An astrological healing journey guided by Leslie Tagorda and Nadia Ahrens
What if there was a pathway to transform your midlife crisis into a midlife awakening that energizes your highest powers while healing your core wounds?

There is… It’s called

Chiron and Midlife Awakening

An astrological healing journey guided by Leslie Tagorda and Nadia Ahrens

Your midlife isn’t a crisis
it’s an awakening

Did you know that after your midlife awakening, aka midlife crisis, you have access to your highest spiritual powers?

And your access to this spiritual and emotional awakening, depends on you intentionally working through your core wounds?

Together, we’ve combined our superpowers of astrological meaning and soul hypno healing in a 4-week experience that combines astrology teachings with group healing for intentional awakening during the midlife.

This awakening gives you the spiritual, emotional and physical energy that sustains you through the second half of your life.

Wouldn’t it feel liberating to know about the different astrological cycles, their purpose and your highest outcome along your awakening journey?

Awakening Timeline

How this teaching came to be

Both Nadia and Leslie went through the thick of midlife crisis, not knowing what was happening. Experiencing painful events and triggering old recurring patterns and behaviors. Generally feeling like they wanted to opt out of their lives.

Looking back on these experiences, and being grateful for their spiritual groundwork, they saw these events as breaking points that they were meant to embrace.

Leslie is approaching the last of her mid-life cycles and wishes she had the astro insight she now has to guide her younger self with more meaning and intention.

Today, both Leslie and Nadia see their many clients who are currently going through the thick of midlife awakening and desire to guide them based on the cycles they are currently going through. They know the helpful questions to ask that help add meaning and assurance through this time.

When Leslie and Nadia connected, they shared their experiences and connected the dots of their love of healing core wounds by adding meaning to the challenges each one of us experiences.

And this is why we were called to bring Chiron + Midlife Awakening into the World. To turn our wounds into awakening and wisdom.

4 Week Intensive

Chiron and Midlife Awakening An astrological healing journey guided by Leslie Tagorda and Nadia Ahrens

An astrological healing journey guided by Leslie Tagorda and Nadia Ahrens

This 4-week journey is for you if you are…

  • … approaching your midlife in your mid-thirties to early forties who haven’t yet reached crisis who want to embrace your awakening with intention and insight
  • … aged 38 – 51 currently going through your midlife crisis and want to change restless “WTF” experiences to empowering, conscious awakening access to your true spiritual power.
  • … older than 51 who have already gone through your awakening but feel somehow you’ve missed your calling. You can still clear your way.
Our First LIVE cohort will begin

October 17 – Novmeber 7, 2022

4 Mondays | 2 PM – 3:30 PM Pacific | Pop up Facebook Support Community

What we’ll cover

All this for $444

Week 1: Recognizing Your Awakening
Week 1

Recognizing Your Awakening

  • See your midlife as a journey of awakening, not a crisis
  • Understand astrological timing that reflects the unfolding of your midlife awakening
  • Heal your sense of self and belonging so you can choose to live life with intention and soul
Week 2: Understanding Your Timing
Week 2

Understanding Your Timing

  • Understand the areas of your life in opposition
  • Choosing awakening and releasing crisis
  • Healing your issues around worthiness and self-love
Week 3: Healing Your Inner Child
Week 3

Healing Your Inner Child

  • Reflect on Chiron the wounded healer’s story in your life
  • Break free of the drama triangle
  • Find your voice
Week 4: Clearing Your Path
Week 4

Clearing Your Path

  • Integrating and clearing your next steps on your awakening
  • Choosing your highest path
  • Connecting to your future self

Want to go deeper?

Want a Personalized Astrological timeline and healing themes?

Want a Personalized Astrological timeline and healing themes?

From your birth date, time and place, Leslie will create a personalized timeline of your mid-life cycles with specific dates, themes, and journal questions so you can reflect on the events that happened at that time. Or the observations you can make if those events haven’t yet arrived.

Upgrade for additional $222

Want 1:1 Healing with Nadia & 1:1 AstroBrand™ Reading with Leslie

Want 1:1 Healing with Nadia & 1:1 AstroBrand™ Reading with Leslie

After the 4 weeks together, you can sign up for 2 individual sessions with each Leslie (Astrology) and Nadia (Hypno healing) to have deeper astrological insight and healing based on your unique experiences and needs.

You also get the personalized Astro Timeline!

Your individual sessions will be scheduled up to December 21, 2022.

Upgrade for an additional $1111

Our first live cohort will begin

October 17 – November 7, 2022

Everyone Monday at 2 PM – 3:30 PM Pacific

Group Healing


Want group healing and insight on your midlife and spiritual awakening journey?
  • Live weekly group healing for questions
  • Pop-up Facebook Community
  • Worksheets + Journal Prompts


Personalized Midlife
Astro Report


(Only 25 18 Left)
Want to add on your personalized astrological timeline and healing themes?
  • Live weekly group healing for questions
  • Pop-up Facebook Community
  • Worksheets + Journal Prompts
  • Digital + Printable Personalized Timeline
  • Personalized Healing Themes

Must be purchased by October 10, 2022, if you still want to purchase this timeline upgrade, you may get it after our first session together.

Pay in full $666
2 Payments of $333

Individual 1:1 Sessions


(Only 10 7 Spots Left)
Want to add on an individual healing session with Nadia + AstroBrand™ reading with Leslie?
  • Live weekly group healing for questions
  • Pop-up Facebook Community
  • Worksheets + Journal Prompts
  • 1:1 Healing session with Nadia
  • 1:1 AstroBrand™ reading with Leslie

Must be purchased by October 10, 2022

Pay in Full $1555
2 Payments of $777.50

Leslie Holding a Crystal
We’ve both been through most of the midlife awakening already. During the thick of midlife awakening Nadia lost her son and Leslie’s identity crisis opened up her discovery of astrology and branding.

We’ve been able to turn our wounds into wisdom and we want to share this wisdom with you. Not just through learnings, but combined with experiential hypno healing.

So if you’re interested in intentionally choosing awakening over crisis, finding your voice to express your deepest needs, and accessing your highest powers without bypassing and repeating your core wounds, Chiron and Midlife Awakening is for you.

Take your first step today

Meet your Guides

Nadia Ahrens

Meet Nadia

Nadia Ahrens is a psychotherapist and soul coach. A graduate of Columbia University, she’s been practicing the art of healing, teaching, and mentoring women for over twenty years. Along with working 1:1 with women, Nadia leads workshops, online groups, and retreats. She is also an advanced clinical hypnotherapist and uses this creative and spiritual modality in her work.

Nadia believes that you can transform from anything and everything. Using a blend of clinical expertise with healing modalities such as hypnotherapy, soul work, and the chakra system, she teaches women how to understand their gifts and release fears so they can live empowered, authentic lives.

Leslie Tagorda

Meet Leslie

Leslie Tagorda helps spiritual entrepreneurs become the luminary leaders they were born to be. As a Hawaii-born, Filipino, Jewish brand astrologer, designer, podcast host and author, Leslie revealed her calling when a crisis in her business identity led her to her natal chart where the AstroBrand™ method revealed itself combining business astrology, branding and leadership. Today she shares this method to visionary entrepreneurs and changemakers globally to help them affirm, embrace and amplify their Star-Powered Purpose.

Our first live cohort will begin

October 17 – November 7, 2022

Every Monday at 2 PM – 3:30 PM Pacific

A Perfect Pairing

Continue your work with Leslie

If you’re an entrepreneur or changemaker, Chiron and Midlife Awakening is the perfect pairing to my other Chiron workshop, Chiron and Wounded Leadership: Designing Your Offers through Your Healing Wisdom. In Chiron and Wounded Leadership, you take your Chiron wounds and learn how to add depth and meaning to your offers and leadership in Work so you can heal in others what you aim to heal in yourself.

Continue your work with Nadia

Are you ready to create more space in your life for you and heal? The Soul Sanctuary Support Group is a community of women tending to each other in your soul’s journey. A group led by you. I’m just here to guide you and facilitate this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

What if I don’t have my exact birth time?
Having your exact birth time will help with fine-tuning core wounds. It is not necessary, but nice to have. If you would like to fine tune your birth time, contact us and we can refer you to a rectification astrologer that can help you reverse engineer your birth time.
Do I have to take Written In The Stars before taking this course?
No. You do not need to be able to read your natal chart for this course. It is helpful but not required. If you want deeper meaning for your chart and do not know how to read your chart, you may want to upgrade to obtain your personalized timeline and/or 1:1 sessions.
What is Hypnohealing?
Hypnohealing is a guided journey in a relaxed state that accesses your wise self and your core wounds.
What if I can't make it to all LIVE sessions?
Sessions will be recorded and available as a replay.

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