Episode 47: Uranus – The Process to Awaken and Breakthrough

by | Aug 29, 2023

I want to celebrate all things Uranus in this continuation of a new series on the Planetary Processes! You’ll get a peak into my premium content while learning the necessary role Uranus has in our life and Work as well as its evolution through our chart that spark different life cycles. As one of our generation planets, Uranus process is to awaken or breakthrough and up level to liberate. And for you, whatever house Uranus transits, is where we need to come face to face with what urges us to break free from the chains of rigidity and embrace the winds of change. Uranus reminds us that we have the power to create positive change, both within ourselves and in the world around us. Let’s harness this transformative energy and make a difference!

In this episode:

  • Uranus Retrograde begins Taurus 23°
  • Uranus Process
  • Uranus Life Cycles
  • Uranus Transits by House
  • Uranus Transits by Planet

Uranus Retrograde begins Taurus 23°

Reform sustainable progress – Uranus shifts gears today at 23º05’ to head in reverse through January 27, 2024. Not exactly a subtle transit, you’ll notice it the most starting a few weeks before and after Uranus stops and awakening this one point in the sky. If you have anything near 23º of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio of Aquarius, you’re definitely feeling this point, just like when an acupuncturist taps into just the right spot that opens up a circuit. Uranus is going oh so slowly right now, and for the next 6 months will crawl back only 4°. In Taurus, this revision and reawakening likely will occur with your physical resources aka money, food, shelter and environment. On a personal level you may even feel this in your body. Globally, we all need this more than ever as we are at critical mass with climate and environmental issues. What physical resources in your life and Work need upleveling and awakening?

Uranus Astrological Meaning

Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius. Uranus’s primary process is to awaken, shock, quantum leap, revolutionize. We all need Uranus to be able to turn doubt into mastery.

To bring that inner healing to Uranus, we need to understand its transit significance of confronting and revolutionizing your need for freedom of self expression, and change without going back.

Uranus asks:

  • What needs a breakthrough?
  • Where do I need a shake up?
  • What surprises do I desire?
  • What is rigid that needs freedom?

This is Uranus.

Uranus Inner Awakening Process

To bring awareness, acceptance and healing to:

  • Break free
  • Change
  • Rebel
  • Difference
  • Awaken
  • Shake up
  • Shock

Uranus’ Outer Expression Process

To bring evolution, result and highest expression of:

  • Break-throughs
  • Innovation
  • Revolution
  • Technology
  • Electricity
  • Quantum Leaps
  • Awe

Uranus Life Cycles

  • Uranus Opening Square
  • Uranus Opposition: 38-44
  • Uranus Closing Square
  • Uranus Return: 84

Uranus Transits by Houses

Uranus takes about 7 years to transit a house

  • Uranus 1H: Radical changes to the self, leadership, identity, initiative. Breaking through the glass ceiling to uplevel YOU.
  • Uranus 2H: Radical changes to your finances, worthiness, values. Breaking through the glass ceiling to elevate your worthiness and values.
  • Uranus 3H: Radical changes to your mindset, inner dialog, voice – as well as your neighborhood routines. Breaking through the glass ceiling to your ability to communicate your needs
  • Uranus 4H: Radical changes to your emotional safety, inner most private life and family dynamics. Breaking through the glass ceiling to intergenerational advancements and inner security.
  • Uranus 5H: Radical changes to your ability to seek out passion, play, pleasure and creativity. Breaking through the glass ceiling to heal your ability to receive joy and attend to your inner child.
  • Uranus 6H: Radical changes to your daily practices and routines. Breaking through the glass ceiling to how to break free from obligations from higher ups so you can attend to your wellness and wholeness.
  • Uranus 7H: Radical changes to your relationships and understanding of your power in relationships, partnerships and collaborations. Breaking through the glass ceiling to how you collaborate and relate to others.
  • Uranus 8H: Radical changes to your ability to transform, and being free of old paradigms. Surprises in shared resources and join money too.. Breaking through the glass ceiling to your relationship to life and death as well as trust with others
  • Uranus 9H: Radical changes to your beliefs, purpose and vision, even your  morality. Breaking through the glass ceiling to what you can truly envision and open your mind to.
  • Uranus 10H: Radical changes to your public and professional life to achieve expertise and inner authority. Breaking through the glass ceiling to how you will leave your mark on this world.
  • Uranus 11H: Radical changes to your hopes for the future, your social impact and your soul communities (friends). Breaking through the glass ceiling to how you will contribute to society and achieve your dreams.
  • Uranus 12H: Radical changes to your innermost, hidden self and past actions. Breaking through the glass ceiling to allow for more ease, flow and bliss in this lifetime – as well as seeing the true motivations in others.


Uranus Transits by Natal Planets

Uranus takes about 1 – 2 years to transiting a planet.

The aspect between Uranus and the other planet will let you know the type of energetic transformation is happening.

  • Uranus + Sun: Breakthrough + Creativity = Ingenuity
  • Uranus + Moon: Breakthrough + Security = Emotional Reform
  • Uranus + Mercury: Breakthrough + Expression = Insight
  • Uranus + Venus: Breakthrough + Connection = New Relationships
  • Uranus + Mars: Breakthrough + Activation = Volition
  • Uranus + Jupiter: Breakthrough + Expansion = Progress
  • Uranus + Saturn: Breakthrough + Focus = Dismantle
  • Uranus + Uranus: Breakthrough + Uplevel = FREEDOM Uranus Return
  • Uranus + Neptune: Breakthrough + Inspiration = Unity Vision
  • Uranus + Pluto: Breakthrough + Power = Revolution


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