Episode 64: Full Moon in Libra + Astrology For The Week of March 28 – April 3 and April Highlights

by | Mar 28, 2021

We are in our last week of March, quickly approaching April, I know that you are feeling the fire under you to get things started. This week we get to work with the full Moon in Libra. We get to use this energy to release all the things that hold you back from your leadership. In this episode I give you your Libra Full Moon Rx and will cover the astrology of the week of March 28 through April 3, 2021 and give you the Star BizCast highlights for all of April.

In this episode:

  • Upcoming Full Moon in LIbra: 1:46
  • Astrology of the Full Moon: 6:21
  • Description of the Full Moon: 15:43
  • Astrology of the week of March 28 – April 3: 20:38
  • Astrology highlights for April: 25:47

Full Moon Libra 8°

11:48 AM PT | 2:48 PM ET

Love and hurt, learn and teach, me and we

What past loves and hurts are gifts that you are meant to transform into shareable wisdom?

The Aries Sun is illuminating the Libra Moon in all its brilliance. With this revelation, we see in full light the push and pull between going at things alone or in partnership. The needs of me versus the needs of we. The need to take initiative vs the need to be intimate.

In one way, we can see this Full Moon as a culmination of confidently taking a step to be self-directed, knowing that our leadership is only as strong as the people who choose to stand with us. In another way, if we haven’t found our leadership, or we haven’t found or co-creators, we can decide to let go of what holds us back from what we truly want.

Wherever you fall on that spectrum, today, know that this process of lead/follow, love/hurt, initiate/intimate, is part of the human experience. One that repeats itself in our business and personal life. The pain and joy that comes from this ultimate place where we find ourselves in relationship to others. And if we are honest, the wisdom that we learn from these experiences and the vow to teach what we have learned.

Prescription for Libra Full Super Moon

  • Decide who in your business you’re willing to let go that prevents you from being your most self-directed self.
  • Discover what prevents you from stepping into your leadership.
  • Understand outdated stories that hinder your ability to take lead.
  • Look at what old wounds, that make you perfectly imperfect, that you can now offer back into the world and deepen your vulnerable leadership ability.

Write it down and burn it! Throw ashes into the wind. Fire and Air.

Astrology Highlights of April

This month we see: 

  • Sun is powerfully exalted in Aries until April 19
  • Mercury zipping through Aries and Taurus
  • Venus is in her comfy home sign of Taurus starting April 14
  • Sun entering peaceful Taurus
  • Mars enters sensitive Cancer
  • Pluto Retrograde begins


  • New Moon Aries 22° April 11
  • Full Moon Scorpio 7° April 26

Astrology of the Week of 3/28-4/3


Mercury conjunct Neptune

8:24 PM PT | 11:24 PM ET

Be the channel to your highest self

What are your dreams and visions wanting you to perceive?

A great evening to receive visions and understanding

Late in the day, Mercury and Neptune meet up in Pisces linking the conscious and super-consciousness. There is a visionary feeling of this fleeting moment that if you can find space to connect and receive you will have the capacity to download messages from your Divine. While not necessarily a practical aspect for work or commerce, it is a great time to see a greater purpose and perspective. Your thought process, while not logical is open and vast. What grander understanding might you receive about living and working in greater ease and flow?


Mercury enters Aries

8:41 PM Pacific | 11:41 PM Eastern

Think self-directed thoughts

What new ideas and thoughts will you affirm in your business?

A great few weeks to activate your ideas.

Mercury zips through the zodiac and cruises through quick-acting Aries until April 19, just a few weeks. While in Aries, Mercury, our thoughts, communications and way we express ourselves can be vigorous, fast and spirited. Be aware that this momentum doesn’t tip the scale of balance to become impetuous or impulsive. That’s always the trick with Aries, it’s such a great energy to take flight and take lead and when we are communicating to others to follow our lead, our energy needs to be enthusiastic without being pushy. All those ideas you’ve had brewing now have the cosmic energy to initiate.

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