Cosmic Calling by Soulshine Astrology

Leslie Tagorda is an astrology-loving Brand Navigator at New Moon Creative Co. Here’s how she found her cosmic calling… ?

In this episode, I’m chatting with Leslie Tagorda, an ♒️ Aquarius and Brand Navigator at New Moon Creative Co., a branding, visual identity, and web design studio that specializes in finding and creating the brand that was written in the stars for you, using your unique astrological birth chart as a guide.

We cover:

  • Why Leslie shifted her business to infuse astrology into her business branding process and the effects it has had on her work
  • Why there’s so much more to creating a successful business or brand than just having a pretty logo
  • The benefits of using astrology as part of your branding process to get clear not only on the visuals of your brand but the business plan and experience you want to create when clients/customers interact with you
  • How the work she does is (obviously) so beautifully reflected in the work she is doing today!
  • An example of methods Leslie uses to bring more soul-fueled clarity into the business branding process using astrology

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