Episode 108: Mercury enters Libra + September Highlights: Biz StarCast Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of August 29 – September 4, 2021

by | Aug 29, 2021

We have an information-packed Biz StarCast, Astrology for Entrepreneurs episode. This week is all about the love of shared ideas! In August, Mercury completed its data collection in Virgo and now moves into Libra for an extended stay. Time to start connecting your data with the people in your community over the ideas you both love. Communications and ideas spark the more you get out of your head and do something with it. This is not the week to think about it. Do about it to get the clarity you need. Clarity is in your action.

This week we go over:

  • Mercury enters Libra
  • 4Q Moon Gemini 7°
  • Mars opposite Neptune Rx
  • Mercury trine Saturn Rx
  • September Highlights

Astrology for Entrepreneurs for the Week of Week of August 29 – September 4, 2021

Sharing ideas

“Ideas don’t get smaller when they’re shared, they get bigger” – Seth Godin

This week is all about the love of shared ideas! In August, Mercury completed its data collection in Virgo and now moves into Libra for an extended stay. Time to start connecting your data with the people in your community over the ideas you both love.


Mercury enters Libra

10:10 PM PT | 1:10 AM + 1 ET

Bridge communicative relationships

What relationships can you speak to over shared ideals?

After a brief stay in its home of Virgo, Mercury joins Venus in Libra to get chatty over relationship building through the shared love of ideas, art, poetry and connection.

Now through November 6, Mercury spends an extended stay in lovely Libra.

Heads up, we have an upcoming Mercury Rx in Libra in late September to process how we rethink our relationships.

Because Mercury will be spending many weeks in Libra, you get a chance to think and rethink what relationships mean in your business. Libra is about connecting to the right people that help us along our business journey. Ideal customers, affiliates, business partners, anyone with whom you have a commitment through a contract or money exchange.

With our upcoming Mercury Retrograde, this process will be about discovering who your ideal customers are, rethinking how you connect with them, and then creating a plan of how to connect with them.

It all starts here with Mercury entering Libra so we can bring awareness to our business relationships. Get ready for a few months of deep diving into your ideal customers and partnerships.

Rethink your relationships.


4Q Moon Gemini 7°

12:13 AM PT | 3:13 AM ET

Rest and get curious

What can you do today to relax and think?

Today is a day where you get relaxed by being able to focus on your mind. Maybe you’re getting through a certification exam, or you need to deepen your knowledge, or you’re finishing up a big writing project. The energy feels perfect to get cozy and focused on finishing things. No big energetic effort needed.

Finish things up.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and business. Where our inner consciousness catches up to what you know at an intellectual level. A time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.


Mars opposite Neptune Rx

10:43 PM PT | 1:43 AM + 1 ET

Spiritual momentum

How can your body show you the way out of confusion?

For a few days leading up to and a few days away from this exact meeting, you could feel like your head is up in the clouds. Maybe this expresses as insights from Spirit, or clouded mystery where you can’t quite grasp the idea. The best way to get clarity is to move your body through taking action or devoted movement. This is not a time to get lost in your thoughts. If you decide to take action, just do one task to get the momentum up in your business. Alternately dancing, yoga, or even walking as a mindful, conscious act.

Physically act to move through any chaos.

Mars Virgo 22° opposite Neptune Rx Pisces 22°

Especially enlightening if you have planets or angles in late degree Mutable signs.


Mercury trine Saturn Rx

6:30 PM PT | 9:30 PM ET

Focus your thoughts

What task can benefit from deep focus and concentration in your business?

A great day to approach a demanding project. For a quick day leading up to and away from this moment you have focus and concentration that allows you to undertake a demanding mental process. Maybe you need to figure out a budget, lead gen flow, automation, or even concentrate on a nurture sequence. Anything that demands a bit more power of your mind will be supported with this aspect. Be aware to focus on impact by doing less instead of more. Most of all, keep the energy light before it gets too heavy. A coffee work date in person or on Zoom could help keep the energy flowing for your focus.

Mercury Libra 7° trine Saturn Rx Aquarius 7°

Especially supportive if you have planets or angles in early degree Air signs.

September 2021 Overview

Reorganizing Effective Systems

Cosmically, it is one of the quieter months of the year, where we have days on end with no big planetary alignments. But then boom, we have potent days with many exact energies aligning. As you go through September, it will be clear how you need to bring in more flow and ease into your routines. And for those tasks and rules that seem guided by instinct, you will see how you have to bring clarity and organization. A perfect blend of effective flow.

On a side note, it’s this month that you will want to pay attention to your body as the Earth element is strong. Your body is your vehicle in this lifetime that takes action on what you are born to manifest and create through your business.

Your body gets to use some of this cosmic down time to integrate all the massive shifts you have experienced over the last 18 months. Your experiences may still be existing in your mental sphere, but you now need to embody these experiences.

Your body, in its dense Earthy form, needs time to process and space to ground.

In astrology, your body is the earth element- the physical embodiment of your spirit, mind and heart that you get to work and play with this lifetime here on Earth.

You receive your inspiration and insight from spirit in the fiery realm.

Then you think about what that inspiration means with mind and logic in the air realm.

Next your emotions bring down your inspired ideas so you can feel about it in the watery realm.

It is from this place of heart, your emotions, that your ideals can ground in your body, in the earth realm.

Your emotions hold the key as to how your body will act.

Will your body get stuck in inaction through fear or procrastination?

Will your body inflame in anxiety from overthinking about the future?

Or will you allow yourself to feel and work through your emotions so they can freely move through your body instead of getting stuck?

If you can allow yourself to move through your emotions and rest, you can take action that is aligned with your heart and spirit while keeping your body agile.

This interaction culminates in what you DO in your business.

Give yourself, your routines in your business, and your body permission to stretch, rethink, and reenergize this month.

This month you get to work with Virgo and lots of Earth energy – the energy that wants to make whole, diagnose, and integrate all the parts: body, heart, mind and soul.

Earthy planets to support you in September:

  • Sun in Virgo most of the month
  • Mars in Virgo early in the month
  • Pluto in Capricorn all month
  • Uranus in Taurus all month
  • Moon in Virgo (6-9), Capricorn (15-17), Taurus (24-27)

Especially while there is a Virgo moon between Sept 6-Sept 9, the stars will want you to tune into your body and see your business as an organizational whole.

The energy of the month is going to help you embody:

  • How you are meant to effectively serve (Virgo)
  • The types of relationships you value (Venus in Libra)
  • And shared ideas you connect over (Mercury in Libra)

This month we see:

  • Venus enters Scorpio (Sept 10)
  • Mars enters Libra (Sept 14)
  • Sun enters Libra (Sept 22)
  • Mercury Retrograde in Libra (Sept 26)


  • New Moon in Virgo 14° (Sept 6)
  • Full Moon Pisces 28° (Sept 20)

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