Episode 135: Sagittarius + Sagittarius New Moon Eclipse: Making Space for Expansive Possibilities and New Belief Systems

Episode 143: Capricorn: Your Energy to Devote to Your Ultimate Mission in Your Business

by | Jan 5, 2022

Capricorn energy, goal setting, metrics, achievement, success — phew I’m already exhausted. Let’s reframe Capricorn energy and get to the bones of what foundations we need in our business to achieve our shapeshifting goals and expansive intentions in 2022. In this episode I share a 4-step way of creating a solid foundation for your goals this year and how to really harness Capricorn in your business to stretch, challenge, and find your self-responsibility — sustainably.

In this episode:

  • Powerful New Moon in Capricorn ritual
  • 4 steps to create a solid foundation for your goals this year
  • How to really harness Capricorn in your business
  • Questions from The Savvy Luminary FB Group


Capricorn Archetype

What is Capricorn

  • Earth (Create)
  • Cardinal
  • Polarity: Cancer
  • Ruling Planet: Saturn
  • Mantra: “I Achieve”
  • Rules the 10H
  • Archetypes: The Authority

Why its important

Help us find how to best harness our work (along with 2H to earn income and 6H service to others)

Looking at one piece of the map that gives us some information yet not the entire picture

  • Find out the sign on your Mid Heaven to understand the archetypal energy you are meant to show up publicly in your field
  • Find the ruler of that sign to understand where you are meant to direct that energy in your work, and as an entrepreneur how you are meant to deliver on your business’s mission (what do you deliver)

You will see that this is the core frequency of these energies but these energies can evolve in so many different ways as your desires change and as you gain more experience and authority.

So go inwards, with your free will.

What do you want right now?

What do you want in the future?

How will your decision now impact how you get to where you want to be in the future

Ways to Unlock Capricorn in your brand and business

  • Strong Capricorn (Sun, Moon, Rising, or Saturn on the Rising / MH)
  • Capricorn on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to dream big and expand your horizons
  • Capricorn wounds
    • Interceptions, chiron and Karmic energies
  • Capricorn by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use

Capricorn Wounds

  • intercepted – key is Sagittarius
  • Karmic Planets / Energies
    • Moon
      • Learning to trust self
      • Learning to trust others
      • Learning about power
      • Learning how to tap into own power
    • Saturn
      • Doubt to mastery
      • Constraint to responsibility
      • Learning to put boundaries in your intuition
      • Learning how to prioritize your intuitive needs
      • Learning how to be honest to yourself
    • Chiron
      • Wounds that may never heal
      • Yet become valuable assets when you share what you’ve learned
      • Not connecting
      • Not safe to depend on others
      • Not safe to be in relationship
      • Wounding around collaboration
      • Wounding around keeping the peace
    • South Node
      • Moving into self direction and putting self first (Aries)
      • Not getting stuck in codependency

Capricorn by Planet

This is a gift that you must use with responsibility.

I commit to my long-term success…

  • Sun (to create and live)
  • Moon (to feel and intuit)
  • Rising (to lead and guide)
  • Mercury (to communicate and understand)
  • Venus (to connect and attract)
  • Mars (to initiate and motivate)
  • Jupiter (to believe and expand)
  • Saturn (to structure and contract) / containers
  • Uranus – (late 80s to early 90s) (to innovate and breakthrough) (non conformist)
  • Neptune – (mid 80s to late 90s) (to vision and empathize)
  • Pluto – current little ones, (2008 – 2024) (to transform and empower) at the deepest level


  • See how you have Capricorn in your chart somewhere by house or by planet
  • How you need this energy to commit to long term success
  • Remember that this is a gift, and with a gift comes a responsibility to use, appreciate and share.

What will you do with your Capricorn energy?

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