Episode 30: Easy Lift Launches According to Your Energetics with Megan Hale

by | May 12, 2023

Launches are part of being a business owner to usher into the world your offerings. To share you gifts and to call in your people. AND for me at least, one of my least favorite things to do. Launches bring up so much emotionally from fear to being seen, to fear of rejection, to fear of being unlovable. No wonder they take such an emotional toll on spiritual business owners. Yet, I’ve found a way to harness my own energetics to launch without burn out and according to what I want all with the guidance of my biz coach and friend, Megan Hale. You’ve seen my business transform over the last few years, thanks to the wisdom of this supportive strategist at my side. In this episode, Megan and I share some of the BTS behind how I coach, and she shares her framework for value-led, phase-based, emotionally secure launches.

Meet Megan Hale

Megan HaleMegan Hale is Profit First®️ Business Strategist & Money Mentor for equity driven entrepreneurs ready to step into #feelgoodmoney & create sustainable, aligned business growth.

As a former psychotherapist with a soulful perspective, she brings a rich business acumen that expertly blends both practical and intuitive strategy with the “how-to” of money to help you consciously create a business that intentionally funds your dreams. Her raved about Money Map has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs deepen into money mastery in a feel good way!

With a special emphasis on empowering women identifying entrepreneurs into their next level of growth, she regularly podcasts on the intersections of business, money, psychology, & leadership with a focus on leveraging entrepreneurship, especially as a White woman, to build a more equitable world.

Connect with Megan

Megan Hale’s How To Map Out a Values-Driven Launch Masterclass

Ready to map out your Values-Driven Launch? Join Megan from May 15 – May 17 as she walks you through her affiliate launch strategy for getting, seen, known, and paid while delivering a high level of value for your people!

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