Star Powered™ Circle

A space for luminary leaders

The vision I am holding for this new vessel is a gathering space for changemaker to heal, commune, co-create and learn with astrology.

I see an inner sanctuary, and I see a multitude of souls, all contributing, creating, collaborating, all creating the future we want to see, a future that is socially, economically, environmentally just.

As I vision this space, it’s purpose, it’s intention, I see YOU.

Leadership • Community • Astrology

To reach your highest potential in your changemaking Work, you need to:

Know your
true self

and confidently express who you really are and your expertise in your Work by decolonizing your mindset and revealing your true identity through astrology.

your people

on the same journey where inner healing and outer leadership happen simultaneously by impacting and inspiring others to change as you lead by example.

Work in harmony with the cosmos

by leading by your chart and tuning in to your celestial cycles to amplify your resonance and magnetism that allows you to leave your mark.

your mark

to be memorable, live your purpose, vision, and mission, spark your revolution and be a Star Powered™ Luminary.

“The value delivered on this year’s membership was definitely integrative healing, resonance, and wisdom around the stars & planet”

Jen Murray

Founder/C.E.O. (Centered Energetic Optimist), High Vibe Healing Collective, LLC

Hey Changemaker,

You must be here because you’re a changemaker.

Someone who won’t or can’t work in conventional fields.

Or someone in a conventional “job” dismantling oppressive systems from the inside, out.

Someone who wants to serve to create a better, more just world.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, healer, activist or thought leader.

Whatever your vocation to make your mark, spark the change you want to see, or amplify your impact you must again and again revolutionize something deep within your luminary leadership.

You must lead with your stars so you can be a star powered luminary, sparking your Revolution!

My Vision for you

  • ✅ Your purpose has found you
  • ✅ You are doing your inner work
  • ✅ You have a vision of what you want
  • ✅ You have a drive in your heart
  • ✅ You’re In community
  • ✅ You have inner flow
  • ✅ You’re creating outer impact
  • ✅ Your in harmony with your unique seasons + cosmic design

What Astro-track are you on?



You want to learn all things astrology.



You want astro-insight directly from Leslie.



You want to practice the AstroBrand® Method in your Work.

No matter what track you are on,

Star Powered™ Circle is for you.

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But remember, you can’t do it alone.

Community Matters

“I CANNOT believe what an incredible value this community container is!”

Anname P.

Community Matters
Community is a space for people to find their people from across the globe, gather, collaborate and create the future they want to see through shared values like equality, inclusivity and choice.

Community is where Inner healing happens more quickly and with more potency when witnessed and supported by others.

Community is where leadership is awakened when there is an inner fire to serve others.

Community is where social impact happens when ripple upon ripple, each person inspires others by example.

Community is to collaborate, co-create, and do great things – together.

Community Matters

“The BEST integrative Astro-Biz-Branding coach around!”

Her super generous membership is packed with lots of recorded classes and live Q+A calls where she answers all your questions on your brand Identity, your gifts, your offer, your positioning, and messages all based on your specific Astro-Chart.

Cassandra Solano, LCSW

Therapist & Coach

Attune, Attract, Amplify

In Star Powered™ Circle



You know what inner success feels like and stop looking for outward markers

You’ve faced their biggest challenges and alchemized the wisdom from those challenges

You have a sense that things (even challenges) happen for you



You meet the right people

You attract the right opportunities

You call in all the right choices, strategies, and experiences.



You easily commit and take responsibility for the things that light you up

You trust yourself and your intuition

You create, contribute, rest and play in balance without guilt

You truly know, feel, and express your one-of-a-kind value with ease

All This can be Yours

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Doors Now Closed

Join the Waitlist for Q4

Doors are now closed for Star Powered™ Circle for Q3. If you’re interested in doing the Circle for Q4, join the waitlist below. Doors will reopen in September 2023.

Leadership • Community • Astrology

Circle Community

Collaborate and co-create together in Star Powered Circle. Your people need you and YOU need your people.

$222/Month for 3 Months or
$666 for 3 Months

**For the Monthly Payments, you are committing to the entire quarter (3 Months $666).

“Working with Leslie (in 1:1 mentorship through 2022) has been so valuable.”

This year has been a most powerful year, where my purpose found me, I am comfortable with my progress and did the really hard things this year to declare what I’m going to do in the future. She had a clear idea of what energies will be and are present so that I can maximize and gain constant confirmation of what I’m feeling is actually a thing. She helped me dispel doubt and do things more quickly, saving me so much time. Leslie is truly a testament to the way she holds space for my highest potential.”

Mina Raver

Founder of 2KDays Project

Star Powered™ Circle

Collaborate and co-create together in Star Powered™ Circle. Your people need you and YOU need your people.

Access to Astrology Library

Astrology Library

($1312 value)

Get access to on-demand astrology courses + LIVE future intensives added to your library after the delivery date.

  • 2023 In the Stars ($222 Value)
  • AstroBrand™ Written In the Stars ($147 Value)
  • Star Powered™ Position ($697 Value)
  • Lunar Powers Activate ($99 Value)
  • Moon Rituals for Business ($147 Value) 
  • All Upcoming 2023 Quarterly Intensives ($697 each x4 = $2788 Value) 
Star Powered Monthly Meet-Ups

Monthly Meetups

($2970 value)

Star Hours
Star Hours are speed readings + office hours + hot seats all combined in one. These potent sessions can last anywhere from 60 minutes and have been known to last up to 2.5 hours with people learning from others’ questions and staying well past their answers. If you want to get a sample of Star Hours, check out the end of the Radiate Masterclass (1:11:38 timestamp) where I answer people’s questions about their Sun Sign. You’ll be able to ask questions about specific astrology training or anything on your mind about your Work and astrology.

Monthly New Moon Ceremonies
The Iroquois and Cherokee planted corn, bean, and squash seeds together, side by side. These seeds help each other during growth resulting in fuller harvests. When we plant our seeds of intention together each New Moon in our soil-less gardens, our seeds grow more fully together. Set your intentions with the power of community each month.

Retrograde Masterclasses + More
2023 holds 3 Mercury Rx cycles and rare Venus Rx and outer planets shifting into new signs…. There’s a lot to learn and apply in our changemaking work with these shifts. Schedule TBD.

Access to Astrology Library

Quarterly Intensives

($2788 value)

Each quarter, there will be a 4-week astrology intensive where together we will deep dive into specific areas of your natal chart so you can leave your mark and work in harmony with your astrology. We will meet 4 LIVE on consecutive Thursdays at 2 PM Pacific | 5 PM Eastern

Celestial Cycles ($697 Value) – March 2023
Work with the rhythm of the planets as they move through the houses of your natal chart. Know your different seasons of initiation, creation, growth, harvest and decay so you can Work, rest and play with ease and without guilt.

Star Powered Voice ($697 Value) – June 2023
The much anticipated sequel to Star Powered Position where you will learn the archetypal energies you need to tap into to create the messaging in your brand that calls in your people.

Star Powered Style ($697 Value) – September 2023
So much more than just visuals (colors and logos) in Star Powered Style you will take the guess work out of choosing the right vibrations and symbols that amplify your Work. You will also uncover the signature process that makes your one-of-a-kind work uniquely yours.

Chiron + Wounded Leadership ($697 Value) – December 2023
Take your Chiron wounds and learn how to add depth and meaning to your offers and leadership in Work so you can heal in others what you aim to heal in yourself.

2023 In the Stars Full Report + Calendar Plugin

2023 In the Stars Full Report + Calendar Plugin

($333 value)

Plan your year and month with the stars for ease spaciousness. Your full overview will include the dates and degrees for all the major collective cycles (transits) including New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, Retrograde Cycles and outer planet meetups.

Print out your calendar with all the important transits so you can see all the important cosmic collective happenings at a glance


Take the astro-events with you wherever you go on your Google, Outlook or iCal calendars. Get accurate timing for cosmic events and when you tap into the notes of the day, get your Biz StarCast reminder.

Plus get your daily Biz StarCast pulse with daily prompts and suggestions to work with the energy.

Access to Astrology Library

Access to 1:1 Readings Scheduling

You’ll get access to 1:1 AstroBrand™ Readings with options to booking single or double sessions. For those in the Luminary or Illustrious level, you get quarterly 1:1 sessions with me.

1:1 AstroBrand™ sessions will now only be available to those in Star Powered Circle.

Leadership • Community • Astrology

Circle Community

Collaborate and co-create together in Star Powered Circle. Your people need you and YOU need your people.

$222/Month for 3 Months or
$666 for 3 Months

**For the Monthly Payments, you are committing to the entire quarter (3 Months $666).

“The 1:1 time with Leslie is everything!”

I signed up for a second year of 1:1 mentorship with Leslie because I loved having my own personal astrologer there with me to guide me on my way. I loved hearing “this is why this is happening right now” and having strategic, personalized astrology for me and my business. What’s been so insightful and opened up my mind up to my own personal seasons and cycles. Just for me, I love that! Have a question? drop it into Voxer… meet frequently to talk about Work, I felt like I’m not alone in my business with someone who also has a similar level of success, not in the same industry but can give me fine-tuned guidance in my business in a language that is specific to everything I can personally understand.

Catherine Siebert

Entrepreneur and Photographer

AstroBrand® Readings

These powerful 1:1 are the most insightful and strategic consultations designed to give you clarity and focus into your highest potentials.

I am booked out months in advance, reserve your spot today.

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