Web design and branding are two areas of the digital world that are constantly growing.

At Flair Designs we are determined to offer our clients the most up to date services and ideas. What makes us so special is that we are able to offer specialized attention to areas such as logo design and digital marketing because we are a boutique studio. We strive to co-create with our clients because we want them to be adding ideas and suggestions every step of the way.

Clutch, a company that publishes unbiased reviews of B2B companies from past clients contacted our past clients and interviewed them get information about our business. We are so excited to announce that we were featured in Clutch’s recent press release of top California B2B companies. We list high up on their Top Web Designers in San Francisco directory. Clutch curates these rankings by phone interviewing companies past clients while also conducting their own market research on the company and the industry. After this research is gathered, Clutch determines a score to assign the company which then determines the companies ranking in their specific field.

In addition to our success on Clutch’s site, we were also featured in the Top 50 Digital agencies in San Francisco on The Manifest, a sister-site to Clutch.

We are very happy with our 5 star rating on Clutch as it shows that our clients leave satisfied.
Some of our favorite client reviews are posted below:

“They’re easy to work with and help you understand anything that doesn’t make sense.”

“I felt completely understood and she had all the skills of communication and accepting feedback.”

“She grasped what we were trying to do within minutes of our first meeting. She just had a very great intuitive sense.”

We want every client to feel that their ideas and dreams were understood and can confidently be put into action. We are determined to produce exactly what our clients want and we feel that we have delivered based on our reviews on Clutch.

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