It’s time to

and activate the luminary leader within

Radiate is my brand new masterclass to activate the luminary leader within – of course using astrology!

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In this  masterclass:

I want to show you…

What it means to be a Star Powered Luminary

5 things getting in the way of your luminary leadership

One Astro key you must confidently radiate to shine brighter

How you know when you’re tapped into your highest potential

Your are a

Star Powered™ Luminary

You must be here because you’re a changemaker.

Someone who wants to dismantle oppressive systems and who wants to serve to create a better, more just world.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, healer, activist or thought leader who wants to leave their mark, but don’t know how

Spark the change you want to see, or amplify your impact

You must again and again revolutionize something deep within your luminary leadership.

You must lead with your stars so you can be a star powered luminary.

This is what it means to be star powered.

So what’s holding you back from your luminary leadership?

5 Things blocking you from your

Luminary Leadership

Focusing only on the outside

Your Rx
Work on the inner and outer journey simultaneously and recognize your fears + doubts by attuning to your natal astrology.

Not knowing your true self

Your Rx
Do the inner exploration of your own identity. Heal the parts that keep getting stuck in fear, doubt or comparison.

Not seeing your Work as a spiritual journey

Your Rx
The spiritual journey is a journey of 2 paths of choosing, awakenings nd healing. Both of these start with a choice. Don’t focus on outcome or results, aim towards knowing, and gaining insight.

Going at it alone

Your Rx

Find your people on the same journey where inner healing and outer leadership happen simultaneously by impacting and inspiring others to change as you lead by example.

Comiscally unattuned

Your Rx
Know and understand who you are as Written In the Stars. Work with your cosmic cycles rather than against it.
Leslie Tagorda holding a crystal

What happens when you move through these blocks?

You create wholeness and you begin to operate at your highest potential to becoming the Star Powered™ Luminar you were born to be by:

  • Knowing and confidently expressing your true identity
  • Finding your people
  • Working in Harmony with the Cosmos
  • Leaving your Mark

So, let me ask you this, are you ready to know the one Astro key you must confidently radiate to shine brighter in your changemaking Work?

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