Episode 26: Blue New Moon in Cancer + Soft Power in Biz

by | Jul 19, 2020

I’ve had an exciting incredible week I feel on top of the world right now.

And so I’m doing my best to really imprint this feeling and this excitement into my being. So that in a couple of days when I’m feeling a little low or when things go back down, I can really remember and bring back this feeling,

We are often taught to turn off or to not appreciate our soft power because its too feminine. But when we get really intentional with our soft power and feelings, we can then understand that they are meant to serve us around emotional structures in your business so that you can uplevel and awaken our luminary status.

In this week’s episode, I talk about:

  • Blue New Moon in Cancer 28°
  • 10 ways to embrace soft power for your biz
  • Ways to work with me to uplevel your luminary status

10 Ways to Cultivate Soft Power in your Business

  1. Power of emotion
  2. Power of intuition
  3. Power of receiving
  4. Power of accepting
  5. Power of creation
  6. Power of evolution
  7. Power to stretch
  8. Power to be kind
  9. Power to love
  10. Power to rest

Blue New Moon in Cancer

This particular New Moon in cancer that we have, there is a seesaw a tugging and a pulley with the giant enormous Capricorn pileup that has been happening for this entire year. Right this astrology of a revolution. We started back in January with the Saturn and Pluto meeting in the sky. I’ve been talking about this for a while and how this was kind of like the very beginning book end of this really epic year of cosmic shifts. So now in the middle of the year as Saturn and Jupiter and Pluto are all going retrograde. They are highlighting that degree in the sky that degree in Capricorn, where they met initially in January.

Pam Gregory. She’s an astrologer from the UK. She has this lovely energy. And what she says is like, this time that we’re in mid-year right now is like an echo of what was happening back in January. Now I want to kind of redefine that echo because normally when you think of an echo and echo is a little bit softer in volume and dynamics and frequency than the initial bang, but this aftershock is actually more amplified.

This is a time of great spiritual awakening.

Blue New Moon in Cancer Activations by House

I plant the seeds to create empowering emotional structures so that I can up level and awaken

  • 1H: How I show up and lead
  • 2H: My money and earnings
  • 3H: How I communicate and create dialog
  • 4H: The safe spaces and communities for which I lead
  • 5H: My creative radiance and passion
  • 6H: Ease in my day-to-day operations and service
  • 7H: My ideal client and collaborative relationships
  • 8H: My capacity to trust in investments and liabilities
  • 9H: My vision of possibilities and being known to a public audience
  • 10H: My commitment to achieving maximized results
  • 11H: My place in bringing together larger platforms and circles
  • 12H: More ease, flow and restoration to avoid burnout

4 Questions to ask this second New Moon in Cancer

  1. What boundaries, structures, habits do you need to create in your emotional life to achieve your success?
  2. What inner narrative needs to change and be more empowering?
  3. What self-assurances can you give/make/create for yourself?
  4. What needs to be created in your business to provide you the emotional and physical security you desire?

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