Episode 47: New Moon in Sagittarius Total Solar Eclipse + The Power of Ritual in Your Business

by | Dec 13, 2020

The Power of Ritual

We all have rituals in our business.

From sitting down to start your day with your favorite mug ☕️ filled with your beverage of choice at JUST the right temperature.

To each month, facing your books with a lit candle 🕯 and a prayer 🙏 I too have daily, weekly, monthly and annual rituals I practice consistently.

Daily, I call in spirit guides to create a involutionary process to help support my work.

Monthly, I harness lunar powers to plant the seeds of intention in my business via New Moon Rituals.

New Moon rituals have changed my life.

Late Bloomer 🌸

It was in 2013 when I discovered New Moon rituals. I was almost 40, single, no children, and had a business that was barely surviving. And things changed when I began creating New Moon rituals to get really intentional with what I wanted in my life. Within 2 years, I got married, had a child, and business was beginning to move in the way I wanted.I began sharing New Moon ritual decks called Bliss Kits and selling them on Etsy in 2015. I created these decks for a few years but I didn’t have a community to offer these powerful tools to.

Fast Forward

Well, today, I am at the tipping point of my dream business! All intentionally designed, by the power of the New Moon. Heck, even my business LLC is New Moon Creative! In 2020 alone I’ve launched a growing podcast on astrology for entrepreneurs, wrote 2 books, been invited to many speaking opportunities, grown my community exponentially and my revenue has sky rocketed!

I want to share the power of intention setting with the cycle of the moon with everyone so that YOU can design your success on your terms and personalizing these New Moon rituals with your unique star-powers.

These rituals are fun, do-able (even for astro-novices) and practical. My form of “woo” is practical magic and empowering.

In New Moon Rituals for Entrepreneurs, you will find:

  • 12 New Moon Rituals for each of the New Moons in 2021 that will holistically cycle through each aspect of your business
  • Tips on how to personalize the ritual according to your astrology
  • Prompts to get you clear and specific about the intentions you want to plant that month for your business success

Design your best 2021 yet! It’s a year of integrating all the shifts we received in 2020. A year where innovation and social equity is being called forward, and YOU, my love, are being called to bring this in!

Grab this book on its own, paired with my other book, Star Powered Brand OR in a Power Pack with my 2021 Biz StarCast Report and Calendar.

Perfect for client gifts!

The Power of Rituals

Activist Astrologer Caroline Casey reminds us that theater and drama are descendants of ritual

That in ancient times when you wanted to commune with the gods, you would perform a ritual

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius was the ruler of these kinds of rituals, as in traditional astrology, Sagittarius and Jupiter is the ruler of man-made religions, the

But in today’s evolution, you are the keeper of your own rituals, personalized to your unique personality, culture, times, even ancestry,

In Sagitarrian tradition, picking up pieces that work for you.

Tips for setting intentions for your everyday rituals

  • Get clear on what you want
  • Get clear on how you want to feel
  • Get clear on the result of what you want
  • Get clear on asking for support
  • Get clear on offering gratitude

Why You Want to Create Rituals

Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Make space and time to reset your intentions⁠.
  • Get clear on what you really want in this area of your life/business⁠.
  • Cycle through each area of your life/business by following the zodiac seasons⁠.
  • Make manifest your desires through written and spoken word⁠.
  • Get support from well spirit guides you call in.

Celebrations and Parties as Rituals

You’re invited – Inviting friends and there will be surprises, raffle, a new moon reflection ritual and more

The last party of 2020 that I attended was in person, a birthday party and launch party of my podcast in February, that seemed like a lifetime ago.

So the last part of 2020 that I’ll throw is this virtual one

I know it’s last minute, but hey, it’s been a busy week for me.

Sagittarius Meaning + Sagittarius New Moon (Solar Eclipse)

With this powerful Solar Eclipse New Moon, let your New Moon intentions be more free flow and less specific as there could be some wild cards at play.

But you can’t let the last New Moon of 2021 go without ado.

The beginning of a new cycle starts where we close an old cycle.

What needs closing? Gratitude? Recognition? Reflection

During Hannukah – and Jewish month of Kislev

From @atthewellproject

✨ Meditate on life’s purpose⁠
✨ Move past our limiting beliefs⁠
✨ Dream about what is possible⁠
✨ And receive guidance — perhaps in our dreams — about how to live closer to our values. ⁠

—— How aligned with astrology – Sagittarius season, dreaming big and expanding our vision

Reflecting on the wisdom of this year
Moving past our limiting beliefs

Giving Thanks

  • Recognizing limiting self-beliefs, structures, old patterns
  • Getting curious as to what it wants to teach us
  • Sustainability as the new Success

Gratitude is the key to abundance. There is grace in everything, even the most challenging of circumstances. What are you thankful for?

Let go of self-imposed limitations that prevent you from expanding and having more.

You will have plenty of time soon to ask for what you want MORE of!? Reach more people, grow, expand, vision, purpose, outreach

Decide today that you have an abundance of gratitude for 2020 and what you want more of in 2021. Your words of gratitude and optimism have power.

Astrology of the New Moon

New Moon House Activations

New Moon in Sagittarius 23° Total Solar Eclipse
Look for the house with Sagittarius 23° in your chart to get specific reflection insight.

Today I give thanks for all my successes and recognize the past limiting beliefs that hold me back from expanding my:

1H: Brand identity and expanding leadership
2H: Financial freedom and abundance
3H: Inspirational communications and promotional messaging
4H: Emotional groundedness and deep roots to rise high
5H: Expansive pleasure, joy and creative purpose in all projects
6H: Daily, effect operations, that let you serve many more
7H: Collaboration with cosmopolitan ideal customers and co-creators
8H: Ability to transform and heal using diverse wisdom traditions
9H: Global reach, visibility and ideal vision
10H: Amplified delivery of your ultimate mission on the global stage
11H: International social impact and community building
12H: Expansive ease and flow in work and rest

Astrology of the Week

Week of December 13 – 19

This week we prepare for the powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. A total Solar Eclipse, meaning that for some of us, the Sun will seem to disappear, blocked by the moon. The second eclipse, after our last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, this New Moon Solar Eclipse is even more intensified. More powerful with more potential to uplevel and evolve your vision of what is possible in your business.

The Sun and Moon meet this week in this powerful way where we get to choose the New World we want to bring forth. As the month progresses, we are building up this new evolution. These cosmic cycles and the way they unfold, build up the energy. Keep your magic and faith aimed upwards with love, appreciation, kindness and gratitude.

12/13 Weaving magic with your message and connection to spirit – Mercury in Sagittarius creates tension with peaceful Neptune in Pisces. Fire and water, shifting in the sky, giving heat and nurturing. Two visionary energies want you to contribute your big dreams into the world. Share your message. What will you invoke with Spirit today as you use your powerful message to inspire and heal?

12/14 Planting your upleveled big vision with wild unexpected surprises – New Moon Solar Eclipse Sagittarius 23° 8:17am Pacific / 11:17 ET. The Sun and Moon meet in Sagittarius today, a new planting cycle begins. Where we can plant our big magical visions that allow us to uplevel our business for 2021.

Our last New Moon of 2020, sets the energy for 2021. Take heed, and be as open and expansive with your intentions, as with Eclipse energy, it is wild, and untamable. Give your intentions lots of space so that the magic of the New Moon can work its magic in your life. With all New Moons, but especially in Sagittarius, give thanks and add a bit more drama to your rituals. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius loves appreciation and a good show, he will help Spirit hear your desires more clearly. What magical expansive seeds that will allow you to expand the reach of your business will you plant today?

12/14 Motivating language opens doors – Mercury in Sagittarius trines/flows with Mars in Aries today so you can carry forth your New Moon intention with powerful and inspiring language. See what opportunities arise when you choose your thoughts and words with optimism and magic. What will you say, and where can you share it to reach a wider audience?

12/15 Connecting with others through magic – Venus enters fiery Sagittarius. Connecting with others to inspire, lift and create magic. Ah, the spirit of the season is upon us. Do what you can while safely connecting with others. Reach out on zoom, messenger, phone, or how ever best fits you to share loving words. Who will you reach out to that will help you connect to other visionary leaders like yourself?

12/16 Crystallizing your innovative magic – Saturn enters Aquarius. Saturn is our boundaries, responsibilities, and structures, in Aquarius, these structures benefit society at large, are more innovative and free and are future facing. Ah… Saturn touched in Aquarius a bit in April earlier this year, giving us a taste of what social justice and reformation could look like. Now for the next 2+ years we will have rebuilding to do in this new ideal. What are you looking forward to rebuilding in your business? What structures will be innovated?

12/19 Expanding possibilities for all – Jupiter enters Aquarius. Jupiter is our ability to expand and appreciate, it’s our power to have an eagle’s eye view of truth. When Jupiter enters Aquarius, possibilities innovate, truth evolves, and freedom soars. Now for the next year we will have to use this future expanding energy to create our new truth. What vision will you expand? What new horizons will you reach with your business?

12/19 Express yourself vibrantly – Sun meets Mercury in Sagittarius. A fleeting energy but oh so optimistic. Speak your vibrancy and creative inspiration. What big message will you share?

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