Episode 61: Gratitude and Celebrating Hanukkah During Times of Conflict with Tara Townsend

by | Nov 18, 2023

As we approach American Thanksgiving, my gratitude is amplified. I feel so lucky, grateful and privileged that I am safe and loved. These feelings are amplified because there are so many of us in the world that lack these privileges and necessities. What is a person like me or you to do to during these times when there are so many extremes and when we may feel so powerless. The thing that we can do is to practice gratitude and heart opening. It is a sacred time of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, a Jewish sacred day to welcome in the light. So this week, I bring a very vulnerable and special episode, an interview I did with the CEO and founder of AdaraRituals.com, Tara Townsend.

In this episode:
    •    Why gratitude is so important
    •    Claiming Jewish identity during conflict
    •    The meaning of Hanukkah as seen through astrology
    •    Bringing back the Divine Feminine in Judaism
    •    Schechina-powered Cosmic Disco Ball Meditation

Meet Tara Townsend

Tara Townsend is the Founder and creative force behind Adara Rituals, a modern Jewish lifestyle brand. The grand-daughter of Holocaust survivors, Tara started Adara to nourish her connection to her heritage, elevate the art of Jewish ritual, and craft deeper ways to tap into the Divine Feminine within Judaism. Inspired to shine new light on ancient wisdom and enrich Jewish holidays year round, Tara designs each piece in Adara’s collection to bring renewed vibrancy to spiritual home decor.

Work with Tara:

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