Episode 37: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – How to Rethink Your Intuitive Power in your Business

by | Oct 4, 2020

Mercury Retrograde is almost here for the third cycle in 2020 and I get a sense that people are much more fearful than even a regular Mercury Retrograde cycle – yes, this cycle is intertwined with the US elections!

This third cycle highlights powerful Scorpio – our authentic and intuitive power. We’ve been experiencing water signs for the past few years, really asking us to get in touch with what’s in our intuition and to rethink what it means to hold space and transform.

In this episode, I aim to inspire you to understand and work with Mercury Retrograde energy in your business instead of freaking the F out.

In today’s episode, we will cover

✨ Astrology and meaning of this third Scorpio – Libra Mercury Retrograde energy in 2020 [[ 3:18 ]]
✨ Dos and Don’ts of MRx in Scorpio in our business [[ 24:03 ]]
✨ Astrology of the week of October 4 – 10 [[ 31:53]]

What is Mercury Retrograde

From our perspective on earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards. It happens 3x a year as Mercury zips around the sun much faster than us – about 88 earth days. From our spot on earth, Mercury will at times through its cycle look like it’s moving faster, slower, stopping and then going backwards When Mercury, a personal planet goes retrograde, it’s at it’s the closest point to Earth and that is why we feel it so much.

This time, Mercury Retrograde will be in Scorpio-Libra.

  • Scorpio Themes – trust, intuition, authentic power, distilling/eliminating – Mars co-ruler
  • Libra Themes – connection, collaboration, balance, love

If you want to learn more about Mercury Retrograde, take a listen to the previous episodes below.

Mercury Retrograde Fall 2020 Schedule

  • Sept 24 Mercury enters shadow Libra 26°
  • Oc 11 Mercury Stations Scorpio 11°
  • Oct 13 Mercury Retrograde Scorpio 11° / Mars opposite sun
  • Oct 25 Mercury combust sun
  • Nov 3 Mercury Direct Libra 26° / ELECTION DAY
  • Nov 20 Mercury leaves shadow Scorpio 11°

6 Things to do during MRx

  1. Reflect
  2. Replenish our authentic power
  3. Reconnect / to our heart’s desires, higher self, soul customers
  4. Rethink / our emotions
  5. Re-intuit / listen to your gut/intuition/spidey sense
  6. Re-authenticate

Dos and Don’ts of MRx

You know the general “Dos” during MRx. Mercury rules, communication, technology, short distance travel, neighborhood, siblings or close community. So when it goes backwards, there could be a lot of misfirings.

  • Backup your tech
  • Have plan’s A, B, C
  • Trust your intuition, trust your heart

5 things to rethink in your brand during MRx

  1. Reauthenticate Power
  2. Reignite Intuition
  3. Reorganize trust
  4. Rethink co-creation
  5. Realign connections and collaborations

House by House

What Mercury Retrograde wants you to rethink and reorganize these areas of your brand and business

Discover the house(s) that Mercury highlight between Scorpio 11° and Libra 26°

  • 1H: Self and brand identity
  • 2H: Values and finances
  • 3H: Connection and messaging
  • 4H: Emotional security and community
  • 5H: Creativity and passion
  • 6H: Order, wellness, and daily routine
  • 7H: Relationships and collaborations
  • 8H: Self-trust and true transformation
  • 9H: Beliefs and promoting yourself
  • 10H: Accomplishment and ultimate mission
  • 11H: Humanity and your social impact
  • 12H: Unity, ease and flow

Upcoming Workshops

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Thursday, October 8, 2020
2:00 PM – 4:00 PM PT // 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM ET

New Moon in Libra Ceremony

Friday, October 16, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM PT // 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM ET

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