Episode 105: Replay: 5 Ways to Radiate Your Sun Sign in Your Brand

by | Aug 18, 2021

Our Sun Sign is one of our main pillars, along with our Moon and Rising Sign. Of the three pillars, our sun sign is our foundation of our brand.

When we are able to recognize the strengths of our sun sign as our superstars, then we can get really clear on what we do so well.

And when we can get clear on our brilliance and create impact for our brand, we then stop working in our zone of excellence, but rather working in our zone of genius.

Our Sign sign represents our expertise that makes you uniquely you.

Are you ready to step into your superpowers so that you can shine as the luminary you are meant to be?

Catch this week’s episode where I cover:

  • What your sun sign represents in your brand and business
  • The Importance of your Sun Sign
  • 5 Ways to Radiate Your Sun Sign in your Brand

Why It’s Important

  • Recognize (vs dismiss) your super solar powers
  • Create next-level offerings based on your unique mastery
  • Acknowledge how your solar power has created your expertise
  • Express your brilliance and uniquness in what you do
  • Create opportunities to work in your solar power
  • Build your clarity and confidence to shine brighter
  • Love what you do to glow up

5 Ways to Radiate Your Sun Sign in Your Brand

1. Zodiac Sign
This is the core energy that you need to be radiating from, and you already are radiating from that energy.

2. Element
We have fire, water, air, and Earth, we know that we want to work within the strength of our elements.

If you have a fire sun, you know that you are full of passion and full of energy and full of creativity. So be sure to create opportunities for you that allow you to bring all of that energy, bring all of that fire to your work.

If you have a water sun sign, it’s a healing, a nurturing and an emotional element. So you’ll be wanting to create opportunities that allow you to heal, to nurture, to be empathetic, to be emotional.

If you have an air sun sign, remember that air is about connecting with people, it’s about learning, it’s about intellect, it’s a really social element. So you’ll want to create opportunities that allow you to be social, allow you to connect, allow you to think, and have fun with your intellectual pursuits.

If your sun sign is in an earth sign, make sure that you’re trading opportunities that allow you to be embodied, allow you to be practical, allow you to be physical. Earth signs are a receptive sign, and it’s all about practicality and getting things done.

3. Modality
There are three modalities. We have Cardinal (the starters), we have Fixed Signs (the problem-solvers), and then we have Mutable Signs, (the integrators that go with the flow)

If you have a Cardinal sun sign, you want to make sure that you are creating opportunities for you that allow you to think of the big ideas that allow you to start projects. Now, if you don’t have a lot of fixed energy in your charts, you’re gonna definitely want to get somebody to help you delegate all of those, all of those things that need execution and production.

If your sun sign is Fixed, you are the problem solver. Make sure that you’re creating opportunities that allow you to investigate, allow you to research, and allow you to dig deep. Now, you may need some help with going with the flow. So make sure you build a lot of flexibility into your rigid schedules.

Now if your sun sign is in a Mutable sign, you can see all of the different perspectives and to be able to use your wisdom.

4. House Placements
Whichever house your sun sign is in will give you insight as to what area life/business your moon sign desires to express itself fully. If we look at your natal chart, it is divided into 12 slices and each of those slices represents a field of expertise in your life and business.

5. Aspects
Is your sun sign in conjunction, square, trine, or opposition to another energy? If so, those energies either fully blend (conjunction), trigger by external experience (square), harmonize (trine), or require integration (opposition) with your moon (inner, emotional, intuitive) self.

Sun House by House

I create opportunities in my brand so I may work my genius in…

1H: My brand identity and leadership role⁠
2H: Building wealth, worth and value. ⁠
3H: Communicating, social media, and teaching others. ⁠
4H: Building a legacy, safe community and home. ⁠
5H: Passionate, fun, creative and purposeful endeavors. ⁠
6H: Serving others while building wholeness. ⁠
7H: Connecting people and building relationships. ⁠
8H: Deep transformation and leveraging assets. ⁠
9H: Synthesizing diverse information for a new vision. ⁠
10H: Influencing others through my work. ⁠
11H: Bringing in people for a social cause and humanitarian ideals. ⁠
12H: Uncovering deepest secrets and truths for the restoration of self.


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