Episode 162: New Moon in Leo + Jupiter Rx Realigning Your Beliefs Around Joy

Episode 162: New Moon in Leo + Jupiter Rx Realigning Your Beliefs Around Joy

by | Jul 27, 2022

The cosmos is BUSY out there as we close out July. And this upcoming Leo New Moon is lighting the fire to get the party started. With all this energy at play, it’s really time to prioritize YOUR play and joy in all that you do and speak it to existence. Take initiative on these energies as a remedy to the possible challenges that could happen otherwise. Go big and overestimate with your Leo new moon ritual to call in all your creative brilliance, joy, and heart-centered purpose in your confident changemaking Work!

In this episode:

  • Leo Season idea of summer, revolutionary Joy,
  • How we need to priortize joy in Leo season and rediscover play from this place from “F Capitalism”
  • Leo New Moon
  • New Moon Personalization
  • Two Special Invitations

New Moon Leo 5°

10:55 AM PT | 1:55 PM ET

Confidently Creating Your Joy

The New Moon in Leo offers a profound infusion of creativity, confidence, and joy. It’s a moment to celebrate that, as Martha Graham writes, “There is only one of you in all of time,” and that there are things YOU do that no one else does like YOU do.

This lunation asks you to tap into what brings you joy, for THAT is the source of the light you shine in the world. It’s time to fully trust that when you do what you love, you magnetize attention, power, and opportunity.

With Jupiter (Station Retrograde) trine this New Moon, there’s a spirit of growth and evolution present. Remember that confidence doesn’t just appear out of nowhere; it comes from practice, learning, and exploring. The more you learn and grow — from both your accomplishments as well as from your failures — the more you’ll learn to love and trust yourself, no matter what.

And that’s what confidence is all about.

The Mercury/Uranus square in the fixed signs of Taurus and Leo asks — even demands?— that you make more room for your whole, joyous self in the way you Do Business. Toot your own horn, smile and shrug at your quirks, let your freak flag fly . . . GET REAL, and enjoy the glow that comes from being your whole self, out loud.

Cosmic notes for Astro Techies

  • New Moon trine Jupiter Aries 8° asks if your intentions are big enough. Are you underestimating your desires?
  • Mercury Leo 18° square Uranus Taurus 18° asks if you are open hearted to all the unexpected experiences that come your way. Are you ready for them to set you on your highest path?
  • Mercury Leo 18° trine Chiron Aries 16° asks if you’ve been communicating the wisdom you’ve learned from your wound. Are you ready to use it with courage?

New Moon in Leo personalizations

Today I plant the seeds to confidently shine brighter with heart-centered purpose in my:⁠

  • Aries Rising (or 5H): Creative and pleasurable passion projects⁠
  • Taurus Rising (or 4H): Home, safe spaces and communities for which I gather⁠
  • Gemini Rising (or 3H): Vibrant and fun communications and engaging dialog⁠
  • Cancer Rising (or 2H): Heart-centered values ⁠
  • Leo Rising (or 1H): Confident and bold leadership and identity
  • Virgo Rising (or 12H): Soul-centered blissful restoration
  • Libra Rising (or 11H): Creative social spaces and platforms
  • Scorpio Rising (or 10H): Mission to being an influential role model
  • Sagittarius Rising (or 9H): Joyful vision of possibilities and deepest why’s
  • Capricorn Rising (or 8H): Capacity to trust in joy and play as investments in self
  • Aquarius Rising (or 7H): Creative partnerships with soul-customers and soul collaborators
  • Pisces Rising(or 6H): Effective day-to-day joyful operations and service to others

For best results, find the house that contains Leo 5°

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