Written In The Stars

What if you could decode and decipher the KEYS to your
one-of-a-kind, make-your-mark luminary leadership?

Let me teach you in

AstroBrand® 101

Written In The Stars

A 5-Day Foundational Training for Astro-curious seers, seekers and changemakers ready to attune to and amplify your one-of-a-kind star powers


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Calling all

Astro Beginners & Experts

Learn to read the symbols in the AstroBrand® way: an inclusive, revolutionizing and decolonized approach to astrology.

For Astrology Beginners

You will learn in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand way to decode the symbols that make up the language of your chart. From planets, zodiac signs, houses, and aspects, I am dedicated to break it down for you to make it digestible.

For Astrology Experts

You will learn another layer of symbolism from the viewpoint of leadership, business, and branding and how your Work and the impact you are here to make is part of your spiritual journey.
what is

Written In The Stars?

Leslie Tagorda

Written In The Stars is my comprehensive introductory training that shows you how to understand & redefine the symbols and language imprinted in your birth chart using my AstroBrand® Method, a mindblowing viewpoint of astrology that combines 20+ years of brand, leadership and entrepreneurial development.

In Written In The Stars I share with you how to embrace and accept your star-powers in an inclusive, equitable, and empowering way that lovingly & explicitly replaces outdated, judgmental, fear-mongering, colonized astrology definitions so you feel:

  • Empowered vs. powerless
  • Unique vs. a copy
  • Guided vs guessing
  • Validated vs resistant
  • Destined vs fated

You’ll be in AWE seeing how your LEADERSHIP, WORK, and BRAND are symbolized in your chart.

You are born to lead and make your mark, just as you are.

Note: Want Written In the Stars for FREE? Bundle it with Star Powered Position On Demand.

“This course introduced me to astrology like never before”

“​​For the price, this was in my top 5 valuable classes I have ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot). Leslie Tagorda is brilliant and this course is a game changer, I cannot recommend it highly enough!! It is worth every penny and more!”

Christina J.

Written in the Stars 2022

Written In the Stars Will

Expand your possibilities (aka blows your mind)

You’ll learn to decode the symbols and parts of your chart, planets, zodiacs, houses and aspects from a changemaking, equitable, empowering and inquisitive way and what they mean in your Work so you can WORK IT.

Attune your energy (aka stops limiting beliefs)

You won’t find fear mongering and judgements here. There are gifts in every so called hard aspect or detrimental planet. In WITS, I teach you how to see your chart for all its gifts and the choices you are being invited to make.

Give you a solid footing of astrology (aka easy to understand)

Whether you are new to or fluent in the language of astrology, I share with you my AstroBrand Method to use for your changemaking Work, leadership and brand identity.

Simplifies complex ideas (aka easy to digest)

Designed for the busy learner, I present complex ideas in easy to understand ways. I include short videos with audio transcripts and worksheets. I do my best to make this star wisdom as accessible and digestible as possible.

An innovative perspective (aka not the status quo)

Learn astrology like you’ve never learned it before, that opens you up to seeing astrology in a new, empowered, inclusive, equitable and innovative way.

If you’re ready to begin leveraging astrology in your Work, start with this training to understand the foundational building blocks of the AstroBrand® Method.

Note: Want Written In the Stars for FREE? Bundle it with Star Powered Position On Demand.
By the end of this training

you’ll be able to

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  • See your chart holistically, not just as singular ingredients in a list
  • Understand the symbols in your chart and what they signify
  • Understand traditional and Leadership/Brand/Business meanings of planets, zodiacs, houses and aspects so you can begin discovering parts of your own chart.
  • Find degrees and houses on your own natal chart allowing you to personalize horoscopes and Lunations to your unique energy.
  • Start connecting the dots to lead by your chart with more confidence and clarity.
  • Begin expanding your sense of self, identity and superpowers to make decisions more easily
  • See your Changemaking Work and impact symbolized in your natal chart – mind blown!
  • Start claiming your space in the marketplace with your big 3.

Note: Want Written In the Stars for FREE? Bundle it with Star Powered Position On Demand

Written In the Stars Testimonial by Asha Frost
Written In the Stars Testimonial by Natalia
Written In the Stars Testimonial by Nikki
Written In the Stars Testimonial by Ashley
Written In the Stars


Written In the Stars Day 01 Module: 🧭 The Planets: Decipher Your Natal Chart and Symbols in 360°
DAY 01

🪐 The Planets

Decipher the planetary directors and the symbols of the Natal Chart in 360°
You will learn about the importance of the natal chart as a whole, how to recognize the different pieces of a 360° pie, and explain the planets and processes as directors of operations

Written In the Stars Day 02 Module: 🏺 The Zodiacs: Empower All Your Archetypal Energies
DAY 02

🏺 The Zodiacs

Empower All Your Archetypal Energies
You will get an archetypal and psychoanalytical overview of the signs of the Zodiac. I share how they are organized by their element, “modality,” and “polarity.” I expand on the lower and higher vibrations of expressions and see how you are made up of ALL of these archetypes.

Written In the Stars Day 03 Module: 🚪 The Houses: View Your Business in A Holistic Way
DAY 03

🚪 The Houses:

View Your Business in A Holistic Way
You will define the symbolism of the 12 Houses as distinct areas of your life, business, brand and Work. We’ll also discover your unique zodiacal rulerships and where your “big 3” energies best shine in your Work.

Written In the Stars Day 04 Module: ✨ The Aspects
DAY 04

✨ The Aspects

Unlock The Relationships Between Your Energies
You’ll decode the 5 traditional aspects that tie together planets in your chart in relationship. You’ll observe how aspects determine the dynamics of a relationship without judgment of good or bad. You’ll learn how to make the best use out of each relationship and map how they influence your Sun, Moon and Rising to put them into action.

Written In the Stars Day 05 Module: 💫 Illuminate Masterclass
DAY 05

💫 Illuminate Masterclass

Reveal The 3 Pillars of Your Brand with Your Big Three (Sun, Moon, Rising)
In this class, you’ll learn to put your Sun, Moon and Rising together in your business to Illuminate your one-of-a-kind, no guess, no copy, no compare positioning.

You Will also get access to

These Additional Bonuses

Written In the Stars Bonus Module:✨Personalize YourLunations and Transits

✨Personalize YourLunations and Transits

This video teaches you how how to find the degree of an astrological event or lunation in your chart (and to see what houses and planets may be activated) so you can customize your New and Full moon rituals, and more!

Written In the Stars Bonus Module: ✨ Unlock Your Hidden Powers: Interceptions

✨ Unlock Your Hidden Powers: Interceptions

This video helps you decipher “duplicate” signs or “missing” signs in the 12 Astrological Houses if your chart is missing any when you calculator your chart using a quadrant system like Placidus.

Note: Want Written In the Stars for FREE? Bundle it with Star Powered Position On Demand.

“Leslie your are a wealth of astrological knowledge & a very creative/engaging teacher. Thank you for sharing your expertise, talent and time.”

– Lorilei H.

2021 Written in the Stars

“Your way of thinking about astrology is so life-affirming and grounded, and I love the way you reframe so many aspects to become fuel for life and learning rather than things we just have to be or suffer with.”

– Karen K.

2021 Written in the Stars

“It’s like I’ve heard and read these things numerous times but the way Leslie explains them just makes them land so much easier for me. You are a truly gifted teacher.”

– Keisha J.

2021 Written in the Stars

Written In The Stars is only your first step

Written In the Stars is your first step

While packed full of goodies, Written In the Stars will NOT show you how to*:

  • Interpret your chart in an in-depth way
  • How to use astrology and the AstroBrand® Method in actionable ways (that comes after you learn to decipher the symbols)
  • Discern ways to develop your business, empower your clients’ transformation, and propel your brand leadership
  • Interpret and delineate charts

Just like learning to read music, you must learn the symbols and meanings before you can learn to interpret a musical phrase or bring the score to life.

*Begin interpreting and applying your unique Brand Position – your WHAT, WHY, HOW, and for WHOM of your business and Work – in Star Powered Position.. Bundle WITS and Star Powered Position and get WITS for FREE!

Leslie Tagorda
Leslie Tagorda

In Closing

I’ll say: you were sent here to contribute through your Work in a specific way, Luminary.

Entrepreneurship is a way for you to embrace that — astrology is one more powerful force to help you understand the one-of-a-kind you that was destined to make a difference

You’ll need it if you want to show the world your star-powered vision, voice and style as much as I know you do.

There are no two natal charts alike, even if you are a twin! Similarly, there is no brand quite like the one you’re designed to create. When you use your astrology to position your Work, I promise you’ll never have to copy, guess, or compare again.

Take your first step today

Note: Want Written In the Stars for FREE? Bundle it with Star Powered Position On Demand

“Leslie is an amazing teacher. Every single lesson in Written in the Stars is easy to follow and understand.”

“I was blown away by her explanation of something as complex as aspects, angles, and how to understand the impact of day to day planetary movements on our charts. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to learn it in a 20 min video but not only did I learn, I even did it for my sister and we are amazed by how much info we could unpack.”


Written in the Stars 2021

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but wait,

there’s more!

Written in the Stars only takes you so far with being able to read the symbols. You’ll need more to begin interpreting and applying your star powers into your changemaking leadership so you can leave your mark. Thats where AstroBrand® 201: Star Powered Position comes in! And if you want Written In the Stars for FREE, bundle it with Star Powered Position today!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Do I need to have any knowledge of Astrology to take Written In the Stars?

No you do not. If you’re new to astrology and want to learn it in a way that is based on freedom and choice — not fate and fearmongering — on top of getting a taste of how it applies to business, I have something just for you..

My foundational training Written in the Stars is here for those who want to get their feet wet with the tool.

This is a prerequisite for my other intensives and the AstroBrand® certification, all of which bring astrology to life in creating a business on your OWN terms and in your OWN way.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or know a bit about astrology already, we’re here to help you see how these archetypal energies ignite in business and leadership.

Do I need to know my birth time to take any of these courses?

Please note this class uses the Western Tropical Astrology and Placidus House Division. Knowing your time of birth is required. If you do not know your time of birth, contact us and we can refer a rectification astrologer to reverse engineer your birth time.

What if I can't make it to the daily Live Q+A, can I still ask my question?

You will still have a chance to pre-enter your questions and recording available if you cannot make it live.

Can I take Star Powered Position without taking Written In the Stars?

Written In The Stars is a required prerequisite for Star Powered Position. You must know the different zodiac archetypes for your big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Rising), understand houses, and be able to find the house placement of the ruler of your chart.

If I've taken Written In the Stars previously, could I sign up again?

Yes of course! As an astrologer myself, I am still learning new things about my own natal chart. Maybe your business has shifted since you last took Written In the Stars and so you may look at your natal chart a bit differently.

Meet Leslie Tagorda

Aloha, I'm Leslie!

Creator of the AstroBrand® Method

Leslie Tagorda helps seers, seekers and changemakers become the luminary leaders they were born to be. A multi-racial, Hawaii-born astrologer, designer, podcast host, author and classical musician, Leslie came to her calling when an identity crisis led her to her natal chart. There the AstroBrand® Method revealed itself, combining her 20+ years of brand development, entrepreneurship and astrology. Today she shares the AstroBrand® Method to visionaries across the globe through astrology courses, 1:1 consultations, a membership, and the AstroBrand® Certification.

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