What if you could interpret and apply your
star-poweredKEYS into your memorable brand?

Let me show you in

AstroBrand® 201

Star Powered Position

A 4-Week Intensive Training for Astro-loving leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers ready to define your space in the marketplace and connect to the customers waiting for you.

What if you could interpret and apply your star-poweredKEYS into your memorable brand?

Let me show you in

AstroBrand® 201

Star Powered Position

A 4-Week Intensive Training for Astro-loving leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers ready to define your space in the marketplace and connect to the customers waiting for you.

What is

Star Powered Position?

AstroBrand® 201: Star Powered™ Position

Star Powered™ Position is part 1 of my AstroBrand® Method, a mindblowing viewpoint of astrology that combines 20+ years of brand, leadership and entrepreneurial development, where you will chart your what, why, how, and for whom of your unique brand identity to distinguish your Work, leadership and brand in your industry.

At the end of this 4-week intensive, you will:

  • Confidently express your superpowers and differences that make you an expert in your field.
  • Make business decisions and take risks with emotional security by satisfying your needs
  • Know how to initiate, rise and shine in your unique blend of leadership
  • Get into the hearts of your soul customer, knowing what you’re designed to solve for them

You’ll take the guesswork out of positioning your business and you’ll never have to compare yourself to other brands. You will make a mark of your own in your industry.

You’ll fall in love with your brand seeing how your LEADERSHIP, WORK, and BRAND position are symbolized in your chart.

You are born to lead, and make your mark, just as you are.

AstroBrand® 201: Star Powered™ Position


Star Powered Position Course Image
  • Give you confidence in what differentiates you in your field so that your people can find you
  • Allow you to make decisions and take risks in your business while keeping you emotionally secure
  • Show you how to create boundaries in your Work and choose only the people and opportunities right for you
  • Validate and center your specific leadership style so you can easily take action and initiate
  • Clarify and specify how you are designed to present yourself and Work in the marketplace
  • Know without a doubt your soul customer, beyond client avatars at an archetypal level and know what they need from you
  • Write marketing and sales copy that you can immediately use
  • Feel so seen, heard and understood, embodying that presence in your Work
  • Begin amplifying who you truly are and attracting opportunities and people waiting for you
Star Powered Position Interpretation and Application

Interpretation and Application

I am a firm believer in applying your astrology in your daily work to make decisions, create impact with ease and to accept the star-charted gifts you’ve been given. Not only will you learn how to interpret and get curious in depth your What, Why, How and For Whom of your Work, but you will also come away with applied exercises that allow you to feel into and confidently express your Brand Positioning in your sale, marketing and promotional materials.

As this course is an intensive, each week you will be asked to watch a pre-recorded training, work on interpreting aspects of your chart, and then invited to apply your learnings directly into your brand or business. Each week you will have access to a Q+A office hours to ask your specific questions. You will have access to a community platform for extra support. Expect to spend about 3 hours each week to get the most out of this experience.

Star Powered Position Interpretation and Application
Star Powered Position


Star Powered Position Week 01 ☀️ Your Sun’s Superpowers

☀️ Your Sun’s Superpowers

Deepen and specify the position (WHAT) of your business in your customer’s mind that differentiates you from others in your field and distinguishes you as a leading luminary expert!

Star Powered Position Week 02 🌙 Your MOON’S SOFT POWERS

🌙 Your Moon’s Soft Powers

Illuminate the WHY of your business: your subconscious needs and motivations so that you can reveal what you need from your business to feel successful and be recognized.

Star Powered Position Week 03 ⭐️ Your Rising’s Attraction Powers

⭐️ Your Rising’s Attraction Powers

Magnetize the HOW of your business: increasing your know, like, and trust factor by stepping into your aligned leadership and attraction powers

Star Powered Position Week 04 🔗 Your Descendant’sPartner Powers

🔗 Your Descendant’sPartner Powers

Connect to the WHO of your business: relating to your soul customers, partners and collaborators by revealing the energies of their deepest fears, biggest dreams and the unique result you are designed to offer them

AsrtoBrand® Certification Curriculum

Star Powered Position is the cornerstone curriculum of the AstroBrand® Certification. This is the content that you first need to masterfully apply in your Work before you can teach and share this with others. Take Star Powered Position now, and apply the cost of this course to your certification

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Do I need to have any knowledge of Astrology to take Written In the Stars?

No you do not. If you’re new to astrology and want to learn it in a way that is based on freedom and choice — not fate and fearmongering — on top of getting a taste of how it applies to business, I have something just for you..

My foundational training Written in the Stars is here for those who want to get their feet wet with the tool.

This is a prerequisite for my other intensives and the AstroBrand® certification, all of which bring astrology to life in creating a business on your OWN terms and in your OWN way.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or know a bit about astrology already, we’re here to help you see how these archetypal energies ignite in business and leadership.

Do I need to know my birth time to take any of these courses?

Please note this class uses the Western Tropical Astrology and Placidus House Division. Knowing your time of birth is required. If you do not know your time of birth, contact us and we can refer a rectification astrologer to reverse engineer your birth time.

What if I can't make it to the daily Live Q+A, can I still ask my question?

You will still have a chance to pre-enter your questions and recording available if you cannot make it live.

Can I take Star Powered Position without taking Written In the Stars?

Written In The Stars is a required prerequisite for Star Powered Position. You must know the different zodiac archetypes for your big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Rising), understand houses, and be able to find the house placement of the ruler of your chart.

If I've taken Written In the Stars previously, could I sign up again?

Yes of course! As an astrologer myself, I am still learning new things about my own natal chart. Maybe your business has shifted since you last took Written In the Stars and so you may look at your natal chart a bit differently.

Meet Leslie Tagorda

Aloha, I'm Leslie!

Creator of the AstroBrand® Method

Leslie Tagorda helps seers, seekers and changemakers become the luminary leaders they were born to be. A multi-racial, Hawaii-born astrologer, designer, podcast host, author and classical musician, Leslie came to her calling when an identity crisis led her to her natal chart. There the AstroBrand® Method revealed itself, combining her 20+ years of brand development, entrepreneurship and astrology. Today she shares the AstroBrand® Method to visionaries across the globe through astrology courses, 1:1 consultations, a membership, and the AstroBrand® Certification.

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