Episode 151: 8 Ways Entrepreneurs and Changemakers can use Astrology to Make More Impact

Episode 156: Permission to Pause + Biz StarCast: Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of February 20 – 26, 2022

by | Feb 20, 2022

Astrology for Entrepreneurs for the Week of February 20 – February 26, 2022

“To have self-esteem is truly an act of revolution, and our revolution is long overdue.” — Margaret Cho

It’s time for you to quantum leap into your personal revolution this week, and that means letting go of some doubts and leaning into more momentum. Are you ready for the possibilities of what’s to come? Listen carefully to what you are called to say goodbye to — on the other side of what you must shed during this time is the reality you’ve been shifting into for some time now.

With our 4Q moon and Mercury leaving the shadow zone, your personal revolution is letting go so you can rise up.

February 23, 2022

A day to move your body and let go with Mars in Capricorn aligning with Neptune in Pisces and the 4Q moon. There is so much momentum and ease to create opportunities to let go and flow for integrative freedom.

Mars sextile Neptune

11:12 AM PT | 2:12 AM ET

Move your bones to open up possibility

Mars Capricorn 22° sextile Neptune Pisces 22°

4Q Moon Sagittarius 5°

2:32 PM PT | 5:32 PM ET

Freedom to let go

What will you liberate yourself from in your Work?

Letting go is freedom. Freedom is lightness and truth. This week with the 4Q moon phase, you now know what past patterns, past distrusts, past truths you need to let go for they’ve weighed you down for too long. Trust and lean into the movement of your body in the wake of Mars sextiling Neptune a few hours earlier. Move your bones and feel into what needs letting go.

The last quarter moon phase is an integration phase in our lives and Work. A healing and restorative time to cultivate all that we have learned and assess what we want to continue with and what we want to churn back into the earth as nourishment for the seeds we’ve planted.

February 24, 2022

Just as Mercury leaves the shadow zone, ending the full cycle of our first Mercury Retrograde, it squares off with Uranus for an added zing for full quantum speed ahead.

Mercury leaves Shadow – Aquarius 10°

Your thoughts blast off

If you’ve done your work to revise the future you want to create through your Work, this official ending of the full Mercury Rx cycle gives you a quantum leap into that future. You are ready to fully embrace your desired role in being a Changemaker to take action on your new plan. The stars are on your side and here to give you an energetic boost into that vision. Mercury, along with your vision, is now moving full speed ahead with accuracy and focus.

Mercury Rx Schedule:

  • 12/29/21 Enters shadow zone – Capricorn 24°
  • 1/14/22 Station retrograde – Aquarius 10°
  • 1/23/22 Midpoint combust – Aquarius 3°
  • 2/3/22 Station direct – Capricorn 24°
  • 2/24/22 Leaves shadow zone – Aquarius 10°

Mercury square Uranus

6:22 PM PT | 9:22 PM ET

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