Episode 117: Connecting to The Soul of Your Business with Tracy Neely

by | Sep 29, 2021

Intuitive energy healer, life coach, and Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Tracy Neely (@tracyneely) inspires us to connect with our soul’s frequency to create truth and trust in your business. To Tracy, everything is a frequency and she can see energy as discs stored in your nervous system. Within these discs are energetic portals that hold onto hurts and stories, sometimes intergenerational, that hold you back from accomplishing your intentions. Tracy shares how she uses her Libra Sun/Mercury cazimi to harmonize and charge up your energy centers so you can raise the energetic vibrations of your business.

Shirin Eskandani

Meet Tracy Neely

Tracy Neely is an intuitive healer, seer, and life coach for illuminated visionary womxn healers, coaches and those on a mission to be of service. As a self-projected projector in Human Design, Tracy believes we are the soul (sol) of our business, and raising the vibration of our business through our energy and frequency creates a magical impact in how we show up and share our gifts, abilities and expertise. Tracy works with clients through her Elevate Alchemy™ private one-on-one program and through her Soul Luminance™ Activation Program. Her work connects you deeply to the soul of your business through your energy centers so you align your energy with the energy of your business.

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New Moon in Libra Ceremony

Tracy Neely will be my co-host for our potent Libra New Moon. This isn’t an ordinary New Moon as the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury Rx – all in Libra, face off with Chiron, our wounded healer in Aries.

Tracy will open and harmonize our energy with an intuitive alchemical process using breath, movement, and whatever else Spirit calls forth.

I’ll be sharing the astrology of the New Moon and insight on how to set your intentions to call in your powerful and balanced soul customers, collaborators, and partners.

Join us for the first New Moon ceremony since Cancer season.

Pay what you can, suggested contribution $47 – $97

For those that pay $97 or more receive an extended Loom video providing insight into the Mercury Retrograde AND the Libra New Moon.
To get a personalized mini loom reading, you must pay a minimum of $97.

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