Episode 99: Replay Plus: How to Cultivate Leo’s Passionate Energy in your Business

by | Jul 28, 2021

We are already in the fiery Leo season!

Can you feel the vast difference between our emotional Cancer season?

I don’t know about you, but I am so over talking about my feelings and emotions.

I am now ready to find the joy and cultivate fun in my business.

Are you?!

Whether or not you have a strong Leo in your brand, it’s in your chart somewhere. By cultivating Leo’s passionate energy and understanding its core purpose of having joy, being loved, and having confidence, this will allow you to show up vibrantly in your brand so you can shine brighter.

In this week’s episode, I talk about:

  • How to cultivate Leo’s passionate energy in your brand
  • Leo on the Cusps

Leo Season – Your Radiant Shine – Shine On

Wherever you have Leo in your chart you are being asked to show up with joy, creativity, passion and purpose!

Have Joy (heart, love, life, creativity, excitement, fun, confident self-expression, spontaneity, ego)

Be Likeable/Lovable (open-hearted, light-hearted, excited, confident in self-expression, spontaneity, bright light)

Have and be Confidence, spontaneity, love, theatre, laughter creativity, fun, play

Leo on the Cusps

  • Where you need to shine brighter in your business.
  • Where to amp up the passion, joy and creativity.
  • Sun sign tells you what lights you up! – Will discuss how to tap into your Sun’s superpower’s in next week’s episode.

I bring in more joy, passion and purpose in my…

  • 1H: Brand identity and leadership roles
  • 2H: Values and ability to earn money
  • 3H: Communications and marketing style
  • 4H: Safe spaces and home office
  • 5H: Creative pursuits and play time
  • 6H: Service to others and my daily routines
  • 7H: Collaborations and co-creations
  • 8H: Ability to regenerate and cultivate ROIs
  • 9H: Higher and continued learning and teaching
  • 10H: Visibility and the way I deliver my offering
  • 11H: Participation in larger community and groups
  • 12H: Relaxation and time off

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