Episode 91: Summer Solstice: Cancer Energy to Nourish Your Blooming Leadership

by | Jun 18, 2024

Summer Solstice – Sun enters Cancer

06/20 – Season of inclusion and nurturing – Sun enters Cancer at 1:51 PM PT | 4:51 PM ET As the Sun enters cardinal water Cancer, it signals the summer solstice. The solstice is when the Sun is the furthest away from the equator meaning that those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have the most sun with the longest days and those of us in the Southern Hemisphere have the least sun with the shortest days.

Solstice, to stand still. The Sun rises in the northernmost point in the sky and appears to stand still at high noon. Fun fact, this northernmost apex is 23º north of the equator aptly called the Tropic of Cancer.

As it is in a Cardinal sign, a solstice is the start of a season, a signal that we are now in Summer or in Winter for the folks in the Southern Hemisphere. Whichever season it is, it is the season to tend to your foundational roots, the system that nourishes your emotional security that allows you to rise.

In your personal life, this means tending to your family and self care. In your Work, this means nourishing yourself and clients to feel included in your safe community. This care, security and protection is the root to emotional security that allows for healing and growth to happen.

How can you create belonging and sanctuary in your Work?

Have Your Sun in Cancer natally? If you have your natal Sun in Cancer you have a strong connection with nurturing, sensitivity, and a strong connection to family and home. You have a high emotional intelligence, which is a powerful tool for your Work. You are adept at reading the room, understanding others’ feelings and motivations, and responding appropriately. This ability helps in creating a supportive environment and in managing relationships with clients and partners empathetically.

You are likely to be deeply committed to the welfare of those you work with, often considering their well-being as a priority. This can lead to high loyalty and morale among those you associate with. You are highly intuitive and have a great instinct, trust your intuitive hits, they will help guide you. Typically you can be cautious and prudent in financial matters, which helps you in building sustainable businesses.

Happy solar return to all the Cancerian Luminaries as you feel a sense of renewal this month.

Solstice + Full Moon

We get a spectacular treat this Solstice Season with the Full Moon in Capricorn a day after this most energetic solstice day. Cancer is Cardinal Water – a starting point as the Sun reaches its northern most apex at the Tropic of Cancer that sits 23º north of the equator. In the latest podcast episode I share the significance of this degree.

During a Solstice the Sun feels like its at a stand still and it blazes its source energy and brightness. It’s a time of reflection to see all that has transpired for the first half of the year. It’s a time of celebration rejoicing that our radiance as represented by the sun is full.

Reflection and celebration is also a theme of Full Moons because the Sun’s light reflects on the face of the Moon showing with zero shadow (like the Solstice) all the ways we have attained, or not attained what we desire. When we can see all of this (Illumination) in full light, we can make decisions on what to do next (opposition of the Sun and Moon).

In Capricorn, we can see all the ways we don’t own our own lived experience, expertise and how we haven’t created boundaries or structures that prioritize our own leadership. Ah yes.

Now, this year you get 2 Capricorn Moons. So if you don’t feel like doing the heavy reflection this time around, focus on celebration… you’ll get another chance in July to do the letting go and pruning.

So with this big Solstice, Cancer and Full Moon in Capricorn energy, it is really shining the light and asking you the questions…

… how have you felt like you own your own wisdom?
… have you felt that you are an expert in your life?
… have you felt that your lived experience is our expertise enough?

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