Episode 148: Mars enters Capricorn, Venus Rx Stations Direct  + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs - Week of January 23-29, 2022

Episode 150: New Moon in Aquarius, February Highlights, and Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of January 30 – February 5, 2022

by | Jan 30, 2022

Feeling over with all the start and stop of 2022? February has fresh energy for us to move forward. In this full episode I share the February Biz StarCast highlights, everything you need to set an intention for the Aquarius New Moon including house personalizations and the Biz StarCast for the week of January 30 – February 5. Happy Lunar New Year to those that celebrate!

In this episode:

  • February Highlights
  • New Moon in Aquarius
  • Astrology for entrepreneurs, week of January 30 – February 5, 2022
    • New Moon in Aquarius 12°
    • Mercury Stations Direct – Capricorn 24°
    • Mars sextile Jupiter
    • Sun conjunct Saturn

February 2022 Biz StarCast

Focus Your Social Impact
February vibes: Flexing, focusing, inclusive, yet freely individual

You’ve got change on the mind and want to impact the world for the better through your Work. You want the freedom to be an individual while wanting to contribute to the collective. That is your social impact, to give back your one-of-a-kind gifts through your Work in an equitable way.

Create the change for the vision you hold for the future.

I know it’s a big ask. And you’ve had weeks to reflect, distill, revolutionize, and refine.

With Venus Rx now behind us, you reevaluated what’s important and what you want to bring more of in your Work with strategy.

And with Mercury Rx ending early this month, you revisioned the future you want to create through your Work.

It is perfect Divine timing of our cosmic support system because now you have the pieces to decide the social impact you want your Work to have. Social impact is the cumulative result of the ripple effect of change that snowballs when those whose lives have been impacted because of your Work with them.

Your ripple impact can grow when you are able to call in more people to your community. To do that, you need a clear Vision and a Vision Statement to share. Think of your Vision Statement as a manifesto, like Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Where he shared his vision, his dream of a future where Black people lived with harmony and equality. Your Vision Statement is your rallying cry, your “Rebel Yell.”

Harness the collective astrology and star-powered energy of February to support this big ask. Take a page from MLK’s book, and start with finishing the statement: “I have a dream…”

The beginning of the month opens with an Aquarius pile up (aka Stellium) with the New Moon and Sun with Saturn all in Aquarius — allowing you to focus on a new beginning.

Mercury is still dancing with Pluto for persuasive communications, with this third, final meeting point giving your words potency.

Venus and Mars start the two-step that they’ll dance hand in hand in through March, starting in Capricorn, through Aquarius, and into Pisces – bridging the gap between give and take so you can increase your receptive capacity in aligned action in your Work.

Lastly, morning stars Mars, Venus, and Mercury rise before the sun and will be joined later in the month by Saturn pre-dawn. Visible, aligned, inspiration for early bird Luminaries.

Will you decide to be the change you want to see in the World this month?

I see you stepping into this big collective impact… Do you?

This month we see:

  • Mercury Stations Direct – Capricorn 24° (Feb 3)
  • Mercury reenters Aquarius (Feb 14)
  • Sun enters Pisces (Feb 18)
  • Mercury leaves Shadow – Aquarius 10° (Feb 24)


  • New Moon Aquarius 12° (Jan 31/Feb 1)
  • Full Moon Leo 28° (Feb 16)

Astrology for the Week of January 30 – February 5, 2022

“Our intention creates our reality.” — Wayne Dyer

This week is about making sense of your impact and how you show up in the world. Kicking off with the New Moon in innovative Aquarius and coming out of Mercury Rx in hardworking Capricorn, it’s a time to plan based on what you want to create and be valued for, and then look at the best ways to strategically tackle that. It’s a productive, reflective period waiting for you to embrace!

February 1, 2022

New Moon in Aquarius 12°

January 31. 2022 9:46 PM PT | February 1, 2022 12:46 AM ET

Rethinking Your Social Responsibility

Today I plant the seeds for my Work, in collaboration with my larger communities, to create a lasting difference in the world.

How do you want your Work to change the world?

Today you get to decide and declare how your Work is here to create equitable change and social impact. Your Work, when steeped in your social values that you share from the rooftops, calls in your aligned communities and changemakers. It is a big ask to declare how you want to change the world, but you don’t have to have a massive impact to make a massive change in someone’s life.

You are being called to revolutionize the way you’ve been running your Business to ensure it aligns with your social values. You are being asked to give voice to your inner power. You are being asked to be the change.

Capricorn and Aquarius Empresses, you are especially being called to bring forth social responsibility in your businesses.

New Moon in Aquarius House Activations
The house that contains Aquarius 12° is the area of your business and Work that desires a fresh intention.

Today I plant the seeds for my social impact, in collaboration with my larger communities, to create a lasting difference in the world through my Work’s:

  • 1H (maybe Aquarius Rising): Brand awareness and innovative leadership
  • 2H (maybe Capricorn Rising): Equitable and social justice values
  • 3H (maybe Sagittarius Rising): Genius communications and how I share knowledge
  • 4H (maybe Scorpio Rising): Rebellious emotional truth and safe communities
  • 5H (maybe Libra Rising): Eclectic creative joy, pleasure and purpose
  • 6H (maybe Virgo Rising): Smart automations and ability to delegate with tech
  • 7H (maybe Leo Rising): Collaboration with my change-making, misfit co-creators
  • 8H (maybe Cancer Rising): Innovative ways to transform and leverage liabilities
  • 9H (maybe Gemini Rising): Expansive vision and philosophical changemaking
  • 10H (maybe Taurus Rising): Ultimate mission in my humanitarian work
  • 11H* (maybe Aries Rising): Greater humanitarian impact and community leadership
  • 12H (maybe Pisces Rising): Ability to reform ease and justice for the people

* Important: Each year when you have an 11H activation, this intention sets the stage not only for this area of your Work but it’s an intention that sets you up for your entire next year’s harvest – the annual cycle unique to you that determines your times to work, create, and rest. When you have an 11H New Moon, set an intention based on what you want to harvest for the next calendar year based on what you have just harvested this last month. Was your harvest as productive as you wanted? Or do you need to make changes in your Work?

February 3, 2022

Mercury Stations Direct – Capricorn 24°

11:13 PM PT | 2:13 + 1 AM ET

Rethinking crystallizes

How will you crystallize your impactful vision of the future through your Work?

Mercury Rx has stepped on the brakes and shifted gears forward! While Mercury, your thoughts and communications are now moving forward, we aren’t quite done with the full rethinking cycle. You have thought through your social impact and the pragmatic ways to get closer to your vision. Now it’s time to make a strategic plan before you can go full speed ahead. When Mercury leaves the shadow zone on the 24th, you’ll be ready. Use your time strategically.

Mercury Rx Schedule:

  • 12/29/21 Enters shadow zone – Capricorn 24°
  • 1/14/22 Station retrograde – Aquarius 10°
  • 1/23/22 Midpoint combust – Aquarius 3°
  • 2/3/22 Station direct – Capricorn 24°
  • 2/24/22 Leaves shadow zone – Aquarius 10°

February 4, 2022

Mars sextile Jupiter

5:38 AM PT | 8:38 AM ET

Opportunities for focused expansion

How will you keep your senses open to receive an invitation?

Mars in Capricorn is your focused drive and Jupiter in Pisces is your imaginative expansion. When they meet today in a sextile, an opportunity presents itself. First you must recognize the opportunity, as it may be easy to miss if you aren’t on the lookout. Secondly, you must say yes to the opportunity. A meet up like today has much possibility for action and growth, if you can recognize and accept the invitation.

Mars Capricorn 8° sextile Jupiter Pisces 8°

Sun conjunct Saturn

11:05 AM PT | 2:05 PM ET

Creative Focus

For what unique expertise do you want to be recognized?

The Sun, your creative force and natural talent, and Saturn, your commitment and mastery, meet today in Aquarius, starting a new creative mastery cycle. You can think of this meeting like a New Moon, a time of new beginnings, of clearing the slate between these two energies. Today you get to decide on what you will focus on for the next 6 months that will help you focus on your innovative, creative mastery – your unique approach to what you do. Remember, there is no one else in the world who can do what you do, and how you do it. Focus and commit to this approach.

At the same time, Mars, your motivation and drive, will be aspecting Chiron, the wounded healer, who reminds you that all your past so-called mistakes and challenges, are actually your alchemical gold. The wounds that turn into wisdom are reminders that you are meant to pour into offerings and your unique approach to what you do.

Sun and Saturn at Aquarius 15°

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