The 12 Zodiac Archetype Signs in Your Business and Work

by Leslie Tagorda

In the recent Disney series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia’s dad tells her, “There are many ways to lead.”

And this is 100% true.

If you’re an entrepreneur, changemaker or business owner, YOU are a leader. Leading in your own unique way.

In our current patriarchal capitalist society and culture, the definition of leadership is NARROW. I bet if you think of a “leader” in a classic sense, you likely imagine a dude in a black turtleneck or an old guy in a suit.

It may be hard to see yourself as a leader because of all this conditioning to think you’re not worthy of such a role.

But what if I told you that your brand (the memorable impression you leave on others) is already written in the stars? That your natal (aka birth) chart shows you the different archetypes to amplify your unique leadership, zone of genius, values, ideal customer and more!

When you use your unique astrology as represented in your natal or birth chart, you do not have to guess, invalidate yourself, or pretend your way into being a leader.

You already are a leader – in your one-of-a-kind way!!

Your unique astrology is a strategic tool that you can leverage to shine confidently in your business and Work. And the 12 zodiacal archetypes can lead the way in forging that path.

If you’ve stumbled upon this post, use it to help you navigate how to learn about the signs you’re meant to amplify in your Work.

First I’m going to share why you need to use astrology in your Work and then I’ll share links so you can dig deeper into your specific star signs.

Keep on reading for more!

Can I use astrology in business?

Chances are you’ve heard or used astrology in your personal life. But what about your Work life?

It wasn’t that long ago that psychology was considered a pseudoscience on the fringe of use in business contexts. Now, we commonly use psychology for strengths finding, sales persuasion and brand archetyping so people can see uniqueness in who they’re selling to.

Modern psychology is actually based on ancient astrological archetypes. (to learn how, you can read my post How can entrepreneurs use astrology in their business?)

When you leverage your specific archetypes in your birth chart, you can easily uncover your unique brand identity, leadership and more in your business and Work.

With my innovative AstroBrand™ Method, I’ve mapped out a star-charted and accessible way to leverage your one-of-a-kind attributes that need to come to the forefront in your Work. Your star powers reveal your unique expertise, authority, recognition, and success in your business and Work as an entrepreneur, changemaker, or visionary.

Each planet, sign, and house in your chart represents and symbolizes a different aspect of your Work.

You are made up of all 12 zodiac archetypes. All charts hold each one of these prime energies. When you understand which archetypes to amplify in your Work, this is true alignment and flow to your purpose. As you tap more into your own star powers, you will more easily make decisions, have lasting impact, and confidently shine your brilliance to attract YOUR people. The ones you are designed to serve. This is all symbolized in your natal chart.

Which of the 12 Zodiac Archetype Signs do I bring out in my business?

First, grab your birth chart! There are many free chart generators; one of our favorites is You’ll need your birth date, location, and time.

Then look at your Sun, Moon and Rising (listed as “AC”). The signs of each of these “big 3” are the archetypal energies you are meant to amplify in your Work, leadership and business.

Each of these 3 archetypes have a specific role as outlined in my AstroBrand™ Method.

For now, focus on understanding the expansive and changemaking roles that each of your main 3 archetypes have. On my podcast, I do a deep dive into each of the zodiac signs from a business, entrepreneurial and leadership perspective. You will find no fear-mongering or narrow, stereotypical or negative definitions here.

In short, your Sun sign represents WHAT you do so well, your zone of genius. Your Moon sign represents WHY you do what you do, the unconscious needs your Work must satisfy. And your Rising sign represents HOW you take lead, get started and present yourself in your Work. 

Below I’ve linked the episodes for each sign so you can easily discover and leverage the power of yours. I cover each of the 12 Zodiac signs, deep diving into revealing the strengths, shadows to be aware of, and purpose that desires to come through in your changemaking Work.

Take a listen!

(Interested in how this can help you in your business? If you want to invest in yourself and your Work, schedule a 1:1 AstroBrand™ session with Leslie to deeply apply these signs to your business, brand identity and leadership)


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The 12 Zodiac Archetype Signs in Your Business

Aries ♈️: Your Power to Ignite (How to Apply the Aries Archetype in your Business)

Aries in your chart shows you where you need to initiate, activate and take lead.

Taurus ♉️: Your Power to Manifest (How to Apply the Taurus Archetype in your Business)

Taurus in your chart shows you where you need to ground into your values to attract sustainable prosperity.

Gemini ♉️: Your Power to Be Clear (How to Apply the Gemini Archetype in your Business)

Gemini in your chart shows you where you need to express yourself, find your voice and share your wisdom through marketing, writing, and speaking.

Cancer ♋️: Your Power to Nurture (How to Apply the Cancer Archetype in your Business)

Cancer in your chart shows you where you need to create inclusive belonging, emotional safe spaces and communities in your Work and self care so you and your customers can root to rise.

Leo ♌️ : Your Power to Be Bold (How to Apply the Leo Archetype in your Business)

Leo in your chart shows you where you need to shine brightly, confidently, creativity with heart-centered pleasurable source energy pouring through.

Virgo ♍️: Your Power to Organize your routines for effectiveness (How to Apply the Virgo Archetype in your Business)

Virgo in your chart shows you where you are meant to synthesize and diagnose all the details into simple, step-by-step routines that impact the health of you and your service to others.

Libra ♎️: Your Power to Connect (How to Apply the Libra Archetype in your Business)

Libra in your chart shows you where you are meant to create partnership, collaboration, connection, harmony, balance and relationships in your work.

Scorpio ♏️: Your Power to Impact (How to Apply the Scorpio Archetype in your Business)

Scorpio in your chart shows you where you need to claim your own power by eliminating all that prevents you from accessing your power. This power is meant to be shared, not hoarded. Dig deep and do your research with Scorpio energy to transform.

Sagittarius ♐️: Your Power to Inspire (How to Apply the Sagittarius Archetype in your Business)

Sagittarius in your chart shows you where you are meant to go big with your big purpose, vision and why! Sagittarius energy is what you need to exceed your expectations and share your philosophy with the World.

Capricorn ♑️: Your Power to Take Charge (How to Apply the Capricorn Archetype in your Business)

Capricorn in your chart shows you where you need to claim your expertise, write your own authority and turn obligation into accountability. The new version of Capricorn isn’t about oppressive institutions that overwork, but about commitment and focus on the goals that are most important to you.

Aquarius ♒️: Your Power to Innovate (How to Apply the Aquarius Archetype in your Business)

Aquarius in your chart is where you need to bring together your soul community over shared social values for social impact. It’s all about innovation, progress, changing the game and writing your own rules. Freedom is yours with Aquarius.

Pisces ♓️: Your Power to Dream (How to Apply the Pisces Archetype in your Business)

Pisces in your chart is where you need to bring in more easy flow and feel the connection you have to everything. It’s vast soul and dream work. The work of artists, dreamers, visionaries, and the interconnection you need to show compassion to all.


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