Invite Leslie Tagorda

Creator of the AstroBrand® Method

Invite her to be a podcast guest, speaker for workshops, trainings for your team, mastermind, membership or other communities to talk all things Astrology for Entrepreneurs and Changemakers.

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Leslie Tagorda Bio

Leslie Tagorda helps seers, seekers and changemakers become the luminary leaders they were born to be. A multi-racial, Hawaii-born astrologer, designer, podcast host, author and classical musician, Leslie came to her calling when an identity crisis led her to her natal chart. There the AstroBrand® Method revealed itself, combining her 20+ years of brand development, entrepreneurship and astrology. Today she shares the AstroBrand® Method to visionaries across the globe through astrology courses, 1:1 consultations, a membership, and the AstroBrand® Certification.

Possible Topics

  • Illuminate Your Leadership
  • Radiate – Activating the Luminary Leader Within
  • Celestial Cycles
  • New Moon Rituals for Manifestation
  • 2024 in the Stars
  • Guest Appearance in Mastermind

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