AstroBrand® Method

Imagine being able to see your map to expertise, authority, recognition, and success in your business — without guessing, copying or comparing.

Imagine easily designing the way you position, communicate, and present your business differently from others in your field, your message and the way you presented your business were all easily designed.

You don’t need to imagine anymore –

The best strategies and highest potentials of your business and brand are cast in the stars.

Illuminating The
AstroBrand® Method

In a twist of destiny, shortly after I had my first child at the age of 41 (aka Uranus opposite Uranus) did I have a break down then a breakthrough. I was ready to throw in the towel of my unfulfilling web design business of 10 years when I turned to my astrological natal chart for guidance.

I had always loved astrology (I knew from the time I was 6 I wanted to be a “star scientist” and even went to university for astronomy, not knowing you could be an astrologer) and I knew that we were multifaceted, more than just our Sun sign.

All that I had learned in my business about branding, our positioning, our why, our values, I could now see symbolized in my own natal chart. It was this a-ha, I recognized what had always been at the tip of my nose – an innovative way to specify a brand’s position, voice and style using Astrology – without guessing, copying or comparing!

At that instant of recognition, I decided to bring my deep spirituality and love of astrology out of the closet and fashion it into a strategic tool, practical tool to create soul-aligned brand identities, leadership and visibility.

The AstroBrand® Method was born

Fast forward 4 years and my business and my life are completely transformed

My business went from unfulfilling to satisfying. Invisible to visible. Now I’m serving thousands of people who know they are born to make a difference in the world.

I believe that our businesses and our life’s work is an extension of our soul.

That our entrepreneurial path is a spiritual journey.

And when we are fulfilled in our life’s work, our life also shifts in the most magical ways.

And what is written in the stars isn’t FATED.


Destiny takes choice.

Choice to recognize and use the gifts you were born with.

Choice to reframe past challenges and wounds into golden keys of wisdom.

Choice to consciously see yourself as a successful luminary leader in your one-of-a-kind star-charted abilities.

And this choice of choosing higher and higher outcomes never ends.

I believe we are all meant to step into our highest potential to contribute to be part of an equitable, reciprocal economy/community.

The world needs diverse leaders, leaders who lead in their own unique way.

Luminary leaders like YOU.

This is where the AstroBrand® Method
can help you in your business and beyond.


The AstroBrand®
Method Framework

The AstroBrand™ Method framework focuses on your core astrological energies. It doesn’t take high-tech, high-jargon astrological understanding.

What it does do is reframe the astrological archetypes already in you so you can confidently strategize:

Your Position

Position your business that differentiates you from others in your industry (I don’t believe in competition, there’s enough for all)

Your Voice

Give voice to your business and express yourself in confident, clear, specific ways

Your Style

Create a signature style that goes beyond your visual brand and logo aesthetics but to the way you operate your business with aligned processes for marketing, communications and beyond.

AstroBrand™ Reading

AstroBrand® Readings

For those that want deep 1:1 insight into how to position and communicate their brand.

Available in 4 packs to ongoing support.

Book a reading

Examples of AstroBrand™ Design

AstroBrand® Design

For those that want high-level, time-saving, innovative, comprehensive brand design so you can shine brightly.

Visual Identity (Logo Design)

Web Design + Development

AstroBrand® Design

For those that want high-level, time-saving, innovative, comprehensive brand design so you can shine brightly.

Visual Identity (Logo Design)

Web Design + Development

Examples of AstroBrand™ Design
AstroBrand™ Training & Certifications

AstroBrand® Training & Certifications

For those that want to learn how to apply astrology into their businesses and get certified to use it for their customers. All in an intimate, safe community.

Written in the Stars

Star Powered Position

AstroBrand® Certification (Coming Soon)

The AstroBrand® Method

runs through every piece of my business from the inner workings to my offerings that serve you.

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