Episode 85: Gemini: Your Power to Speak Up (and find your voice) in Your Business

by | Jun 9, 2021

Your voice is powerful. Your message matters. Gemini energy is what you need in your business to be curious, gain understanding, and find your clear voice to speak up and share your wisdom. You need Gemini energy in your business to promote your work, speak on your big message and teach your genius. Don’t judge Gemini for being fickle. That is it’s superpower – holding multiple perspectives and moving beyond binary yes/no to yes/and. Gemini has the power to change on a dime depending on its truth at the given time. Permission to change your mind, dear Gemini.

In this episode:

  • What is Gemini (4:24)
  • Why Gemini is important in your business (16:39)
  • What happens when you don’t use your Gemini energy (19:09)
  • Ways to unlock Gemini in your brand (22:26 )
  • Gemini by the Planets (23:36)
  • Gemini by the Houses (26:09)
  • Finding Your Voice (31:50)

What is the Gemini Archetype?

  • Airy
  • Mutable
  • Polarity: Sagittarius (information/meaning)
  • Symbol: The Twin
  • Traditional astrology: People closest, siblings, neighborhoods, where you understand yourself through your immediate environment
  • Most judged – changing it’s mind – non binary
  • Ruling Planet Mercury: Communication
  • Curiosity, listening, engaging,conversing, versatility, adaptability
  • Mantra “I THINK”
  • Meaning of Gemini in our Business and brands
    • Understanding your truth
    • Understanding other’s truth – being curious
    • Getting clear
    • Sharing information
    • Giving voice and understanding – calling people into action
  • Rules the 3H in Business
    • Sharing, Networks, Communication, teaching, speaking, writing,

Gemini Archetype in Your Business

Why it’s important to use the Gemini Archetype?

We need Gemini in our business!

  • To understand your truth
  • To create a clear message
  • To share your message based on shared truth with your people
  • To gain understanding
  • Be curious
  • Hold multiple perspectives
  • To reconnect to your truth (Mercury Rx)
  • To create your powerful message based on shared truth with your community (Mercury Rx conjunct New Moon Eclipse)
  • To empower your voice that calls your people to take action with you. (Jupiter in Pisces)

What happens when you don’t use the Gemini Archetype?

One of the places we collectively have wounding

Systematically we’ve been taught the shadows of Gemini

  • Women not be too smart
  • Gaining information – but what is true? When is it too much? When do we stop trusting ourselves and keep gaining information
  • What to do with the information?

All to serve capitalist and patriarchal hierarchies

  • Be smart, but not too smart
  • Be curious, but don’t challenge the status quo
  • Be understanding, but choose the right side
  • Engage in dialog, but only to persuade others to the right side

Understanding is a spiritual birthright

  • Having a big message – but making it clear and concise so that
    • Others understand
    • We don’t overwhelm
    • We don’t over inform
    • Speak our truth
    • Allow to change mind

Ways to Unlock the Gemini Archetype in your brand and business?

  • Strong Gemini (Sun, Moon, Rising, or Mercury on the Rising / MH)
  • Gemini on the Cusps/Houses – The area of your business where you are meant to share information, gain understanding, engage in dialog
  • Gemini wounds
    • Interceptions (hidden powers, unlocked through embodiment – Taurus), chiron (woundings around being curious, understanding, being smart and Karmic energies
  • Gemini by the Planets – The specific archetypal energy you were born with and get to use
  • Mercury by the sign

Gemini Archetype Brands

  • Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury on Rising or MH
  • Build understanding, teaching, shared information
  • Diverse business models with variety
  • Communications! – Having a big message that is clear –
  • Teaching, speaking, writing, marketing, story telling

Gemini Archetype by House

The area of your business where you are meant to share information, gain understanding, engage in dialog

  • 1H: Brand Identity that leads with curiosity and has a big message
  • 2H: Offerings and value adds that share information, speak and teach value
  • 3H: Marketing messaging that connects and teaches
  • 4H: Building safe spaces that provides understanding and listening
  • 5H: Pleasurable experiences that allow me to create in many different ways
  • 6H: Day-to-day systems that enable me to be flexible and go with the flow
  • 7H: Partnerships with other curious seekers that enable both parties to share information
  • 8H: Efforts and contributions of deep healing of one’s voice and being heard
  • 9H: Spiritual and philosophical adventures that allow you to expand your intellect and mind
  • 10H: Ultimate mission to share messaging and teachings in your professional expertise
  • 11H: Community and platform that supports humanitarian efforts of understanding
  • 12H: Spiritual understanding that allow for reform of inner peace and truth

Gemini Archetype Wounds

  • Intercepted Gemini – key is Taurus
    • Coming from trusting in your body
    • Embodying information before understanding it
  • Karmic Planets / Energies
    • Gemini Moon
      • ancestral healing
      • family smarts – being heard – stories,
      • needing to feel understood
    • Gemini Saturn
      • Doubt to mastery
      • Constraint to responsibility
      • Thought mastery
    • Gemini Chiron
      • Wounds that may never heal
      • Yet become valuable assets when you share what you’ve learned
      • Intellect and curiosity wound – not safe to be smart
    • Gemini South Node
      • Moving into belief and morals (Sagittarius)
      • Not getting stuck in acquiring information

Gemini Archetype by Planet

The energy you have to be curious, gain understanding, share knowledge, and engage in dialog

This is a gift that you must use with responsibility.

  • Sun: I am a creative force of curiosity, words, and information
  • Moon: I need mental emotional security to be heard and understood
  • Rising: I lead by asking questions and being curious
  • Mercury: I communicate with witty language, spoken and written
  • Venus: I attract and appreciate knowledge and knowledgeable people
  • Mars: I am driven by curiosity and learning all that I can
  • Jupiter: I expand my diverse interests and explore my mind
  • Saturn: I sustain and preserve my thoughts with a focus on mindset mastery
  • Uranus: I revolutionize to think differently
  • Chiron: I recognize my deep intellectual wounds and share what I have overcome
  • North Node: I stretch into curiosity and gaining truth
  • South Node: I fall back on what I know and my intellect
  • Neptune 1889 – 1902
  • Pluto 1882 – 1914

Finding Your Brand Voice

Mercury zodiac sign = How you perceive and understand info and express your message

  • Aries = Fast, embodied, heady, me first
  • Taurus = Steady, embodied, grounded
  • Gemini = Quick, dispersed, intellectualized
  • Cancer = Emotional, feeling, sensitive, heart centered
  • Leo = Quick, decisive, unchanging, inspired
  • Virgo = Analytical, precise, practical
  • Libra = Balanced, choices, others first
  • Scorpio = Deep, critical, trust first
  • Sagittarius = Inspired, exploratory, philosophical, adventure first
  • Capricorn = Pragmatic, steady, straight forward,
  • Aquarius = Individuality, revolutionary, different first
  • Pisces = Spiritual, imaginative, non-tangible, artistic

Mercury house placement = Where in your business info is most available and where to direct your message

  • 1H: Personal brand, leadership, identity
  • 2H: Values, investments, added value
  • 3H: Communications, teaching, speaking, neighborhood
  • 4H: Private life, investigative, foundational, roots
  • 5H: Creative life, play, fun, passion projects
  • 6H: Service to others, daily routines, organizational systems
  • 7H: Partnerships, collaborations, affiliations
  • 8H: Join resources, spiritual and mystical, healing
  • 9H: Publishing, global reach, exploration
  • 10H: Professional life, visibility, expertise, authority
  • 11H: Social impact, larger social networks
  • 12H: Soul life, retreat, inner work, reformation


  • See how you have Gemini in your chart somewhere by house or by planet
  • How you need this energy to create understanding, know your truth, express your big message, stand up and activate others through shared information
  • Where in your life and business you have this curiosity and understanding by house
  • Find your voice
    • To let go of the stories that your voice doesn’t matter (Eclipse)
    • To reconnect to your truth (Mercury Rx)
    • To create your powerful message based on shared truth with your community (Mercury Rx conjunct New Moon Eclipse)
    • To empower your voice that calls your people to take action with you. (Jupiter in Pisces)
  • Remember that this is a gift, and with a gift comes a responsibility to use, appreciate and share.

What will you do with your Gemini energy?

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