Episode 134: December Highlights, New Moon Solar Eclipse + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs - Week of November 28 - December 4, 2021

Episode 134: December Highlights, New Moon Solar Eclipse + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of November 28 – December 4, 2021

by | Nov 28, 2021

A very spiritual and imaginative month, so lovely for the end of the year. A time to connect to your highest self, your soul essence to get to your truth. Time to peel back all the shoulds, the truths of others that have held you in place for so long. With the New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius this week, it is time to make peace with what you’ve learned so far so you can clear the way for an expanded vision of 2022.

In this episode:

  • December 2021 Biz StarCast highlights
  • Astrology of the week 11/28- 12/4
  • New Moon Solar Eclipse Sagittarius Preview

December 2021 Overview – Visioning Expanded Horizons

A very spiritual and imaginative month, so lovely for the end of the year. A time to connect to your highest self, your soul essence to get to your truth. Time to peel back all the shoulds, the truths of others that have held you in place for so long. Time to make peace with what you’ve learned so far so you can clear the way for an expanded vision of 2022.

2021 for most of us was more challenging than 2020. In 2020, maybe you, like so many of us, returned to the stars, asking for guidance in an unprecedented time. And you survived the shock of 2020. But 2020 in the great cosmic clock was merely a new beginning.

New beginnings require dismantling the old before you can build renewed. That is 2021, the great demolition.

On a collective level, you can see how much work there is still to do – and at a collective level, we are all burnt out. Burnt out from the systems that have taught us to overwork to feel efficient, overthink to not trust our intuition, and overgive to feel worthy.

On a personal level in your business, in 2021 you have done things differently. You simply couldn’t go on overworking the way you had been.

You’re not yet done breaking down your boxes, but you are very close to unpacking your intuition, and setting it up as a strategic tool in your business.
A strategic tool that balances your logic.

With our final month in 2021, you are being asked to make space for new beginnings.

In this space is nothingness.

In the nothingness of the cosmos, is where stardust is born. Where new stars come to life.

In the nothingness, the Universe creates.

In the nothingness, the Universe wants to fill with “new.”

So this month, the stars are on your side to create nothingness in your life and business…

So you can reflect honestly on all that has happened or not happened this year.

So you can revalue your deep emotions and most intimate personal connections.

So you can revise your vision to be inspired again, motivated to believe in an even bigger dream.

So you can restore to fill your energetic cup again, fully rested, for rest is as important as work in an effective and sustainable way.

Yes, this is still about the practicalities of business. But even the most pragmatic need a bit of sparkles, magic and pixie dust to bring in the bliss and joy of the season.

This is a time where you are meant to reflect.

Restore in the dark.

Bring in the light.

Bask in the glimmer of all the possibilities.

This is the creative void.

Where you trust that magic is forming out of the mystery.

In December…

Mars, your physical energy and drive, enters Sagittarius and is motivated by inspiration and belief.

Mercury, your ability to communicate and understand, enters Capricorn and wants to get to the point and choose powerful words of love.

Venus, your ability to connect, has you reinviting in powerful collaborators and redefining impactful values during her retrograde cycle.

Jupiter, your possibilities and purpose, quietly enters his traditional home sign of Pisces where he can luxuriate in feelings of visionary bliss at year’s end.

Lastly, Saturn and Uranus square off for the final time, making sure that you have broken down your old boxes to make sustainable space for new ways of being.

It’s a time of reflection, appreciation, and restoration.

Enjoy this creative void. In this mysterious, dark and quiet time, is where you create a womb for magic to be recreated.

This month we see:

  • Mars enters Sagittarius (Dec 13)
  • Mercury enters Capricorn (Dec 13)
  • Venus Retrograde Capricorn (Dec 19)
  • Sun enters Capricorn / Winter Solstice (Dec 21)
  • Saturn square Uranus (Dec 23)
  • Jupiter enters Pisces (Dec 28)


  • New Moon Solar Eclipse Sagittarius 12° (Dec 3 / 4)
  • Full Moon Gemini 27° (Dec 19)

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of November 27 – December 4, 2021

“She believed she could, so she did.” – Unknown

You’ve seen this internet meme many times. You’ve probably even pondered it for a few minutes the first time you ran into these words. This week, I want you to deepen that pondering and make this your mantra.

With Neptune, the planet of imagination and illusion, moving forward again and the unknowns of the Sagittarius New Moon eclipse this week, we are poised to create a new set of beliefs full of unrestrained possibilities.

With an energy like this week, instead of getting stuck in the details of a specific intention, you are being asked to cast out the old and refine a new set of beliefs.

What is possible for you in your life and business when you believe?

To believe is the first step before creating a new vision. What do you need to believe in yourself and your possibilities? You get a chance to imagine this new belief system this week.


Sun conjunct Mercury

8:39 PM PT | 11:39 PM ET

Quicksilver thanks

What gratitude can you share about your offers?

Today you are being called to share about your offers and what you do so well. You are being asked to share the gifts of how they came about. Your message will inspire hope in those soul customers looking for you. You can offer this message as gratitude if you are celebrating Thanksgiving in the US.

Sun and Mercury at Sagittarius 6°

Especially quick for Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)


Mars trine Neptune

6:10 AM PT | 9:19 AM ET

Flow with inspirational movement

How can you move your body in devotion?

Your body wants to move with grace, ease and joy today. Your body wants to express the freedom and safety it now feels. There is beauty and art that wants to come through today – yes, in your business. Open up your imagination and possibilities through your movement to start your day and see how productive you can be in your work.

Especially safe for Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Mars Scorpio 20° trine Neptune Rx Pisces 20°


Neptune direct Pisces 20°24′

5:22 AM Pacific | 8:22 AM Eastern

Move forward with Spirit

How do you now feel at one with your highest self / Spirit in your business?

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, stops to move direct today after being in retrograde since June 25, 2021.

As an outer planet, the effects of Neptune are oh so subtle. It is only during this time a few days before and after as Neptune stops on Pisces 20°24’ that we feel the significance of this Spiritual, interconnected, imaginative visionary planet.

Back in June, Pisces reversed at Pisces 23°12’ only moving back 3 degrees. If you have natal planets or angles near this 3° area in Pisces, your natal energies received a magical spiritual redo in your life and business.

Perhaps you now have clarity. Or maybe you find yourself even more confused.

And that’s ok, because that’s part of Neptune’s job to dissolve what is no longer your truth. The truth that is of your highest self or Spirit, whatever you may call it.

Now that Neptune is moving forward, feel into this mysterious, magical place and be open to receiving.

Look to your natal chart for planets or angles near Pisces 20°, as these energies will now have a new spiritual vision. For planets or angles near Water signs (also Scorpio, Cancer) 23°, these energies will add to your new spiritual healing.

And for planets or angles near Mutable signs(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) 23°, these planets will add creative friction to your vision.


New Moon Solar Eclipse Sagittarius 12°22′

11:43 PM Pacific | 2:43 AM +1 Eastern

Today I plant the seeds to expand the horizons of my business and brand.

Woo hoo, you made it!

Thank you, 2021!

Time to make space to receive new visions for 2022!

With this powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon, let your last New Moon of 2021 intentions be free and non-specific.

Be open to the unexpected and all possibilities and wildcards at play.

With Sagittarius, you need to BELIEVE.

Instead of stressing over the perfect intention, create a vast intention to BELIEVE in the possibilities that are waiting for you in your business.

Believe in the opportunities coming in 2022.

Believe in the success that you have more than earned.

Believe in stepping into your highest potential.

Believe in your purpose clearly showing through in your work.

To truly believe, reflect and give gratitude to all that you have accomplished in 2021.

AND ask for more.

To receive more without having to overgive, overwork, or overthink.

Gratitude is your key to abundance. There is grace in everything, even the most challenging of circumstances. What are you thankful for?

And next, what do you want to easily receive MORE of!?

Visibility? Growth? Purpose? Impact? Profits?

Decide today that you already have abundance, that you choose gratitude and MORE from 2022.

Your words of gratitude and optimism have power.

New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius House Activations
Find the house in your chart that contains Sagittarius 12° for accuracy

Today I plant the seeds to now believe in my growth and reach through my business’s:

1H (Maybe Sagittarius Rising): Brand identity and inspirational leadership
2H (Maybe Scorpio Rising): Gratitude-based values and value add
3H (Maybe Libra Rising): Inspirational communications and promotional messaging
4H (Maybe Virgo Rising): Emotional groundedness and deep spiritual roots to rise higher
5H (Maybe Leo Rising): Expansive pleasure, joy and creative inspiration in all projects
6H (Maybe Cancer Rising): Freedom-based operations that let you serve many more
7H (Maybe Gemini Rising): Collaboration with cosmopolitan ideal customers and co-creators
8H (Maybe Taurus Rising): Ability to heal using truth + diverse wisdom traditions
9H (Maybe Aries Rising): Global reach, visibility and inspirational purpose
10H (Maybe Pisces Rising): Amplified delivery of your ultimate mission on the global stage
11H (Maybe Aquarius Rising): International social impact and community building
12H (Maybe Capricorn Rising): Journeying for unification with one’s highest self

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