Episode 88: Cancer Season, Jupiter Rx + More – Biz StarCast Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of June 20 – 26, 2021

by | Jun 20, 2021

Get ready for a busy cosmic week with Solstice, Cancer Season AND Jupiter Retrograde initiating all on one day! Venus is moving very quickly activating Jupiter and Pluto on her way to Leo. Mercury stops to go forward ending our second Mercury Retrograde. Then Neptune joins the Rx train with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Plus our Full Moon in Capricorn and Venus entering Leo. All of this in one week! What to do? Elevate your perspective so you can see the big picture and how everything is connecting for you in your life and business. Information is now turning into wisdom and you are making meaning of all that has happened recently.

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of June 20 – 26


A day to comfort your heart to re envision your big dreams. Today, Jupiter comes to a stand still at Pisces 2° before appearing to go backwards in the sky. A few hours later, the Sun enters sensitive Cancer sparking the Solstice.

A big and expansive day to notice what is rising for you.

Jupiter Retrograde

8:06 AM Pacific | 11:06 AM Eastern

Readjust expansive vision and growth

What new beliefs and possibilities are ready to explore?

Social planet Jupiter is stepping on the brakes to make its annual backtrack in the sky. Jupiter, now through October 18, will trace back 10° from Pisces 2° back to Aquarius 22° and give us a chance to reconnect the dots between our big dreams and our big beliefs so that we can create our expansive vision. To create what we want we fundamentally have to believe in our ability and possibility. If you’ve been questioning or not seeing the meaning of all experiences that put you on your soul’s path, then during this annual regress, you will get your chance to realign.

Next week the ruler of Pisces Neptune will follow Jupiter in reverse, both in Pisces. This makes for an expansive and dreamy time if you can approach confusion with curiosity and setbacks with significance that give you richer meaning.

If you have natal planets and angles between Aquarius 22° – Pisces 2°, now through January 2022 when Jupiter returns back to Pisces 2°, Jupiter will pass over your natal energies twice giving you more and more possibility.

Look to your natal chart for planets or angles near Pisces 2° as these energies will want a new belief system. For planets or angles near Water (Scorpio, Cancer) 2°, these energies will add into your new possibilities. And for planets or angles near Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) 2°, these planets will add creative friction to your vision.

Sun enters Cancer – Solstice

8:32 PM Pacific | 11:32 PM Eastern

Season of inclusion and nurturing

How can you create belonging and security in your business?

As the Sun enters cardinal water Cancer it signals the solstice. The solstice is when the Sun is the furthest away from the equator meaning that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have the most sun with the longest days and those of us in the Southern Hemisphere have the least sun with the shortest days. As a cardinal sign, its the start of a season, a signal that we are now in Summer or in Winter. Whichever season it is, it is the season to tend to your foundational roots, the system that nourishes your emotional security that allows you to rise.

In your personal life, tending to your family and self care. In your business nourishing your clients to feel included in your safe community. This care, security and protection is the root to emotional security that allows for healing and growth to happen.

Happy solar return to all the Cancerian Luminaries as you feel a sense of renewal this month.


Venus trine Neptune

6:57 AM Pacific | 9:57 AM Eastern

Charming, generous feelings

What is your empathy connecting and healing in you?

A beautiful healing day

Venus, our energy to connect others and Neptune our energy to connect to all are in harmonious flow today. You can think of Neptune as the higher frequency of Venus, the connection not just to others but to ONE. The one spirit that connects the Universe. When they are in harmonious alignment, your empathy is infinite and you can easily connect to others from a place of deep compassion. This source of deep compassion flows through your self, that enables you to show as much empathy towards yourself that you reserve for others. It is in this abundant well of love that you can connect to the good that is here for you.

Venus Cancer 23° trines with Neptune Pisces 23°


Mercury Direct – Gemini 16°

3:00 PM Pacific | 6:00 PM Eastern

Understanding and expressing your truth

What is your new truth and how will you communicate it?

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is officially over! Yay! I imagine that this was a potent cycle that really tested your ability to slow down and rethink your truth. What you had an understanding of before now has different meanings and you have been opened up to multiple perspectives that do not fit into a binary mold of good or bad. It is through this renewed understanding that you have come to your new truth.

As Mercury retraces its steps forward, going towards the point that it backtracked, the third pass through Gemini 16° – 24° you now can get organized on your new truth. This is now the time to plan out your next steps to communicate your new knowledge.


Sun trine Jupiter Rx

3:11 AM Pacific | 6:11 AM Eastern

Expansive creative vision

What spiritual approach to creation in your business is now flowing?

An optimistic and abundant feeling day. Your spirits are high and you can harness your spiritual tools to make forward momentum in your business. Or you can simply sit back and enjoy the feeling of being without the need to do. With Mercury across from the Moon today too, you will be able to say what’s on your heart, speak your truth, speak your feelings. Whatever you choose, you have chosen correctly for today. Enjoy.

Sun Cancer 2° trine Jupiter Rx 2°

Venus opposite Pluto

4:39 PM Pacific | 7:39 PM Eastern

Intense attachments to values and power

What decisions must you make around money and power plays

Love Sex Magic by Ciara with Justin Timberlake or Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers have the energy of the day. In every creatrix there is the ability to manifest power and magic. With the energy of Venus and Pluto there are power plays vying for your attraction. With an opposition, there is a clear illumination of the powers at play and it is up to you to take a side. If you do not choose, it will be chosen for you, and more often than not the other side doesn’t have your best interest in mind. Maybe there is a win-win situation if you can figure out how to share the power. What is the power that is being displayed right now? Emotional power? Money power? Sex power? Choose based on your deepest values, that way you will have no regrets.

Venus Cancer 26° opposite Pluto Capricorn 26°


Full Moon Capricorn 3°

11:40 AM Pacific | 2:40 PM Eastern

Release and Celebrate

What sense of duty are you now ready to let go?

You’re still feeling the power plays of Venus and Pluto from yesterday and today is the day you get to let go of that sense of duty that binds you. You get to let go of all the responsibilities that you should do to make space for the responsibilities you want to do. You get to let go of outdated traditions in your life and business that tell you you have to work hard, ignore your feelings, and be on the top at all costs. You are done with all of that. You are making room to trust your intuition, put your self care first, and to create equitable growth. This is your empowered play.


Neptune Retrograde

12:21 PM Pacific | 3:21 Eastern

Reimagine with Spirit

How will you reimagine your business to stop ignoring your vision

Just a few days after Jupiter shifted into reverse, our other visionary energy, Neptune joins in retrograde motion. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are now all going back in the sky.

As an outer planet the effects of Neptune are oh so subtle. It is only during this time a few days before and after as Neptune stops on Pisces 23°12’ that we feel the significance of this Spiritual, interconnected, imaginative visionary.

Look to your natal chart for planets or angles near Pisces 23°12’ as your natal energies will get a magical spiritual boost.

Look to your natal chart for planets or angles near Pisces 23° as these energies will want a new spiritual vision. For planets or angles near Water (Scorpio, Cancer) 23°, these energies will add into your new spiritual healing. And for planets or angles near Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) 23°, these planets will add creative friction to your vision.


Venus enters Leo

9:27 PM Pacific | 12:27 AM + 1 Eastern

Connect over heart-centered passion

Who are your people with shared passions that you can connect with?

Venus is now zipping through the zodiac barely spending 3 weeks in sensitive Cancer before heading into passionate Leo. Now through July 11 Venus will value creative projects, play and pleasure even more than she normally does. For her entire stay in Leo, she joins Mars already in Leo where we are connecting the dots with what we desire and what we are motivated to take action on. It’s from this intersection of desire and action where passion becomes purpose. After all, if work is fun and pleasurable it transcends vocation to calling. And if you are adding value through this source of pleasure, this is ultimate bliss in business.

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