perplexity, or rather a way forward. Saturn in Pisces is slow and easeful. The T-square the Full Moon forms with Saturn as the referee gives you the strategy and structure to make progress on your purpose. What is the low hanging fruit in your Work? What tenacious easeful action steps can you take, everyday? The culmination of those daily steps will get you to your flourishing dreams. Trust your thoughts, trust your mindset, when you move with consistent momentum your thoughts and mindset work together.

Venus is at the same degree as the solar eclipse in October, what power dynamics did you let go of during the eclipse season? The issues are being activated again, do you remember what was triggering you during the eclipse? The story is continuing to unfold. It won’t come up as a family or intergenerational dynamic, this might be triggered by somebody close to you, a friend, a partner, a customer. Another opportunity to let go of enmeshment patterns. Who did your beliefs come from? If you didn’t let them go in October, here’s your next chance.

➡️ What beliefs need reevaluating?

Full moon reflections:

  • Aries / Libra Risings: (2h/8H) – Let go of the belief that resources, opportunities and money are limited.
    Believe instead that there is plenty for everyone.
  • Taurus / Scorpio Risings: (3H/9H) –  Let go of the belief that you aren’t an expert or don’t have enough training.
    Believe instead that people need to hear what you have to say.
  • Gemini / Sagittarius Risings:(10H/4H) – Let go of the belief that you could fail.
    Believe instead that there is no failure, only lessons.
  • Cancer /Capricorn Risings:(5H/11H) – Let go of the belief that things have to be perfect first.
    Believe instead that creation is a process and criticism is just information.
  • Leo / Aquarius Risings:(6H/12H) –  Let go of the belief there isn’t enough time.
    Believe instead that you can work AND have a life.
  • Virgo /Pisces Risings: (1H/7H) – Let go of the belief that others are competitors.
    Believe instead that others are potential collaborators.

11/27 – Inspired dreamlike thinking – Mercury square Neptune Rx at 5:27 AM ET | 8:27 AM ET. Communications, despite Saturn’s structural influence, are not exactly linear today, but they are visionary and meaningful. You may be experiencing signs and messages in the forms of symbols, sounds, or other intangible means. Pay attention to these symbols, for they are showing you the way. If you are sending communications or doing a lot of transactions, be hyper vigilant to triple check details. Or, instead of a long email, send a song lyric or haiku to get your point across.

➡️ What signals are you now receiving?

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