Episode 122: Sun enters Scorpio (Equinox), and Full Moon in Aries + Biz StarCast Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of October 17 – 23

by | Oct 17, 2021

This week is a week where you will have deep revelations. Both Mercury and Jupiter will shift direction and go forward. Mercury, your understanding, Jupiter, your ideals and purpose, and Mercury, your ideas and message. Later in the week we have our Full Moon in Aries where we get to release outdated stories to celebrate the leader you have become, then we enter the season to transform and integrate, Scorpio. Use this week, pay attention to the realizations around deep suffering for which you now have a more profound understanding. There is gold in those realizations.

In this episode:

  • Sun square Pluto
  • Mercury Direct
  • Jupiter Direct
  • Mars trine Jupiter
  • Full Moon in Aries
  • Mars square Pluto
  • Sun enters Scorpio

Astrology for Entrepreneurs – Week of October 17 – 23, 2021

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it” – Helen Keller, Author and Disability Rights Advocate

This week is a week where you will have deep revelations. Mercury, your understand, Jupiter, your belief, Pluto, your power, and Chiron, your wounds to wisdom interact this week showing you all that you have overcome. It’s the blooms of the suffering you’ve overcome that are your gifts of wisdom, the gifts you have the responsibility to share through your business.

Pay attention to the realizations around deep suffering for which you now have a more profound understanding. There is gold in those realizations. Be sure you mine that gold in your business as an offering.


Sun square Pluto

5:12 AM PT | 8:12 AM ET

Transformational working integration

What deep shifts are now integrated into your core doings in your business?

All the change that has been happening in your business and the “what” you do now is clicking at a deeper level in you. What deep realizations do you now have? What trust is now there that wasn’t before? What power do you now embody?

Especially activating for late degree of Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

Sun Libra 24° square Pluto Capricorn 24°



One of the biggest days all month, both Jupiter, your ideals and purpose, and Mercury, your ideas and message change direction in the sky to move forward.

Individually, on it’s own the shift is huge, but with two planets changing on the same day, take notice!

Make space today to work with this energy.

Be grateful, take your time, pay attention to flashes of understanding and insight.

Mercury and Jupiter are paired by their love to explore, to be curious and to know.

Realizations galore today!

At the same time, Mercury still opposes Chiron who is now joined with the moon. Showing you that you have a new understanding about how you feel about the past hurts in your life. These hurts inform the offers that are now gifts in your business. You can now feel and recognize the great source of wealth your past challenging experiences have given to you that you are meant to share forward.

Keep a journal handy to capture all of your realizations today.

Mercury Direct

8:17 AM PT | 11:17 AM ET

Reach out to your soul co-creators

What redefined collaborators and co-creations will you now endeavor?

Mercury is now moving forward and will highlight for the third time the area between Libra 10º – Libra 25°. You now have a different perspective and begin to reintegrate your learnings about powerful relationships in your business with your soul customers, your business partners and the relationships you have with others in your field.

Now through November 3, make a plan on your next steps to connect with your powerful soul co-creators.

Mercury Retrograde in review:

  • 9/7 Enter Shadow – Libra 10°: what are you noticing in relationships that need reorganization or re-definition?
  • 9/26 Retrograde – Libra 25°: What breakdowns in communications and relationships are happening? How can you slow down to rethink things?
  • 10/9 Combust – Libra 16°: What new reconsiderations are now being fully illuminated where you must express boundaries?
  • 10/18 Direct – Libra 10º: What plan of action will you take to call in your soul collaborators, soul customers, and soul co-creators?
  • 11/3 Leaves shadow – Libra 25°: Fully embrace your new role in powerful relationships and stand in your power.

Jupiter Direct

10:30 PM | 1:30 AM + 1 ET

Clear and aligned visionary growth

What vision and purpose is now redirected in your business?

Since June 20, 2021, Jupiter, your energy to expand and explore, appeared to go backwards in the sky giving you the opportunity to readjust how you are meant to sustainably grow in your business. Today, Jupiter shifts and moves forward in the sky allowing you to take those realizations of redirected growth and make forward vision on them.

Review your chart to the 10° area between Aquarius 22°20’ – Pisces 2°11’ where Jupiter tracked backwards. Jupiter now through January 9, 2022 will move forward through this same spot allowing you to take vast expansion and create opportunities for your realigned growth.

Note what areas of growth you have had to readjust or reconsider since June. Now you can expand upon that.

The house that contains this 10° area is where in your business you are positioned for realigned growth.

If you have natal planets or your angles in this area, Jupiter is adding its abundance and blessings.


Mars trine Jupiter

7:36 PM PT | 10:36 PM ET

Expansive initiative and motivation

What new vision will you now act upon for lasting change?

It’s now time to act on all your realizations about the vision you now hold in your business. The cosmos means business, you can’t make this up with this kind of energy. It’s time to take aligned action. The action you now take will create lasting transformation and put your on your true path.

Get doing! Revise your offer, rewrite your purpose, move that motivation through your body and act!

Especially supportive for late degree Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Mars Libra 22° trine Jupiter Aquarius 22°


Full Moon Aries 27°

7:57 AM PT | 10:57 AM ET

Today you celebrate the leader you have become and release outdated stories you defined yourself by. Those stories and past hurts that told you that you couldn’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t ever be a bold leader. Bye-bye!

As you release the old, you thank the old for protecting you, you forgive yourself and others for keeping you small.

This gratitude and forgiveness alters the old energy and gives it the recognition it desires. It lifts shadows out of the dark into the light.

As you make space by letting go, you call in your authentic power, your authentic leadership. The leadership where you decide what you want, where you want to go, what you value, how you are the best – regardless of what society or culture has told you.

The day of the full moon is intense indeed. Many deep shadows will come to light. Do not dismiss these shadows as repressing them amplifies the pain of your past mistakes and hurts in your business.

Choose to embrace the power of these shadows as these shadows show you where you no longer want to be in your business. These shadows show you that you can choose a different path.

You are a business owner, you ARE a leader.

Others are depending on you, but ultimately, you are depending on you.

Say goodbye to playing small and hello to trusting yourself and your directive.

Take a stand for yourself this full moon.

  • Libra / Aries Risings (1H / 7H) – Let go of past mistakes in taking the lead or being in relationship. Thank and recognize the lessons you’ve learned. Forgive yourself, forgive your partners. It’s time to craft a new story of self-directed leadership.
  • Pisces / Virgo Risings (2H / 8H) – Let go of past mistakes in what you have valued or how you thought you were adding value. Thank and recognize the lessons of worthiness you’ve learned. Forgive yourself, you haven’t wasted or squandered. You now see those shadows as great investments in your worthiness.
  • Aquarius / Leo Risings (3H / 9H) – Let go of past mistakes in what you have said or philosophized that may have backfired for you in leadership. Thank and recognize the lessons of those communications snafus. Forgive yourself, apologize to others. That ability to forgive makes you an authentic leader.
  • Capricorn / Cancer Risings (4H / 10H) – Let go of resentments you have in your family life or your business life with those that feel like family. The dynamics here have either put too much expectations on how you are meant to take the lead. Forgive yourself and forge your own way as you now see yourself as an authority and expert regardless of what others say.
  • Sagittarius / Gemini Risings (5H /11H) – Let go of taking things so seriously. Pleasure and play make you a wholehearted leader. Forgive yourself for taking things so hard or personal. Being vulnerable and showing off your soft side makes you a more approachable leader.
  • Scorpio / Taurus Risings 6H / 12H) – Let go of your rigid routines and systems. Yes, your dedication and commitment has got you this far, but your flow and overall health will take you further. Take care of your body first to be the embodied and trustworthy leader you are born to be.


Mars square Pluto

9:20 PM PT | 12:20 AM + 1 ET

Intensified amplified action

What will you do to channel all your energy constructively in your business?

This energy has been building up for a few weeks. Have you been feeling frustrated, anxious or even angry? I will remind you again. It’s ok to be angry. Anger is a product of repressed action. When you can do what you want, act how you want, or if others are not acting or doing what you have expressed, frustration can build into anger.

It’s a time like this where you find your answers in that place of frustration. Do not repress your anger in favor of peace. That won’t give you the answer or move things forward in your business.

Where have you been frustrated? What’s been causing that frustration? And what can you do differently so you can release that frustration.

There’s your answer.

Building up for a few weeks


Sun enters Scorpio

9:52 PM PT | 12:52 AM +1 ET

Season to transform and integrate

What deep healing and trust will you bring forth to empower your business?

Now through November 21 we celebrate Scorpio and authentic deep power that comes from within. Scorpio’s power comes from trusting yourself, trusting your intuition, and trusting that you are more magnetic the more you trust yourself.

Scorpio can easily turn that trust into shadows of manipulation and secrecy. But in the highest light, Scorpio is about sharing her power and empowering others with authenticity, polarization (after all, we aren’t made for everyone), and deep emotional intuition.

In your business, Scorpio is the ability to uncover truths, create intimacy through trust, and break down all the fluff that keeps us from our pure power. Call on your Scorpio to trust yourself, your intuition, to do the deep fixed research and uncover the ultimate authentic truth.

Of course, Scorpio is deeply rooted in healing, and has the ability to hold space for shadow work and counseling. If you work with Scorpio power, expect to feel your pain and shadows as a way to move through them.

During this season, may we all choose transformation, choose to trust our intuition, and choose to face our fears so that we can do the courageous things that move our business forward.

For all the Scorpio Luminaries, the most healing and intimate of solar return (birthday) to you.

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