Luminary on Call

1:1 Advisory and Breakthrough for Executives and CEO

Now Available for Trimesterly (4 Months) Advisory

Ever wished to have a personal astrologer only a message away? Throughout 2024, we will co-create together in the most intimate and supportive way in your inner and outer journey. With personalized monthly New Moon Readings, quarterly 1:1 AstroBrand™ sessions, customized astrology teachings to your interests, cosmic timing, and business guidance, I will hold space for your most sacred dreams, ups, downs, and provide accountability. Mentorship is a position I hold with great responsibility and respect.

So much can happen in a year. Life happens. When you give yourself the gift of a year, magic can happen. You have space to show up when you are able and step back when life gets too hectic without FOMO (fear of missing out). There is nothing to catch up on – you are always in divine timing. The mini AstroBrand® library will always be there for you whenever you feel the hunger to learn. Monthly calls will always be there, Your accountability groups will always be there. And I will always be there, holding space for you to grow.

Doors Open until April 30, 2024
“The 1:1 time with Leslie is everything! I signed up for a second year of 1:1 mentorship with Leslie because I loved having my own personal astrologer there with me to guide me on my way. I loved hearing “this is why this is happening right now” and having strategic, personalized astrology for me and my business. What’s been so insightful and opened up my mind up to my own personal seasons and cycles. Just for me, I love that! Have a question? drop it into Voxer… meet frequently to talk about Work, I felt like I’m not alone in my business with someone who also has a similar level of success, not in the same industry but can give me fine-tuned guidance in my business in a language that is specific to everything I can personally understand.”

Catherine Siebert

Entrepreneur and Photographer

What’s Included in Luminary On Call

Astrology Advisory + Star Powered Circle

Access to Astrology Library

Monthy (4x) 1:1: AstroBrand™ Readings

($2220 value)

Receive 4 potent 1:1 sessions of 75-90 minutes each where we look at your business together from the unique perspective of your natal astrology. I’ll tailor the sessions to your current business’s needs. Whether you are looking to reposition your business after a shift, fine-tune an offering or work on brand assets like a website or new podcast, I can help you navigate the way to harness your highest good.

Quarterly Voxer SOS Astro Insight

Voxer SOS Astro Insight

Sometimes you need a bit of SOS for a WTF kind of day! That’s when you can send me a note and I can pop on your chart to see WTF might be going on.

Or you may be planning a big release or email campaign and want a strategic time that aligns with the cosmos, SOS me!

And often, I’ll send you little reminders about the cosmic events happening in the sky or in your chart.

I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours excluding weekends.

Full AstroBrand® Training Library

Full AstroBrand® Training Library

($3,203 value)

Get access to my entire AstroBrand® Training Courses + LIVE future trainings added to your library after the delivery date.

  • Everything in Circle ($1332 Value)
  • Written In the Stars 101 ($99)
  • Star Powered Position 201 ($444)
  • Annual Planning with the Sun ($99)
  • Vision Star Lab ($99)
  • Moon Rituals for Business ($99)
  • Lunar Powers Activate ($99)
  • Star Powered LIVE: Home Page ($555)
  • Star Powered Voice 202 ($444)
  • Star Powered Style 203 ($444)
  • Chiron, The Wounded Leader ($444)
  • Written In the Stars 102 ($333)
  • Celestial Cycles ($444)

“Thanks to Star Powered™ Circle i had a place that felt safe to be who i was becoming, tools to help me trust what I was feeling, i felt connected to others again and understand better what Im here to do!”

– Mickey M.

Multidisciplinary Healder, Artist, and Intutivie

Leslie, you always inspire me! I just did my first tiered pricing, thanks to your inspiration and this community!

– Christina J.

Founder of Embody your Essence Brand

Martha R
“I applied for my first business grant this week. They asked “what is your vision for your business?” I was able to use the vision from our quarterly intensive, Star Powered Voice! Woohoo”

– Martha R.

Founder of Partners in Expression

Doors Close on April 30, 2024 at 11:59p Pacific

Get VIP Luminary Advisory

Trimester-Long Advisory

$2220 One Time Payment
Or $444/mo for 4 mo

  • Monthly (4x) 1:1 AstroBrand® Readings ($2220 value)
  • SOS Voxer Access ($888 value)
  • Star Powered Circle ($1332 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why commit to a whole year?

Two main reasons: 1. Life happens. It’s beautiful to know that you have a space to come back to, no questions asked when you need it. 2. Relationship building takes time. Intimacy, trust, and accountability doesn’t happen overnight. I want deep relationships and networking to form. As someone told me a network is “a net that works.” I can’t recall the source, if you know this, please let me know.

What if I’m too busy at the beginning of the year?

It’s ok. I never want you to over commit yourself. We will open the doors again in a trimesterly fashion. Circle will reopen in May 2024 and September 2024, so get on this list to be notified when doors open about 3 weeks before .

What if I want more astrology courses?

My team and I decided to move some of the deeper astrology courses into the AstroBrand® Certification library as it was daunting for many who felt perpetually behind. I didn’t want people feeling like this. So if you want access to all the powerful coursework of the AstroBrand® Method so you can apply it to your business, you can upgrade to Circle+ for an extra $111 a month. OR if you want to practice this method with your clients, you can apply for the AstroBrand® Certification which starts in February for coursework and 6-month mentorship in August 2024 - Join the waitlist to be notified when doors are open.

What if I want to practice the AstroBrand® Method with my clients?

If you too want to share the power of the AstroBrand® Method and weave it into your practice and Work, then the Certification is for you. To get Certified will require going through the curriculum and 6 months of mentorship. The curriculum is taught live in February and Mentorship starts in August. Is the AstroBrand® Certification right for you?

What if I want 1:1 advisory and mentorship from Leslie?

Absolutely, the Luminary Advisory is for you. In Luminary, for the entire year, you get specific, breakthrough guidance according to your stars. Over the year you will spend so much time with Leslie so you can truly move your mountains, add meaning to your Work and make your mark in your own way. With quarterly 1:1 AstroBrand® readings, 2024 year ahead reading, Voxer access, New Moon mini readings, and a Solar return birthday reading, you will have astro guidance to help you navigate your life, Work and the year ahead so you can plan, strategize with insight so deep and so aligned. There are only 15 13 spots in 2024, sign up now.

What if I don’t have enough funds but really want to participate?

We have a few sponsored scholarship spots. It means so much to the organization to provide access to the wisdom of the stars to the folx that need it. We do not believe in offering full scholarships, there has to be an energetic exchange, a commitment, an investment. If this is you, and you want to be part of this community, think of a minimum monthly payment you can contribute consistently. And if you’re not making any income, please share with us how you might want to offer an energetic exchange. We are open. Contact us here.

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