Episode 71: Using Different Astrological House Systems in Your Business, A Panel Discussion with Johanna Rader, Jill Jablonski, + Sara McCormick

by | Apr 21, 2021

Ever wonder which house system to use and when in your business? In this episode of astrology for entrepreneurs to consider I chat with astrologers who use different house systems for different purposes. We discuss the innovate ways we are each weaving astrology into our businesses, the different house systems, and when we would use them. Guests for this episode are Jill Jablonski, Sara McCormick and Johanna Rader..

Meet Johanna Rader

Johanna Rader is a professional astrologer & hula hoop artist from Albuquerque, NM. She discovered the path to astrology at age 10 through D’Aulaires Book of Greek Myths. She helps her clients connect to their Power Planet & has created the novel concept of “Astro-Flow” which focuses on the embodiment of astrology through the orb of a hula hoop. She also runs a monthly subscription service called The Orbit.

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Meet Jill Jablonski

Jill is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and the owner/founder of Soul Spark Healing & Guidance. Located at her private farm and sanctuary which she shares with her husband and daughter in the bucolic rolling hills of southern Lancaster County, PA, Jill is a practicing certified Spiritual Life Coach, and incorporates her skills as a certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Astrologer, and Tarot Reader in her coaching programs. Since 2017, she has been embodying her soul’s mission by professionally supporting highly sensitive/empathic women in gaining the personal freedom and confidence to truly embody their souls in living their best, most authentic lives. Jill offers distance and in-person programs that combine spiritually-oriented coaching, personal Astrology consultations, intuitive Tarot readings and Crystal Reiki Energy Balancing sessions – all tailored to fit the client’s individual needs. Specialty areas that Jill is passionate about include Spiritual Wellbeing, Self-worth/Self-esteem, Reducing Stress, Self-care, Life Balance, Communication, Boundaries, Life Purpose, and Mindfulness.

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Meet Sara McCormick

Sara McCormick is the astrologer behind Bella de Luna. She uses her background in psychology to create astrology tools for magic seekers that help you find your own power and rhythm through planning with the moon cycles, seasonal wisdom, and everyday magic. Over the years Sara has curated her self-care toolbox with tools for checking in with herself. A part of this toolset was developing her work with cosmic planning, utilizing the moon phase, seasonal cycles, and astrological wisdom to craft more magic into her daily planning and routine, which she can’t wait to share with you!

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