Episode 08: How to stay present and calm in business during a time of global crisis

by | Mar 15, 2020

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It is a time of huge uncertainty and we as entrepreneurs and thought leaders have a unique opportunity during this global crisis. But in order to show up to lead, we first need to check ourselves. Are we being present, are we operating from our heart versus our fears? The astrology of the moment indicates we are going through a global pivotal change. Now we get to decide if we will act out of scarcity and fear or act out of love and abundance in our business. It is a time for change and discovering new opportunities to serve our communities in an innovative way.

In today’s episode we will cover:

  • Why this timely message and the astrology that was predicted – 4:00
  • Sharing my roller coaster of emotions – 11:10
  • What you can do for yourself to stay centered (ie: I didn’t say grounded) – 13:57
  • How to make the most of this time in your business – 29:00
  • Announce our very first guest – 40:00
  • Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs: Week of March March 15 – March 21 – 40:26

Astrology of this current uncertain time

  • Astrologers who forcast have said that 2020 would be the year that we as a global community would need to learn how to transmute fear
  • It would be a year where we need to prioritize self care
    • This is the antidote to dealing with fear
    • Keeping calm
    • And accessing our intuition
    • And staying in the NOW – being 100 present
  • Time to trust our intuition –
    • It’s our time NOW to be the leaders in our community and take action that serves the whole, not just self-serving

How I’m feeling

  • What’s going on for myself
  • My anxiety
    • Control – eating / cleaning
    • Not sleeping
  • Hopeful
    • Shed light on inequities

What to do for yourself to stay centered

  • Stay in the present (past / future)
    • We don’t know what’s going to happen. Stay in the now.
  • Practice radical self care
    • What do you need to do to stay calm?
    • We won’t make good decisions as we are anxious
  • Be considerate, we are all in this together
    • Make decisions for not only you but others
  • Make decisions from the heart (not fear)
    • Do everything with love – every little thing you do add a piece of joy
  • Create fun
    • How can you have fun?
    • Catch up on your favorite shows , Catch up on all those back burner
    • Get fresh air, move your energy , Yoga / meditate
  • Turn fear into gratefulness
    • Money, Food Safety
  • Get help
    • Economic help:
      • SBA announced Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program
      • Low interest working capital loans of up to $2 million that can provide vital economic support to small businesses to help overcome the temporary loss of revenue they are experiencing.
    • Emotional help:
      • Online therapy and Reach out to friends

Review Shoutout

Karen Marzec
“A game-changer for heart-centered entrepreneurs! Leslie’s soulful teachings around how to apply astrology to business and branding are not to be missed.”

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How to make the most of this time in your business

  • Communicate with your community
    • Share your story and contribute your wisdom
    • Go live and send emails
  • How can you serve your community in a new way?
    • Meet online
    • Offer a service online
  • Create the content you never have time for!
    • “I don’t have time” – tired excuse. Now there is time to create that content
    • Plan for your opportunities – the long game
  • Get a Mini offering out now
    • We are online right now
    • Not big investments
  • Have fun in what you are doing
    • Work and act from your heart
  • There are opportunities! It’s a reset
    • Real-estate , Investments
    • New ways to work  and create

Join my Online Community

The Savvy Luminary is a safe online space where women entrepreneurs to connect, share their worries, share their inspirations

Planning for the future

My offering has always been online, so this isn’t a big change for me, but its possible to take physical business and turn it into an online presence.
Waitlist is now open

Our very first guest interview

Who was this going to be?
Guest on her podcast in February – really helped me open up my business to the people that were, she’s an astrology celebrity on Instagram, Natalie of Soulshine Astrology.

Astrology Highlights for Entrepreneurs: Week of March March 15 – March 21

Mercury re-enters Pisces

March 16, 2020 3:42am ET | 12:42am PT
Retracing it’s steps – still in shadow period. Our thoughts don’t come to us through our head and our intellect. We can’t really think things through Mercury in Pisces is about feeling things through. It is about trusting your intuition. So for the rest of yoof the month, it’s really important that you get out of your anxiety and fear. Come to this place of calm so that you can trust your intuition.

Sun enters Aries

March 19, 2020 |11:50pm ET | 8:50pm PT
Happy Astrological New Year!When the sun enters Aries as a cardinal sign this also signals the equinox. The Equinox is when our days and our nights on the northern hemisphere watching in the southern hemisphere also will be equal. Time to balance and to start new in Aries. Aries in our business is all about self starting. It’s about courage. It’s about our identity.

Mars conjunct Jupiter 22’49”° Capricorn

March 20, 2020 | 7:35am ET | 4:35am PT
Getting closer to slow moving Pluto It has the potential to wild fire… concentrate this tremendous energy into a tool for good. Blow torch vs out of control fire. Time to ignite and take inspired action where you can build strong foundations for your brand.

What ever you are feeling in terms of anger, fear, motivation – this is going to get exacerbated. How will you use it?

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