Episode 16: Reconnecting To Your Medicine In Your Bones with Asha Frost

by | Feb 22, 2023

About Asha Frost

Asha Frost (she/her), is an Indigenous Medicine Woman, the best-selling author of You are the Medicine and a member of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation. As an energy healer, homeopath and mentor, Asha has guided thousands of people, over the past two decade, through profound and lasting transformation. She has blended her life experience with her innate gifts and the wisdom of her Ancestors. She loves sharing her medicine in powerful ways through ceremonies, teachings and speaking events. Asha lives on Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat and Haudenosaunee Territory, with her husband and two beautiful children, with whom she co-creates a better world for the seven generations to come.

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The Sacred Medicine Oracle Deck

Sacred Medicine Oracle Deck
Indigenous Medicine Woman, Asha Frost invites you into a beautiful journey of reclamation with this vividly illustrated oracle deck, The Sacred Medicine Oracle.

This deck contains 56 cards alive with ancient traditions, ancestral guidance, healing rituals, moon phases, animal spirits, and plant allies. Each card vibrates with energy and guidebook leads you to deeper meaning, offering a description, sacred ceremony, and affirmation for each card, as well as unique spreads and sage advice for oracle readings.

These medicine cards are an expression of traditional teachings brought forward in a modern way. Each card carries channeled matriarchal Grandmother wisdom that welcomes you home to your truest nature.

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