Episode 00: The Savvy Luminary Podcast Trailer

by | Jan 16, 2020

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Aloha. I’m Leslie Tagorda and welcome to the introductory episode of The Savvy Luminary, and astrology podcast for entrepreneurs. I call myself a brand navigator, as I’m a brand astrologer, strategist and designer, guiding you to your brand written in the stars as an Aquarius sun, Sagittarius, moon and Gemini rising. I’m here to teach you how to brand as you are using astrology, inspiration, and the latest business strategies.

But why am I qualified to teach this? Well, I’ve run a design and branding business since 2004. And I’ve helped hundreds of startups nonprofits and women owned businesses, building websites, brand identities, email sequences, social media strategies, and everything in between. It’s such an honor to hold space and co create with these organizations as they get to hear all as I get to hear all of their big dreams and visions.

Unfortunately, more often than not, I will witness all of the ways businesses get stuck, how businesses keep small and hide through self doubt and hesitation. What I’ve learned is that when we can brand as we are by aligning to our cosmic design Written in the Stars, we can truly be the savvy luminary we are born to be. Are you hiding and playing small? Are you ready to shine brightly? My mission is to teach you how to harness your unique astrological gifts to gain brand visibility, awareness and expertise on your terms.

I was inspired to create this podcast the Savvy Luminary, because I’ve learned and experienced so much and want to share the keys to illuminate your brand with entrepreneurs just like you. If you’ve ever felt that your voice wasn’t important enough or good enough or unique enough, I am here to tell you that you have a unique vision of the world that your ideal customers are waiting for you and that you can create the brand experience of your dreams, one that sets you free. And all of this is already written in your stars. We all have a unique natal chart that illuminates our specific purpose, vision and the best ways to attract our ideal customers. And I want to share my knowledge with you on a weekly basis so you can shine brighter and become a savvy luminary in your field.

So what’s in it for you, you ask?

If you’re an entrepreneur, a lifelong learner and a freedom life maker. This podcast is for you. Few weekly concise podcasts I’ll be covering the current astrological shifts and moon phases so you can harness the energies effectively. I’ll also be covering brand astrology and archetypal psychology so you can align your Specific cosmic designed to shine brighter. And I’ll be interviewing business luminaries who want to share their aha moments on branding and business.

This is the podcast I’ve always wanted to hear and hope you are as thrilled as me. So this is where I need your help. And I do need your help. I actually need a lot of help. I asked the universe to support me with this huge goal of creating weekly content. It’s going to be a commitment and a stretch, but I love a good challenge. And from you, I asked you to subscribe. Every subscription inspires someone else to subscribe. I asked you to rate your high rating will help lift this podcast off the ground so it can quickly grow to reach more people. And I asked you to review I want to hear your thoughts and who doesn’t love love letters. And I asked you to join my free Facebook group called the Savvy Luminary, asked me any of your questions on how you can grow your brand visibility using astrology.

More than likely, I’ll answer your questions during a podcast episode. Lastly, I’m recording this trailer during the Capricorn pile up on January 8, just a few days before the exact alignment of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s really getting me to create a solid foundation, how to launch and grow this podcast in a sustainable way. So I’m inviting you all to a podcast party.

Mark your calendars for February 14, 2020. Valentine’s Day, which happens to be my solar return birthday in San Francisco. You’re all invited to an epic party with surprise guests, goodie bags and of course cake and bubbly to celebrate. Thank you so much for listening to this introductory episode and for all of your future support. I want us all to shine brightly like the savvy luminaries that we are.

The world is ready for us.

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