Episode 144: January Highlights + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs - Week of January 9 -15, 2022

Episode 146: How to work with the Cancer Full Moon, Sun enters Aquarius + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of January 16-22, 2022

by | Jan 16, 2022

Our first full moon of 2022 is here in Cancer, and it’s INTENSE. Full moons are important times in your Work to see in a new light all that you have accomplished, or not accomplished. To reflect and intentionally release what is no longer serving. In this episode, I share how to work with the Full Moon, Full moon readings, and the astrology of the week, including Lunar Nodes moving into Taurus and Scorpio and Sun entering Aquarius.

In this episode:

  • How to work with the Full Moon in your business
  • Full Moon readings by house axis
  • Biz StarCast for the week of January 16 – 22
    • Sun conjunct Pluto Capricorn
    • Full Moon in Cancer
    • Uranus Rx ends
    • Lunar Nodes change Axis
    • Sun enters Aquarius

Week of January 16 – 22, 2022

January 16, 2022

A powerful day of illumination, a new sense of duty

With the meeting of the Sun and Pluto, a once a year occurrence and Sun/Pluto facing off with the Moon to form our first Full Moon of 2022, we have new choices to make.

Sun and Pluto – a powerful duo in Capricorn – asks us to uncover a new sense of priority. And when paired with the Cancer moon, the illumination is more intense, more potent, more pressing, more determined.

The energy of the day is piercing, asking you to not just commit, but to use your emotional needs to show you the way. To commit is to make a decision, a choice. Choose your emotional needs first and foremost for the most potent and impactful sense of responsibility. Yes, put your emotional needs FIRST – that is your new sense of duty.

Sun conjunct Pluto Capricorn 26°

6:51 AM PT | 9:51 AM ET

A new obligation revealed

January 17, 2022

Full Moon Cancer 27°

3:48 PM PT | 6:48 PM ET

Celebrating your self care

It’s time to illuminate and celebrate all the ways you’ve been nurturing your body and heart — or not. A Cancer Moon is so potent and sensitive that often we forget that her tears are her power. This ultimate soft power is a primal need for emotional security and nourishment, and it is different for each one of us. But what is the same for all of us is that it’s time to prioritize these emotional needs, for they are non-negotiable when you’re doing the big and scary things to run a business.

Celebrate all the ways you’ve tended to your emotional needs, again remembering that these are necessities, not luxuries, that allow you to shine.

Illuminate all the ways you haven’t yet nourished yourself in this way. Release and let go of all the shoulds or can’ts that tell you that this deep love of self care is a waste of time/money or only for the weak.

Your rootedness in order to rise in your business is grounded in your loving self-care and emotional safety. Create this for yourself and make space to create it for others.

Why work with the full moon in your business – Full Moon Illuminations

During Full Moons, the Sun and Moon are directly opposite one another in our sky, the Sun, fully illuminating the Moon.

The Sun in our life and Work is what we do so well: the creative source and soul purpose that radiates from us. The Moon in our life and Work is why and how we do that: the emotional and intuitive needs that we seek to satisfy, and the physical vehicles through which we manifest.

During the Full Moon, we gain fuller awareness of what we have created, where our needs are and are not being met, and why or why not we have accomplished what we have intended.

Identifying which Zodiacal Polarity and House Axis each Full Moon activates in your own natal chart will help you to expand your awareness even further.

Full Moon Reflections

  • 1H/7H (maybe Cancer / Capricorn Risings):
    Reflect on your identity and relationships. Are they based on duty and obligation? Or responsibility and accountability to self.
    See how you have or haven’t prioritized self.
  • 2H/8H (maybe Leo / Aquarius Risings:
    Reflect on your resources that allow you to thrive. Are you being stingy or not spending on things that will bring ROI?
    See how you have or haven’t prioritized your self worth.
  • 3H/9H (maybe Virgo / Pisces Risings):
    Reflect on your understanding and knowing. Are you trusting yourself? Or overriding your inherent knowledge?
    See how you have or haven’t prioritized your self understanding.
  • 4H/10H (maybe Libra / Aries Risings):
    Reflect on your expertise? Are you seeing yourself as the author of your own story? Or are you misplacing your expertise on others that know nothing about your business?
    See how you have or haven’t prioritized your self trust.
  • 5H/11H (maybe Scorpio / Taurus Risings):
    Reflect on your creative, joyful, pleasure. Are you doing what you love? Or is your Work a drain?
    See how you have or haven’t prioritized your self love.
  • 6H/12H (maybe Sagittarius / Gemini Risings):
    Reflect on your routines and daily systems? Are you making space for flexibility and rest? Or are you running yourself ragged?
    See how you have or haven’t prioritized your self care.

January 18, 2022

Nodes enter Taurus/Scorpio

10:20am PT / 1:20pm ET

Collective Peace and Intimacy

The Lunar Nodes, aka nodes, are calculated points on the ecliptic where the sun and moon meet at the ecliptic. The New Moon and Full Moons that meet within a few degrees of the Nodes create eclipses. The closer to the nodes, the more exact the eclipse.

The Nodes move in reverse and change signs every 19 months and will remain in the Taurus/Scorpio axis until July 2023 when they move into Aries/Libra.

For the prior 19 months, since April 2020, the nodes have been in Sagittarius and Gemini along the education and information axis – bringing to light issues around misinformation, social justice, and the like.
Changes the Eclipse axis – now happening for Taurus and Scorpio lunations for the next 19 months
Brings into focus physical resources, the environment, uncovering secrets, debt/liabilities – all on a global scale.

Uranus and the North Node – Revolutionizing Rematriation
“Rematriation is a powerful word Indigenous women of Turtle Island use to describe how they are restoring balance to the world…it means ‘Returning the Sacred to the Mother.’”

Uranus, the revolutionary awakener, and North Node, our collective leap into the future, will meet up in Taurus mid June, meeting exactly on August 1 and stay with the North Node all the way through late January 23.

  • Uranus – revolution/return, awaken, quantum change, breakthrough, freedom, radical
  • North Node – collective stretch into the future – Energies near the NN are what we are meant to bring into our work, our potential
  • Taurus – physical resources, embodiment, environment, money, food, the farm, land stewardship

This conjunction of Uranus and the North Node asks us to stretch into a quantum evolution around caring for the land, environment, and physical resources (money, housing, shelter, food). We all need to leap, as we are at a critical mass here on planet Earth.

Be a steward of your Land

Make wise choices with your dollar, for what you choose to consume has impact

January 19, 2022

Sun enters Aquarius

6:39 PM PT | 9:39 PM ET

Renewing your social values for an equitable future

What change do you want to be in your community and society?

It’s Aquarius season! A time to create the future now. A time to renew your vision and philosophy of the future and share that with your larger communities. Your people will connect to you when you share your unique social values and the future you want to create. Do not underestimate the power of a shared dream of humanity. .

Both Mercury and Venus are still in retrograde, so you’ve already had much rethinking and revaluing. Now it is time to craft your movement!

During this season, may we all choose hope, change, equity, and social impact in our businesses.

For all the Aquarian Luminaries, the most free and innovative solar return (birthday) to you.

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