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Astrology for Changemakers with Leslie Tagorda

Formerly The Savvy Luminary™ Podcast

Star Powered™ – Astrology for Changemakers is the evolution and expansion of the conversation begun in The Savvy Luminary podcast where we explore the intersection of astrology, changemaking, leadership and the intuitive revolution. Star Powered™ aims to create a dialog so changemakers can feel secure and inspired in their star powers to lead by their chart and create the future they want to see.

Topics we explore

  • Full & New Moon Rituals
  • Monthly Biz Starcast
  • Working with celestial cycles
  • How to lead by your chart
  • Intuitive Revolution
  • Interviews with other spiritual thought leaders
  • & so much more!
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Topics we explore

  • Full & New Moon Rituals
  • Monthly Biz Starcast
  • Working with celestial cycles
  • How to lead by your chart
  • Intuitive Revolution
  • Interviews with other spiritual thought leaders
  • & so much more!

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Astrographics Audio Program + Worksheet
Podcast Series

The 12 Archetypes Audio Program

How to apply them in Your Business and Work

Over the last 3 years I’ve recorded episodes for each sign so you can easily discover and leverage the power of yours. Delivered in a private podcast feed of the 12 Archetypes of the zodiac and how you can use it to develop your presence, leadership, and brand in your changemaking work.

Listener Reviews

“I don’t start my weeks without this information!”

“We are part of so much more. Leslie’s podcast helps put ambient energy shifts into perspective to help individuals and communities make sense of the world around us and hotw to exist intentionally within it.”

– Mina R.

“Illuminated wisdom”

“Leslie always delivers deep insight and a vision for a way forward. I’m always so grateful to listen to what to expect in the unfolding of my life. I find her guidance always on point and love the guests she brings on. Highly recommend.”

– Asha F.

“What a gift!”

“Leslie is so thoughtful and helpful in sharing her understanding of astrology. She sets the tone of how to approach reading a birth chart as a gift to understand where to go next. I have learned so much! Thank you.”

– Makimo

“Practical & inspiring!”

“If you’re an entrepreneur looking for astrological support, I highly recommend Leslie’s podcast! It’s packed with helpful, detailed information that helps me understand the support I need as an entrepreneur and how to communicate with my client community. Leslie’s passion for her subject and compassion for her audience shines through in every episode. Thanks for your wisdom and generosity Leslie!”

– Janine M.

“Leslie adds her magic to astrology and the results are astounding”

“I love listening to Leslie’s podcast and look forward to each episode. She offers a beautiful interpretation of the stars as well as grounded advice on how to put that star power to use in your business. Combine that with a loving presence and you have a truly remarkable and potent podcast. Thank you, Leslie”

– Serena

Star Powered™ Chapter

Latest Episodes

Episode 54: Aries Full Moon and October Biz StarCast

Episode 54: Aries Full Moon and October Biz StarCast

Aries Full Moon Full Moon in Aries of 6° is happening tomorrow September 29 in the wee morning hours and it’s a reality check to see if you’ve kept the promises you set for yourself 6 months ago at the Aries Solar Eclipse in April. This Aries Full Moon, ruled by Mars...

Episode 53: DreamMoney™ Live Demo with Megan Hale

Episode 53: DreamMoney™ Live Demo with Megan Hale

I know many of you signed up with intentions on being able to catch the replay so here it is! Megan shared some massive pearls of wisdom with us to show how we can earn revenue and allocate our money in a way that feels sustainable, spacious, & supportive while...

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Meet Leslie Tagorda

Creator of the AstroBrand® Method

I’m Leslie Tagorda (she/her), a multiracial brand astrologer, designer, podcast host, and author. As an Aquarius (Sun), Sagittarius (Moon), Gemini (Rising) and Human Design Projector, I’ve found my calling navigating visionary spiritual entrepreneurs and social impact makers, to their star-charted success in their spiritual journey through their work.

The powerful smile and purpose you see now is relatively new. If you had met me as a brand designer 5 years ago, you would have met a woman that dimmed her light and felt lost in comparison and crippling self doubt.

In a twist of destiny, shortly after I had my first child at the age of 41 (aka my natal Uranus opposite Uranus), I had a breakdown... followed by a breakthrough. I was ready to throw in the towel of my unfulfilling design business when I turned to my astrological natal chart.

I have always loved astrology and I knew that we are multifaceted, more dynamic than just our Sun sign. All that I had learned about branding, our positioning, our why, our values, I could now see in my own natal chart. It was this a-ha moment, when I recognized what had always been right in front of my nose - an innovative way to specify a brand’s position, voice and style using Astrology - without guessing, copying or comparing!

At that instance of recognition, I decided to bring my deep spirituality and love of astrology out of the closet and fashion it into a strategic, practical tool to create soul-aligned brand identities, leadership and visibility. After all, our businesses and work are part of our soul’s spiritual journey!

Fast forward to today and my vision has only expanded. I’m here to empower every person that has ever felt like they struggled with being exceptional and finding their value to see their natural radiance through the lens of astrology to reach their highest potential and become the luminary leader they were born to be.

When not stargazing and advising, I’m a professional classical clarinetist with my nationally-recognized chamber ensemble Quinteto Latino and playing in groups like the San Francisco Ballet and the San Francisco Opera.

I reside in the occupied land of the Ohlone Ramaytush currently called San Francisco with my husband and son.

AstroBrand® Readings

These powerful 1:1 are the most insightful and strategic consultations designed to give you clarity and focus into your highest potentials.

I am booked out months in advance, reserve your spot today.

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